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bxb New Author

bxb New Author at http://truthliesdecision.com

by FoG

Thursday 7/13/2017

Representing our new author bxb aka brandon Brown at http://truthliesdecision.com. Good luck out in the real world with business as usual…hanging out with his dad this summer, representing the kids. Sprouting through the roof with ideas for us all, just like every other kid we have been ignoring. How do your children feel today?

Scribe and painter for the family of God? Support him in his efforts to represent us all, and rest assured other children are welcome too. It’s safe here; even if it feels like war some moments, and the kids have a lot to share. They want you to let them surprise you. That’s my story anyway.

Who lives in this town? Have you checked out the authorship page? http://truthliesdecision.com/about/authorship/

Who do you support in this family? Because truthliesdecision.com seems to represent all of us. Does anyone want to get involved and see if it is better here? Or are you afraid to try someone new? Hope to see you soon, you are welcome anytime. I even left a map at the bottom of the site.

We can’t wait to see the creativity of our young new author. We hope you enjoy what he writes.

bxb may just be the one to show you Robert G Brown is alright.

The world needs global change that makes sense and everyone of us has a contribution to make. First we want to meet everyone that we are working with before we make any decisions at all. Self-responsibility makes informed decisions, even in the heat of love.

More voices that support our world family community is important to every living thing. A bird from God showed up underdeveloped, in the garden yesterday, and the little things said he is doing just fine. When you realize you are loved by all, along with the support you receive from every little thing in your family, you will be surprised you waited so long to say I love you no matter what. Is that a little lop-sided?

What I hear is a little different. So, maybe our new author can calm some things down. Enjoy the ride b, and good luck again on your journeys.

Love Always,

Bobby Brown

P.S. Some thought for tribulation. Speak the truth, love, and forgive.

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