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Fear Factors

Fear Factors

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Friday 7/10/2015

Boberb – At peace my happy being shares love with clam quiet confidence, and kind gentle innocence. My care and protection loves all of God’s creation. Through acceptance and understanding, my wisdom grows into certainty. This is knowledge, and knowledge leads to freedom. (An eagle screeches in the distance) Hi Eagle!

Fear Factor Part 1

When someone is fearful in your presence, asking questions about anything, especially the fear itself can alleviate initial stress and calmly dispel fear. For example – someone sees a spider and says, “Kill It!”

Quickly ask, “Why do you want to kill my friend Spidey?”

Giving your the spider a name gives the spider personality and helps tame the fearful nature of the situation, by creating a bond with nature. No matter how subtle the bond, it begins the healing process.

Adding relevant information about the positive benefits of spiders, and other fun facts sparks interest to learn more about what you thought you were afraid of…and shrinks fear.

Perspective Neo-Tech – an attacker or neo-cheater tries to lock you in time using guilt and doubt to keep you from the present moment. The neo-cheater plants seeds of guilt and doubt, until you believe they are real, so they can usurp the values you have earned in life. Zon or God-man remains at peace in the eyes of of the neo-cheater by being happy and sharing love with calm quiet confidence and kind gentle innocence to dispel all fear.

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