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Blue the Yellow Belly Chicken part 1

Blue the Yellow Belly Chicken

Blue was a chicken. Cock as we understand. As we understand is this huge, that you need to see it. Blue was unhappy, because he was angry, because he thought it was someone else’s job.

You want to be free, but it’s just way it is when you are charged to take your money out of thin air. What magic you perform ATM. I know you get plugged in,  and everyone wants to make money, and freedom is free. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

What makes you happy, Blue? Not getting them hens chopped up? Do we chop up roosters too?

Blue didn’t realize he had issues. People think and do things contrary to life. What is chicken heaven like?

Now we are lost and afraid and think we need to defend our self from the world, until we learn to attack or protect ourselves.

Blue remembers before sadness.

That’s when I heard someone through the walls say, “I didn’t know you could have fun being beautiful.” Too bad it was probably the child molester that eats babies.

I gotta stop thinking about chickens for a while. World War III is over or no one gives a crap. People just don’t mind dying…is a joke, especially when it’s too late, but that is usually when the music is over and laughter is gone. How many deaths can we surive before we ask about eternal life? Will I be the only one in heaven?

Armageddon started when that put that guy Jesus on a cross, and we just act like it is business as usual. Does anyone know who the enemy is? My teacher Jesus Christ said it is an internal enemy that people can use to group up on people like a disease or terrorists.

Wife: That means we trick our self out of heaven. It is right here. It is a state of mind. We don’t chemically dedicate in the river and move trash around. We are from the garden of eden, I believe.

Wife: Do you think people will ever see what is right in front of their eyes?

Maybe a problem they can all embrace…but that sounds criminal.  That’s what happened during 9/11. Everybody got together for a while.

If people knew what was really going on and had a safe simple way to help solve problems many people would be quickly interested and happy they participated.


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