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by Robert G Brown

Friday 11.10.2017

You are not here yet. I am your bbrother in love, and the Kingdom of Heaven, as you are. My greetings have bbeen answered with attack from my family, which you all are. Mr. Brown is your school teacher and a good apple. I work hard to bring you lessons of healing, and a spiritual foundation that understands unconditional love is our foundation, and God’s reality for all creation. Science must adopt unconditional love as the foundation of its practices for the survival of Mother Earth and her children. It quantum leaps us beyond competition, and brings food, clothing, and shelter in abundance to all, with no government, and no in-charge leadership. We are God’s children, and we know what we are doing. Trust and meet Heaven, or attack and waste time.

Peace is disturbance, rather than its reality, when you think you need something, because God gave everything, and when you wanted something less, by thinking being better than someone else you annihilate freedom and true equality. Anyone that thinks they know better than you, should be questioned until you feel 100% sure and right in your decision, when dealing with anyone or any information like that, that tells you what to do from a false authority standpoint, which all authorities are. Any in-charge behavior should be completely refuted, until you know how to think for yourself. Innocence is found in others by removing fear blockages, and remembering Love’s Presence. Your decision helps you remember love, when your intention is to save and heal the world, and everything in it.

True perception is found in our innocence, when our faith is invested in healing through forgiveness. The Light of the world is our true inheritance, and our unconditional love is the miracle that walks us home.  We are perfect creations in eternity always, and as responsible children, our special abilities are given by God to help lead us home, as we share them with our companions. If all healing is guided by The Holy Spirit, and as our fears are gently released to His care, our understanding leads to a new awareness that shines through all fears, and sees the love of God directly, as perception knows reality through the Son of God’s eyes. Our vision has been clouded by business as usual, and selling shit to each other has destroyed the integrity our our souls.

As brothers and sisters of Gaia our Mother Earth, and as The One Son of God, only together can we remember Heaven completely, because God is whole, and any spec missing from Heaven is our greatest tragedy. Sickness and insanity have been our belief system for too long, thinking independence is better, than family or community, we lose our vision of wholeness, and breaking the chains of the prison we built is our responsibility. Responsibility to all is our role, not hiding in closets or shadows. If you can’t save your self, trust someone who can. The road to Heaven is a happy journey, that ends your road to nothing, no where, death, or hell. The Holy Spirit is a teacher that holds your best love and inspiration for you to share with those on your path. Who you choose to listen to is up to you, but I recommend you don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

Asking good questions helps you find good answers, but don’t sell short on investigation, until you are harmless and unafraid, because that’s where you find all the strength of Heaven walking in gentle confidence. Seeing beyond fear to innocence, asks for your fears gentle release. The Holy Spirit will forgive all that you give Him, as He uncovers the real world, as He walks with you in happiness. Your happy dream begins once you find the right teacher. One that only sees life, so death disappears forever as a memory of non-existence, or a time away from Heaven. True equality and unity is our goal, and our recognition that God trusts us, and knows that we are responsible to lead ourselves, and need no one telling us what to do. If  you need a friend you can trust in open honesty, that has no reservations, conditions, or restrictions, that remembers Love’s Presence, I suggest you give me a call or stop by. 2240 Van Pelt Street, North Philly, 856-669-8229 gets it.

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