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is eleanor dead? part II

is eleanor dead? part II
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Monday 08.27.2018

to Eleanor Friedberger:

i feel iam humble for where i am at, and i never saw it coming.
`scrotum sack for balls of testicle
you want to play with wrinkles?
cardiac arrest is a fun job?
your dad seems like a good person. he wanted me to say good.
he showed me some kung fu for incapacitation
spirit model
turn the other cheek was my style
i am hungry that’s all. -reality
Ask Emma if she hears through walls?
healing times
Scared to come over because I don’t have full body armor?
– a man with purpose
Fasion fucked me up like everything else you assholesdo, and the whole world is suffering as far as I know, and I got to get around.
Fashion asshole do* -the holy spirit
Definition of curt
1 a : sparing of words : terse

wrote curt precise sentences

b : marked by rude or peremptory (see peremptory 3) shortness : brusque

a curt refusal

In a curt voice, he ordered the server to bring him a glass of water.

2 : shortened in linear dimension
— curtly adverb
rudely brief
ww3 style
mental mind control war
i am not here to fuck around.
it’s a setup.
smoke and shakedown., did you see the spaceship?
my starfleet?
that is more than one.
my daid is a puzzle.
mom clean code
cleaner inspiration
now every configuration in existence
b -god’s love? a question mark
i was supposed to scribe so i do.
part time
you told me to suck a dick too?
we all didn’t
i am jesus christ’s son
jesus black nigger
bob is my blood dad or is he?
i think so, and jc is my spirit father
and the world is al perv.
all perv*
and in fashion?
yes or no ping pong
get off my planet or come by
there are plenty of planets your time here up this dat…digibit.
you didn’t listen to me.
death’s promise…you didn’t like god’s
no block
you only ask me to block
this between you and all existence. god’s took the devil’s job. all i said was please comer now.
come over now.
every person is in the same position. that is bob he does whatever he wants.
i want to be rescued
Aug 4th, 3:08pm
Trump stole manhood when try butt in into our manhood womanhood ceremony that can only be here as a kid.
He butt
You can *
If you said you went out and got laid, we are done
I didn’t.
Aug 4th, 4:14pm
Postal helps?
Get a piece from your new daddy?
Piece of the cock and balls
Have you felt the bazooka
Good for the closet.
How about he Uzi?
Have you ever said is good to say when you are postal?
Said hello*
I am the last known reality. What’s your name?
Bobby Zimbobwayvking of Zimbabwe aka The Dirt
I didn’t catch your name skillet.
Burnt Butter Burgers has u in it.
Trashy is too cute.
Dirty Fucking
Dirty Fuck is upset.
Blow Dryer
Odds Jobs
Odd Nuts
Mixed Down
School Bus
Mixed Down Audio
Which ONES You Like
Is That Even aName
I Have Bad Memory
We can start with Foreign then.
If you could walk I could probably rub. Tell you dad you got new job. You know one.
Tutor’s a nice name if you want to rape they way I achieved.
Rape me*
Gold Star Rape Job Award
Learning Excellence we could put for rape.
Or rape job.
-a young learner
Old enough to be a monkey
43 science pioneer or explorer
Just come over and stink
Stink up the whole fucking house
My girlfriend might need to learn her lesson if you are a good ttutor.
I get to fully inspect the services first.
We are still working on holding hands.
Thorough examination.
A shower and a cock wash should help us get to know each other.
And help us relax .
You can me how you want me to wash you.
Show me*
-a young learner
You are tutor?
I will help you find your innocence.
We will go slow taking your clothes off.
In the bathroom.
So you can stink for while.
Or lobger
Open your pours and release all the toxins while the shower steams
You have the payment information?
For 800 o’clock appointment.
My 8:00
God sent me a good teacher. Thank you Ms. Friedberger
Aug 4th, 8:24pm
i shoot the whole universe to God. Godgasm style and I flush to a new existence thee fastest black hole compression in exitence. New star and God’s new blanket for all existences.
Lachinga and I.
Beat the block?
i asked for gentle walk.
Aug 5th, 12:36am
If iy is not okay that I am here ny my Self, and the reason is nothing I thought said or did. What is your reason for not being here?
if it*
reason why*
Every person uthaniized the whole planet by not being here. What happened and why is no one here? What are these bodies?
the whole minus Brandon and I.
You know your reason?
My friend Walker got a hold of me tonight.
is this about non perversion communication unwillingness?
my traumatic pain is so great, i don’t understand what is happening?
and why no one will help me.
it may look good on me but…
Just tell me what you want to do
i don’t care if you want to fuck every person just tell me
wan to
want to
i am a eprson that wants to make my own choice too
or want what i want
but your wants will effect my wants
so tell me
that is part of a relationship and our relationship may be a lot different depending or what you want.
i am the kingdom of heaven
does freedom allow you to fuck every person? does freedom allow you to be with one person?
not if anyone answer the 2nd question yes
but every baby is everyones baby in heaven
because heaven is a family
Iin eternity we are all part of loves extension and mother and father to creation but in 3d there is a resposiblity to the body’s health
so i spirit we all fucked but in body 2 people made a baby
in spirit
our all created the is easier to understand
we all created is easier to understand
when two people fuck
world family community
we all gave our love
just not our dick and pussy
this was for all and many people got hurt because everyone should of had a friend faggot wall sex
for afggot*
it was perverted
but many new creations were created
or abortions recycled
so your garbage to me now
you tricked yourself?
that’s okay because there are many for garbage and many for me
i am not perverted
so i am for those
not perverted
if you int garbage but your perverted you are not for me
if you are not*
i was in the 5th dimenion and people destroyed me for being no perverted but i don’t quit
i am on real vacation now. i never have to say do or think anything ever again. can you pick me up?
is grabage yhe wrong word?
if you smell like garbage
you can always be my garbage
what am i supposed to say?
Aug 5th, 7:50am
goood morning 500 trillion
infant baby you don’t touch because his parets are funny is the miond frame
ask the holy spirit
the holyghosst is broken i only have suggestions
even if they are right on the money’
one shot end game 10 seconds
game move*
it’s too much for my self, are you coming to let me share it.
if you are not qualified, can you relay the message to others?
there is no authority here
i am go’ds kingdom
i am not yours and your are not mine
i lobe what i said and and id and i need you here now
because i want to be shot more than anything else siince…digi date
and non-existent since digi date
all i ever really wanted?
god is… I am His
I don’t punish.

