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by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 8/24/2016

All of God’s gifts are unlimited and free. Unselfish He expects us to share His unlimited gifts. He loves us unconditionally, so that we love everything we meet unconditionally…even the ants that walk beneath our feet. He shares His understanding, so we live with purpose, while finding reason. Understanding another person’s situation, allows us to forgive those that have hurt us, but understanding our current position in life and the situation we are all in…gives us the ability to accept the world around us, so we may offer our healing love.

Acceptance is the gift that brings people together, knowing we all have made mistakes, and God will never give up on us. Once we understand this, life becomes a little easier. Knowing God expects us to lead one another back to Heaven gives our life purpose, and we begin to see God’s Will is Our will. Unity is the reward for our acceptance.

The whole Universe is watching patiently to see if we can pull through, by accepting that coming together as One Family within God’s Purpose is the only way to advance to the next chapter in our story. The person you deemed unworthy of God’s Promise, that we were all created as Heaven…yearns for your acceptance. The crackheads, the dope addicts, the homeless, the murderers, the rapists, the list goes on…all need our help in understanding were we went wrong, and how to get home. God does not throw away any of His creations; so how do we help heal those that desperately need healing receive the healing they need? How long will it take for them to fully heal from their ailments? How many lifetimes could it take before they are fully ready to walk back into God’s Arms?

Healing is a process, and we need to create an environment where we all can heal more quickly. Accepting that we all need healing until every last person is ready to return to Heaven, we should all be thinking about one another’s needs, and how to ease everyone’s suffering. These ideas begin to surface, once we fully accept…we are all in this together.

I am a sensitive spiritual being, and the whole world around me speaks. I can even hear mind control programs being broadcasted over various frequencies. My mind was driven to hell by individuals that thought it was okay to throw certain people away, and even try to defeat God, and take over His Kingdom. At least 3 billion people we in a similar mindset that lead to a hopelessness that is unimaginable. 13 years I looked for an Answer as to why anyone would allow someone to experience such hell. Screams were heard from an unseen place, as the discussion of their torture was all I heard. I believed I had to defeat God and the devil just to understand what was happening.

This is just a taste of why acceptance is so important, and why God’s purpose for all of us is to take care of one another, so things like this don’t happen. The biggest problems we face stem from our inability to accept our place in the world. They begin with finger pointing and shit talking, pretending we know something when we don’t (spreading false information), believing certain problems people face are not our problem, and lastly believing you deserve something before someone else, that leads to the ownership demon’s domain. All the world problems are a byproduct of these thinkings and actions. Acceptance would never allow us to act this way.

Accepting the fact that the whole Universe is watching to see how we bring forth worldwide unity, should give us the ability to check ourselves, so we walk together, instead of alone. They have not showed themselves, because God expects us to walk by faith. It is the only way to truly understand His Will and His Promise. Accept the unseen world that holds all of God’s treasures for us to share. Everything is not in plain view as we understand it, and to rely on faith gives us God’s protection. In the Book of Job…Job lost everything but his faith, and in the end inherited all of God’s treasures and His Kingdom.

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