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Free Sex with Beautiful Love
by Robert G Brown

Stop everything philosophy run by in-charge lunatics destroys the hopes and dreams of your children pretending to be better than any person on this planet. Death is your path, and you are dead once you see it, unless you decide that you want to be alive. You choice becomes a solution for our peoples decision for death, and replace it with eternity. That is the road to Heaven no matter what you call it. Learning is our gift to each other in finding out who we are and why we are here. Responsibility to our own life and all living things is our starship to the Heavens.

Breaking all chains with self-control and pride is your strength in our coming changes, back to reality, where we live in peace and forever, while discovering the gifts that The Creation has to display along the way as we dance with joy on the road to happiness, because you have no clue, because you are not here yet, maybe you will find out someday.

Limits on thinking destroy thinking and bring prisons and death. How will you get free sex with beautiful love?

I can speak anything with God, even if He is not real. That’s my God, my Father in Heaven. My mother, Momma Gaia, who I walk all over everyday…gives freely. That’s what they taught me. I can say anything and give freely.

Dancing is the road I travel. Life is the breath I give. Stop killing. Death is dead.
Move you feet. Lead with love. Love within. Love with all.
Who is God?
When you walk tall?
Who needs Him? I said; I did it…says it all!

A little blue debut saw the cats roll in but they never rolled out. What’s your head look like when you’re in doubt? Do you see a solution to run and hide or do you see the solution that solves the problem for us all?

Learn your lesson and free your mind. Discover the secret to being in control and unlimited without stopping anyone, while healing the world in open-heart-ed innocence by seeing the innocence in everything to learn and create with the cosmos. Freeing or undoing the mind’s bout with death is the first step to freedom. The one that doesn’t cost money. Classes available. Catch me if you can.


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