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Everything I write are the words of my family…The Family of God. I have placed my name upon their words as their author in their honor. Thank you all for helping me share your love with the world.

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Hi…my name is Bobby. I live in a small town named Struggleville, right outside the city of Suffering, just off the coast of Pain. I am not a professional in anything. I am just a layman that makes the best of the situation at hand.

I am a long distance father, which is tough for me. Reading, cooking, writing, and walking are a few of my interests. Gaining knowledge about health and spirituality is my mission. Putting to use what I learn is the difficult part, at least in a world that sits behind locked doors. Life is challenging, but magical and fun. It is my opinion, that balancing the wonders of life with the fear of life is essential in today’s world, while knowing we are moving beyond fear.

I created my blog in hope to create some new relationships with open minded individuals who like to see deeper into Creation and to discover, connect, and learn from The Spirit.

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It seems there is plenty of good information out there for people to use in helping them on their journeys. It is just funny that there is always 2 sides to every story. Deciding which side to take can be perplexing, until there is only one decision. The one that makes you happy. If the information you find can be applied and is useful and beneficial then the answer is simple.

As far as stories go…I don’t believe stories are ever 100% true, but you can always find some truth in every story, and apply there principles to life.

Life is an adventure, so I make the most of it. I wish you the best. May your journey be blessed.


Robert G Brown

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Sword Light, llc

Sword Light, llc was established November 2011 to provide web services like web design, and has evolved into truth based ministries of God and His creation. We were all created as Heaven, and the majority of us on this planet seek peace and unity through self-control and self-responsibility that increases awareness and inspires every living life form. Knowing God’s spirit is in everything we see. Walk away from death and towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our mission is to build a World Family Community that recycles everything, grows food indoor and outdoor, and feeds, clothes, and houses everyone in God’s mansion. We strive that every human being upgrades to an open door policy. Knowing we all need the healing blessings of forgiveness from God, we look to give the best of our world to every human being and all life. As we heal and grow as a World Family Community worry slips away and we all contribute and care for one another, the time frame includes and is up to every living being.
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