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The Legend of Black Eyed Bob

(Version 9)

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 7/3/2015

Have you ever heard the Legend of Black Eyed Bob?

He was a master thief and it was fear that he robbed.

He stole every bit; yeah he was really that good.

So beware…in case he rolls through your neighborhood.

He will take all your hate. He will steal all your guilt. He will rob you of doubt. Stop depression for mental health.

And he gives you a clean bill of health.

So whatever you do…please do not pout.

He carries the bag that holds all the world’s fears.

And he cleanses them all as he cries out in tears.

He loves you so much…much more than you know.

Because as many of us see…we reap what we sow.

So take a deep breath, and relax for a bit.

And when you are fresh and ready…we will climb out of this pit.

Life is totally awesome when we work as a team.

And it’s the best way to cleanse your mind and keep it clean.

Now you are happy; yeah life is grand…and the only thing you did was lend a helping hand.

Time to hurry up now; don’t get left behind.

Black Eyed Bob is headed to the party where everybody is feeling fine.

It’s in the Kingdom of Heaven…and the address is One God’s Way.

Where even when it’s raining…it’s a bright sunny day.

I better tell you now…Black Eyed Bob is quick as a lightning bolt, so you best be fast.

And when he eats the wrong foods it gives him really bad gas.

Try to stay calm; everybody be cool.

Every dumbass around thinks Black Eyed Bob is a dumbass too.

Let me tell you friend…he is just playing the fool.

Keep your eyes wide open when Black Eyed Bob comes to town.

Because if you know him like I know him…he can be quite the clown.

And some of you know him as Robert G Brown.

*Inspired by David Schofield my brother and my protector and my bunkie….32 bottom in pod c3-300 at the PCJ. Thanks David for being my friend and for the cool nickname.

One Response to Black Eyed Bob

  • eddie berner

    Definitely a unique insight on many of today’s impending issues…..Ya need to expose CERN..and explain to the people what they are doing and what will eventually open the ultimate Pandora ‘ Box….they are messing with the fabric of our creation (which is Divine)…..they are gonna open a portal, and what is gonna be let in will shatter the souls n well being of every one of God’s creatures…..Do some research and open your minds….This will blow you away!!….September is going to be a World changing month for the World…….

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