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Gifts from God

Gifts from God

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Friday 6/29/15

A Gift from God is the beautiful girl walking down the street that doesn’t know anything about 2+2, but she gently picks every yellow dandelion she sees along her way. And when she has picked the perfect amount her kind eyes fall upon you as she politely says, “Here,” fully believing she handed you a ball of sunshine.

A Gift from God is the fun loving kid that loves to play and play. And if you are lucky enough to meet him on your way, he tells you in utter excitement about his good friend Adam Alligator. Then he continues to let you know that Adam Alligator can get you a metal cap gun and jets for your bike. Then the young boy skips joyfully on his way down the yellow brick road painted in his mind.

A Gift from God is the kind soul that sits down next to you at lunch in High School. He presents his award winning smile and with his booming but pleasant voice greets you whole heartedly. Then he kindly asks you to play the grape game with him. Holding a big bag of grapes he tells you the rules with joyous intent, “You pick the biggest grape and you eat it and you win.” Everyone is a winner in his game all the way to the last grape. Only a Gift from God could invent such a wonderful game that’s nutritious and there are no losers.

Our Father in Heaven does not take kindly to any of his children that hurt or make fun of his precious gifts. You should only feel privileged to be in there presence. Treating any of His Gifts badly, would be like selling drugs to a family member that had a drug problem because you wanted to put their last dollar in your pocket before some other dumbass retard did. (Retard here implies self inflicted retardation and in Heaven is now the true definition of the word.) What ever happened to getting your loved ones the help they need?

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