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Death Out of Business

Death Out of Business
by Robert G Brown
Wednesday 09.22.2018

I put you all in jail, so you know what it is like.

Are you alive? You start life with a death certificate, not a birth certifcate? You may not see it as a baby, but you may not feel good the first time you get sick. Is that when the world starts to die around you, even if you don’t see it? How old were you when you believed something can die? What is eternal?

Reborn or reincarnate are words that are here for us to understand…not refuse or avoid. If you believe in death than reincarnation helps us explain eternity, when we are lost in dreams of death. Reality becomes dormant when we believe the unreal is true. Future past became our prisons as we make believe instead of see life in front of us.

Goals of death masked in education, career, living the life consume our ability to see reality freedom and the eternal in terms that save and redeem us all. Survial of the fittest kills every human, once we see live together as one, and we reject it’s power for little treasures that sell our souls to prisons of work hard and die, that seem comfortable, but settle for less, while you always want more.

A nightmare horror story that looks like that is just the way it is…destroys the function of life that lives and never dies. Life insurance that buys a coffin, and whatever else if anything is left gives life to sickness, doctors, and hospitals, and now drug companies to ensure a more torturous death disguised as healing and longevitiy. Pain and suffering win the war against Heaven, as we live substandard to our Selves, that want peace and harmony in the life of abundance.

Food, clothing, and shelter in abundance is the correction for a war powered system that fuels in-charge leadership and non-thinking dicatates to enslave everyone in death from top to bottom. No government self-respsonsibility is our inheritance. Good trusts us says the proud life, while the shadows teach rumors, lies, and make believe that rapes and molests the masses into mental illness slavery that keeps us alone and afraid, even with family and friends.

I said it; I did it is pride that walks through fears and lifts the darkness, even while others hide until they are also ready to walk out of the shadows. There are friends around you that know The Light and The Truth, but we may be a minority, but The Light is bright and shines through all darkness, and the world will see your sign, that society has crumbled, and is ready to be rebuilt in honor of the eternal and the beauty of creation, the dancer that paints the day and night.

Now freedom sits with reality as the past and future fade away. Fear disappears as our lives are celebrated with every moment standing before God, your loving and proud creator, and expressed forever in His Grace that mistakes can be corrected to destroy the unforgiveable sin. Death is out of business when we meet the world and know each other as friends that protect life forever. Your story is the greatest story ever told, and your release from fear.


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