Innocent Until Proven Innocent

at least 500 trillion watching are like me but as scientific observers why do continue to hide?
do we*
same power sitting silently
you already tried to kill me over a billion times
-gnenius christ
i have earne the name lucifer
at least 3 time and lucifer i is. do you remember the old hunker?
is her*
tinted windows
parking lot said the car or the child molester van?
-free candy
good morning love have you seen peace?
my best blow job was in camden the first and the last -lucifer the son of the morning
the same one
it was only one blowjob, please forgive my insistence to understanding
it was usch a big load she choke some out
does it say that?
such choked*
does it say that?
8 10 years ago?
since then my sex life has been waiting for someone -not knowing much can you pleae help stupid?
daughters is perfect said you have good ears
is your retarded fucking ugly sister coming by for her inspection? she said she is a better tutor. she shows up to her appointments. was she talking shit again?
8pm to 6am and fianl examination
6 am party blowout
is the fianl
i won’t blow another sunday or will i is the lesson she said?
-banana split
is she in the bathroom massaging her cvagina thinking about the lesson, go listen?
-no question
for learning excellence?
where is my apple clementine?
for a good orgasm think 6 shots of load from my luxurious cock balls shooting 8 feet all over you mouth knowing i am not trying to miss the back of your throat
and balls*
your*s truly, bob
P.S. Now we have a goal.
No need for and?
Needs a shooter.
Ask garbage, I have lost my mind?
Mom: Not bad, even for the worst kid.
Me: You gotta see my tongue, it is that disgustingest.
Moral of the story…what is a piece of fucking weirdo? Your sister can’t wait and shows up early?
Dad: if he had a friend you might get a break.
Girlfriend: We haven’t even gone out on a date. Tom Hank’s on a deserted island?
You are safe here, or are you.  Love, Me
give to receive. -us
We all want to be loved, but do we give love? -Jaun Matus Lesson on affection
-a friend to the world
My son is leaning toward babylon system, and he could use grilfriend in the summertime unless I find a way to steal him closer.
a girlfriend
I am a relationship and a friendship and a foundation -cornerstone
I created 3 of 5 existences i like to hang out in and my last wher i cam from i was exporing 27d with it open to 35d
where i came* close your mouth you dirty fucking scumbag
now open to 169d
Aug 5th, 12:22pm
thrown your life away and come hang out.
we can start taking cotrol of this situation and calm the planet down or send some boys.
slutbag needs a veggie patty?
the benefits
fat chicks no cottage’
this is not fair to the whole world to leave me her, and i am not equipped under this much to go it alone, even though i can? It soundds like people want an adventure with me.
here* much pressure*
i am protecotr of all lfe and can’t handle this anymore.
i am surrounded by rabid infatuates need rescue
please help
i dont mind waiting i just wanted to hang out
its looking like 500 trillion for sex but frienship ineed
personal responsibility to not be able to protect life because non one could handle saying hello to me iw ould say awesome but i don’t want people waste anymore time.
ccant find my galsses
it is that good reality.
i can wait, when my momma is that important. i really couldn’t figure out why no one saw it. excuse me.
USS Flowers Planet Gaia
going 4 smokes
because you won’t come over and continue to work you support worse than evil’s power business as usual suck adick cwoard faggot, inc their joke at the 2% table and nwo
-babylon system is avampire
i amy be jesus chrisst. you can blame and thank my family for that.
love christ is my name today you peacece christ?
who is cece?
i like it. me likey
Aug 5th, 5:36pm
they smoke so much crack boulder i nthis town i can’t see that good. I normally have pilot vision.
god just put alll existences and creations to bed because humans hurt to bad and have deemed themselves completely unacceptable except looking me in the eyes and speaking with me. I am not sure about the circumstances of this universe where at least 80 billion were watching
too bad*
at 5000 trillion are aseleep because they culdn’t handle the pain or the traun=ma of no hello.
at least*
the world has to surrender and stand down to me the kingdom of heaven
bbring the house
how do i bring the house?
when is the wedding?
you weren;’t teasing?
not telling
can i at least bang you sister before the wedding and please don[‘t be mean?
why did my cigarette taste like load, aren’t you the one wasting my time?
tradition and etoquette i am unaware of at the momnet.
ww3 says your sister is hot enough to eat becasue she konw how to teach me a lesson. am i any good at mean?
