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Fear Cleaning Machine

Fear Cleaning Machine

by Robert G Brown

Wednesday 8/24/2016

We have started a game called Fear Cleaning Machine, because that is how we all have been upgraded by God, as fear cleansing machines. All energies you give to anyone…you get back a little cleaner than as it was given. If your actions lead to a good discovery that helps the planet unify more quickly, you could receive a bonus award, and/or other rewards and prizes. These a spiritual gifts that can come in any form to help with the mission of healing the whole planet and uniting and unifying as One People.

The game is designed to give you a better idea of your spiritual nature, and to help you better understand what the term “giving is receiving” truly means. With at least 50 billion people watching, they like the idea and want to play as well. Spiritually developed people that can hear spiritual communication, will be able to hear the Voice of the Universe as we play the game, telling you about what you won and how you are performing. When you are playing the game properly you will have an overall sense of well being. Every situation you are in…is an opportunity to play the game.

The game was also designed to clean all the fear in the universe, so we can live in harmony as One in full acceptance, by the Power of God’s Love. The object is to remove your cloak of fear, and become the real you, the strong and loving person underneath it all. Most of things we have done wrong could have been done in a loving manner. Now it is our responsibility to clean up our mess. Many people know this game is going on, and as far as I know no one is talking about it, at least to me anyway, and I’m talking about in a body. Too many people are relying on spiritual communication, and I think its time we all start communicating more with one another in honest friendship.

We all are an important piece of the puzzle in our planet’s equation, so let us set our differences aside, and learn how to play. Many are suffering, and it’s time to start washing the tears away. This is the real situation, and most of our life isn’t even real anyway. Living with fear, alone while we pray, forgetting ourselves, while we worry about each day. Concern is the position that helps us see how to correct the problems we face, instead of avoiding them. Genuine concern leads to confidence, and this is an ingredient we need to clean our troubles away.

As your skills in the game increase, you will be given greater responsibility to make others feel good. So, be happy with the people you meet in your community, and out-and-about. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, and we have people on the job, for the more serious cases. There is no need to concern yourself with how God handles His business, when it doesn’t pertain to your own mission.

So, I guess you are wondering what planet I am from? I am stuck in the same mess as you are….and the whole universe is trying to have fun with this disgusting situation. We are all sick and in need of healing, and this is a fun way to help with our spiritual development. The time of unity is here, so we need some compassion. Listen carefully and try to fully understand our situation, and we will surely get through this. Good luck and have fun.

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