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Happy Forever Party

Happy Forever Party
presented by Robert G Brown
stardate: Tuesday 10.23.2018

Who is us? One.

Where are you? Here and now.

When are you coming by? Right now.

How do you get here? Bring a friend.

What is your purpose? Forever extending the love of your Creator.

Why? Because you said so? Your heart knows the reason.

Happy Forever Party says Happy Halloween. Celebrate the dead while you are still alive.

The killer on the road is who?

Where does your life end? Does it end? When? How do you die? What is death? Why are you here?

Maybe you will get murdered at the party.

Do you want to die?

Fight to survive or live as one?

Do you have a friend?

Bring a guest.

Discover your friend as you learn grow and develop.

Do you blossom seed?

Who is the killer?

Who do you see?

Friend or foe?

Tells you what to do?

Did God ask you to bow and pray?

The devil in disguise?

The old serpent is wise.

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