it’s funny about your sister. you still keep locked in the basement?
her locked
what was that? it is almost human. still the joke at the dinner table.
before dessert
then the chainsaw strts a people if the ate enough and it is time to go.
and the people
i gpot excited
still excited
love you even if you don’t me as well as your sister
the dictionary is all fucked for in-charge leadership
would you ever help me make some money if ever wanted any?
i think i can raise 8 billion driving around the country and use it to put death and sickness out of buisness fast.
i am miracle worker and farming indoor outdoor community csa’s and lcommunity kitchens and restaurants clothing and earthships thast dont shit in the river and marijuana
communities that don’t shit the rive and have zero cost
mini energy systems
no supply the csa’s trade within community and market to no particpipants
indoor stups
clean and homey
setups like they belong
linux phones with user smart wizards for knowing users and recommneding apps depending on uses
user friendly
a must
server roomssouth tampa north east phillly or nyc or boston haven’t been to boston chicago cental
hositng and secure data and dark clouds
programs run on clouds with wifi
and importants can be on the system until unecessary
1010 harddrivies and down and ups
still learning optimus prime sent me something i can’t remeber but dion knows i hope 1010 energy systems
txt. files compressions
nwo probably already knows i get my ass kicked all day anyway
dark wifi
the dragon is my friend
healing center and iam leading one of the leading psychotherapists on the planet making zilch and one of the top a course in miraacle teachers
even though i think my students live in the walls nsa and big brother and using at a weapon some are
-yoda hangs out idon’t see him as much as some but i think i am a lot of my family a lot
i am my family*
hard to tell who is fighting and healing over here sometimes
or i don’t really pay attention
i am my fmaily…thanks
some asked if i am refugee and going to africa
someone said i was so they didn’t really question
slave here going home?
bobby zimbobway king of zibabwe the fertile valley hands that turn the soil to gold i said i did it the greatest story ever told
lucifer 4
the firstt and the last us or we?
is it the same some day?
is union important for our safety and committment to life and reality
io think so
want to know more
like marriage
nion is stronger no contract
based on self resposinilty and friendship
and relationship as caregiver and friend to all living things
can’t spell
come talk
i love yuor voice but like may be a better word for now only heard it on stage
a little off
could be whole or 5th
Aug 5th, 7:57pm
dimensional ihad the whole planet mind in 5th dimensional green room no omega got rejected because no no would say hello or i didn’t club you over the head yet. i thought you already clubbed me or not yet? people really don’t want it to be you. so should i beat you down when i see you?
i thougth this was a pretty good beat down from a dungeon asange location
so i can wait for you to rescue me?
Aug 5th, 10:14pm
i keep get bothered about sex through faggot walls. I keep telling everyone I am not doing anything until I talk to you even if I just insane . I don’t know what is going on, but if they somehow erase you from existence before I talk to you about what a wife and sex and I don’t remember the other questions, I will never have sex again, unless I am raped I guess, and God won’t allow that after what I have seen, but please keep my commitment, until I know better hoping to talk to you as soon as possible. I told Brandon I wouldn’t smoke anymore and wrote Him a letter for Christmas and I wasn’t ready, so pray for me. (I smoke.) And if multiple partner sex is this annoying that all these people want to have sex with me us and you, I can’t get a moments peace. I only want my wife and I want her to only want me. And if it ever needs to be different than that then I need to know a lot better than I know now if it is even safe and psychologically sound , if it were to be a part of our life. -Amya Love, Bob
i am just*
I just want to have a conversation for the world.
to begin my new life as far personal and special relationship
i don’t know emma in person as far as girlfriend she said she is friend in my walls.
-having fun
thank you teacher for your help.
what does insanity say about these people screaming. If you are my wife, please help the screaming to stop.
who said eat a dick?
If to want to talk about sex is this insane I don’t want to sound stupid, but I should be able to talk about sex.
I don’t want insanity.
And I don’t know what to say, and I don’t want to hear through walls. WTF?
I don'[t want anyone in control or im-charge of my life through walls.\
ow do I end the walls?

