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Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft -Friday 2/5/2015 (one year ago)

Author’s Note* – The big bang theory is a love story about a man and a woman. There was a big bang and a new universe was born. It was like whoa!

It’s the big bang theory, It’s a love story,

So I hope you all can hear me,

A man loved a woman and a woman loved a man,

And the music started when he took her delicate hand,

They walked a little while,

He really liked her smile,

So he spoke gentle kind words,

To peer inside her heart,

What he saw he couldn’t believe his eyes,

He saw pure knowledge and quickly became wise.

He knew exactly what to do,

So he shared His Perfect Love.

By the peace that was created in His Mind,

There was a big bang and a universe was created,

They called him One Time.

They loved what they had started,

So they big banged again,

They had a little girl,

And she was One Time’s best friend,

So they named her One Mind,

And creation was created,

And they took it as a sign.

Perfect peace was the gift,

And perfect love extended throughout One Time,

And perfect peace became the state of One Mind.

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