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"Actuality is our weakest link, while our greatest strengths and attributes are merely our potential. This type of thinking seeks to solve problems and strives to create true equality." -Robert Gordon Brown Psychotherapist Healer Kung Fu Dancer of Healing Services

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YOU are your DECISION.
Good Morning…live or die?

tick tock the mouse clock hits two

tick tock the mouse clock hits two by mr brown and the words up and a little bluetick tock the mouse hit two years of age in n philly while helping raise me and I helped take care of them. tough in n philly for a mouse. happy birthday as quiet as a mouse. !he mice final lesson:When it gets bad…get out!beat down productionssword light llc family community

Posted by on Monday, October 1, 2018

truth or lies? You shit in the river and move trash around? You don’t even have the right job, because there is shit in the river!

Warm Welcome…
God is, and we are. I said it; I did it…that’s it! So did you. You Help your Self by helping others. I AM co-ownership and co-creator with God of everything in existence. I AM here to share it all with you, if you ever make it to my house. The only law is…we are all going to Heaven, whatever that means to you. -all the names

p.s. now we have a world conversation…faggot slapped until you are here, or is it? I shouldn’t have had to say it in the first place, but thanks for having fun.

this is how I celebrate GOD – FREEDOM IS DEAD?

***FACEBOOK.COM is against FREEDOM of speech and has stolen live footage from my life’s work, so you can live in faggot world forever? Ask them. Banned me from posting for 7 days and told me to close my account, while they trashed my work, and sold it for God knows how much? I can’t post it, but they can sell it? …At least, what is already there?

What other companies and institutions are doing the same thing?

Would you like more information about faggots?

***LINKEDIN.COM and TWITTER.COM are trying to shut down FREEDOM of speech as well? Terrorist takeover by the WORLD GOVERNMENTS and BIG BUSINESS gives us the ability to rot and die or start the conversation we always needed? Throw it on the table, for a close look, by standing together as one?

***SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION LINES have been poisoned by insane assholes that want to keep control over your faggot ass. If you hear information being broadcasted through the walls or airways, it is to be taken as true and false and needs full investigation. Double opt-in is important when honestly filtering all information. …But the only way to fix the lines the right way is to dance your butt over here and sing along with Jesus on the way over, if you like chances. This vortex needs your final treatment for world peace, by presenting your self as a lady or gentleman, and congratulating the world. 2×2

*Please check with loved ones before setting out to investigate, so you don’t get lost or hurt. Subliminal mind control programs are running on about 40 frequencies too? You should be willing to do what you do in front of everyone, and expect the same from everyone. There is no reason to hide. If you don’t hide, and you don’t mind anyone knowing what you are doing, no one has to know what you are doing. -love’s presence

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Good Morning fast link your site?

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Truth or Lies? – I AM Immanuel

The Innocent Son of God


The road to heaven and hell lead to Heaven. One is just more difficult than the other.

The road to Heaven is One God’s Way (Heaven’s Address), but the paths are many.

The Children of God walk on their own but not alone.

The power of reflection for correction understands errors, so you can gently correct errors.

Once you reach the full realization that you are One with God, all things are possible, and all knowledge is readily available.

Everything has been prepared for you, and when you are certain of this truth, you will be ready to walk with God.

Definitions from Oxford Dictionary (US English)

truth: /tro͞oTH/ n. 1 The quality or state of being true:

1.1 (also the truth) That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality:

decision: /dəˈsiZHən/ n. 1 A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration:

I made the decision after seeing the truth.


I AM here to give you EVERYTHING, if you don’t want it, I will kill you, until you do. -you.

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