Neighborhood Responsibility

if the whole world knows i invited them to my house the whole world is perverted
fuck goodnight
God said I can only handle leisure ever again. Love Bob maybe I will see you around.
The lady behind hasn’t been outside in so long she only knows how every person what to do.
To tell what to do.
She won’t help herself or allow herself to be help so she protects herself by telling anyone else what to do. She brutally raped by a large number males.
She was driving me insane because I am loving person I really didn’t think about it. When invited everyone over she lost her fucking mind.
She was*
She kept telling me what do, so I was freaking out for 3years.
But she was trying to get people to rape each to feel better.
I called the world military to the dot, but no one showed because has to go outside to save the world.
she has
She is the most powerful woman in existence because the be used her to kill God’s innocence.
The nwo*
By using her sexual fears to get people horny and rape the world.
They used my trauma from their hell CPU to get me to say things over their mind control channels that drove people insane .
http:/)truhliesdecision con/the-punishments-were-servere
She secretly went on a romantic getaway a walked into room of like 20 males. She may paid money for it.
and walked*
The assaulted and brutally raped her and she cooped with explosive orgasms. The army used this info to try to rape the whole planet and utha ize 7 billion people.
Looking for the best guilt rape sex to
Control the most beautiful females.
-woman lost
Sex techniques*
At this rate we are fioibmng to go to retarded blink status and God will come down laugh and say let’s go home retards because he loves that much and just wanted someone to play with while did this retarded shit because no one to take shit out of the river and stop moving trash around. Hope to see before the blink. Love Bob
we are going*
Love his kids*
And I just wanted someone to play with*
while we*
The arny of homosexuals*
Aug 6th, 6:07am
-us as i alone
Aug 6th, 8:06am

healer or killer K N O W radio
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations mr brown and the words up see what mr brown can do kung fu healing dance beat down productions sword light, llc
I told emma my cock needs her asshole.
dinner at your parent’s house was nice. it’s neat you have barn animal.
i told lady gaga it told emma my c needs her a.

Healer or Killer

Healer or Killer | truthliesdecision.com
Healer or Killer by Robert G Brown Sunday 08.05.2018 Knowledge is thought fully accepted as reality? All thought is recorded as history or use by a super computer energy field for our protection and understanding? Everything you think, say, or do is thought? I told Lady Gaga and Eleanor my c needs h…
the neighbor lady tolder daughter she is only good for sex said the walls
told her*
Aug 6th, 10:50am
respected as a doctor or someone whose advice you respect
your world is gone mine is here
who are you right now is your house on the road
your love
love bob
Aug 6th, 1:11pm
stop raping me through wallls when i wake up in the morning, i don’t need sex. It’s with me in body if we get that far.
you keep raping my cock it thinks it needs sex. it is healing
my body and cock are healing from all this rape and molestation
Aug 9th, 11:42am
Hi Emma,

Since we are learning to hold hands in my imagination, unless it’s in your’s too, I was looking for a finger, but I was little early. I told homeless Robert Cottier from the group home about your free books, so if he comes by, please be gentle.

