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Drug Addiction
by Robert G Brown
Saturday 08.12.2018

That person smokes cocaine so I am better then them is pompous asshole. I am one reason people smoke cocaine is how you become a healer.

Drug Addiction is the loss of something in your life you love. It is that ugly you see and judge quickly even when the addict is recovering. Is loss the reason for any addiction, and the why we disguise it with escape or getting away? And is the first statement in the paragraph a question? So what may look like addiction is the loss of love? While most see the surface, what lies beneath? What is the real story? Is it the reason reality got lost?

How else does that world deceive you? How do you deceive your Self? The wages of sin are death, because you believe in death. Death gives birth to sickness. If one is sick, we are all sick. If we understand Dominion, life is eternal, and we heal until eteranal life is all we know. We are healers as children of God, until healing is done. And deception says freedom costs money. How many ways is life hidden in our sickness death society? How do bring you these clever disquises into the light to be forgiven and healed?

Removing the shit from the river and recycling everything helps me forgive my world. What others way can we solve problems and forgive the world? What have we lost to live in the problem and allow others to take care of problem solving? We removed ourselves from our duty as healers, and in-charge is a mental illness that leads to loss and addiction, by tossing away our free thinking devices, for some external authority that squashes dreams, visions and realities like true love or pure love, happiness and joy, the superior love that gives unconditionally that sees the marriage of our vulnerable heart the looks beyond fear’s illusions to who we are in our lover’s eye. If we threw away our responsibility and sold out to the all mighty dollar, how much less than Heaven have we accepted for ourselves, being created as Heaven, God’s One Son (you, everything you see, and beyond)?

So what is addiction really? Any escape from reality? I see reality as the correction of all mistakes and solving all problems? So are we all addicts and trying to escape reality? What did we lose to never want know reality again?

How do we recover and heal from our loss, see we can overcome addiction for all? How do we remember and recover our loss to be free forever? How do we extend our healing to all, as quickly as possible with minimal overhead? Our business heals and our ways and means expresses the teachers we accepted and learned from to become the healers we are today. How many bad lessons have we learned that need to be corrected?

When did the people we trust stop paying attention? How many taught us bad lessons that kept us raped and trapped in hell (blinded from reality). What was our vision that we let slip away? It is time for the world to recover, by realizing we are all here to heal and in-charge is getting in the way. Please help me help you and all. Good luck in our recovery. love bob

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