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How Christ Forgives Sin

How Christ Forgives Sin

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Wednesday 4/22/2015

First things first, Christ is a mind not a body. There is but One Son of God, because all of God’s creations are created One with Him. All God’s Children share One Mind Eternal, which is the Christ Mind. If you are God’s creation, and you are, He is incomplete without You.

Sin is the idea you can take something from God, or hurt God, even if that something is your Self. Since, God is perfect love and only creates perfect love, and all His gifts which contain His unlimited power…He gives freely and everything to all His Children. How is it possibles to take anything from God? It is not possible to take anything from God, because it is impossible to take anything that is given freely.

So once again, if God is perfect love then that is what you are even if you forgot. For God to punish you for thinking you are not what you are is insane. That is why He created the Holy Spirit…so you could correct your thinking. True forgiveness comes from accepting this and understanding that correction brings forgiveness naturally. Immanuel (God with Us) is the Master of Forgiveness and that was His gift to us All. I love you kiddo! …And Thank You.