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Bright with a Chance of Awesome

Bright with a Chance of Awesome

by Robert G Brown

Original Prayer 5/2/2015

Dear God,

Dreams of love bring the reality of love to us stuck in time. Bless us father…guide us back to your Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, so we may rest in your arms. Let us remember who we are; so we may carry your perfect love to everyone we meet. Let us fill your children’s hearts with peace by the words in which we greet. Time will tell but one thing, because your will is sure. The never was less, but there will always be more. When we walk in peace and give all we have to give…everything is everything in this life we live. Thanks and praises to you father in your most high seat. Your heart is our heart forever in which all creation beats. Amen, Rastafari, HalleluJAH!!

Love from your Son,


Boberb: Leave all doors open, so the power of decision is what it is meant to be – Powerful!

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