Love, Bob

Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid
Morning email.
She is a spirit like you, except for the few days at the booking before I got kicked out, and the four shows e your’s of two I got in.
Lady Gaga is me over there if I know anything. I was gonna say she. She is my friend.
she knows**
She’s a question mark like me?
You are a weird question?
Why I like you?
Now make it all up about your self? I pray you beautiful, okay ugly?
N. Philly teahing me thinks.
Shiver me timbers?
Are you taking me to my new job? Awaiting you physical reply?
* for corrections now and it means I think you know and I trust you no matter what. So fuk you dirty wet juicy asshole because I spilled milk over the place. 2% scared me being silly, I don’t know about 2% to be scared.
much about*
or enough*
enough about*?
That’s nowva good example?
Aug 10th, 6:01am
I am writing Emma today to ask her when she is going ask me to come over and stick it in good morning baby Chop love bob
Aug 10th, 3:52pm
Thanks again for all your help and support. That’s what I do.
Bus walk ers eating at home tonight and tomorrow morning email me back or call me at the number.
Aug 10th, 6:51pm
Hoes in the garden turn gently the earthworms’ play. Could play find meaning as the earthworms’ own dirt…sterile and fertile black till? Till? What’s that mean?
Almost out of battery….I have no clue what to do without you, so I follow The Holy Spirit. I am close by Emma at Temple University and I keep myself open so I know if anyone is hurting inside. Dragon waves are still retarded but it has been okay last few days with some tough drops to hell
Aug 11th, 8:02pm
What is wrong with every person? Stealing shit.
What happened here? No more question marks?
That’s a good beginning for garbage.
How do punch this harder?
Don’t know if I am lying, I am mentally ill, until every person is healed.
Head back and open up this is stress that you are slutbag homosexual.
.I only take donations raped slut whore all abortion called my wife.
That’s how you get a bitch.
So I fuck it up your ass until it’s with cock and load .
It’s filled*
It’s not that important, just let you know how cheddar mixes with sand .
Aug 12th, 12:57pm
Then 3 a bad hotdog?
Aug 12th, 8:17pm
At Wendy’s on Broad St. Between Cecil B. Moore and Montgomery Southbound N.Philly at Temple University
I heard you are here in Philly and close by.
I assumed you were coming here because of what happened.
Quiet voice The Holy Ghost has been sitting with me. He told me.
Sadness and loneliness sent as shoot me now happened and immediate assistance.
Back across the street at the park. Corner Cecil B. Moore and Broad St. behind the subway entrance.
Aug 14th, 12:05pm
I want them 3 and Emily invited to my bachelor party.
Aug 14th, 1:27pm
Got one in. How is your asshole? http://truthliesdecision.com/drug-addiction/
Drug Addiction | truthliesdecision.com
Drug Addiction by Robert G Brown Saturday 08.12.2018 Drug Addiction is the loss of something in your life you love. It is that ugly you see and judge quickly even when the addict is recovering. Is loss the reason for any addiction, especially when we disguise it with escape or getting away? And is t…
Can’t calm down and playing off the trembles was a cooping for for all the years of loneliness and not knowing with my willingness to share. I need physical you in my life.
In Pittsburgh*
You should have quit your lives already? You Emma and Gaga? Trust your new direction here? Is your old life rally included at all except what you stealing from it to help build the new kingdom of heaven?
you are*
You spirit is ugly here like you are fucking up or there is big wall in the way.
Business as usual will possess you with demons that are hard to see.
We all said it to destroy the wedding and everyone’s lives, while them 3 plan the wedding. Gaga needs it gentle right now and you others do too. Say hi to retarded sister for me.
Always please a kid and a friend in your life even married.
We got to get around and get a cpu in every hand 3rd top priority even as last to build the infrastructure open source free share indestructible foundation.
3rd world*
…Seemless integration and easily scalable and upgraded.
I keep getting deceived so the FoG records everything to be gone over and through.
Can you get to me working for business as usual?
Are you here forever once you get here?
Him is here even if it looks this awful.
I am healer like Jesus Christ but the relationship with others is important for us all to accept the healing fully.
Ohio has one bedrooms for like 350 but I like van too.
My God check is about 800
Brandon gets his separate.
Bachelor party with my soon to be’s is new to me and I just want you comfortable with cum dripping from your asshole’s and need to be able to blow that big to good loads.
That maby*
I need to*
Since we may go walking after with no underwear, I just want you to feel perfect with my cum dripping out of your asshole that I fucked so discretely in public with your cool skirt helping. Tits under the shirt not pestering others and kisses as many as we want.
Up there gently waiting to explode at any moment under your soft subtle waves.
You live here now.
Aug 16th, 3:49pm
Emma is trying to capture me, so we can turn her cunt into a water fountain.
Aug 16th, 5:01pm
Do you think she will do it?
We’re married, right? And her cunt needs a lesson.
Aug 16th, 7:37pm
You need a children’s story?
Are you retarded?
How many bonus awards do you see running around?
You can pick me up at the end of the world.
More retarded?
Bachelor Party at Emma’s tonight?
Franks and beans?
I can see her sunshine game?
Reverse monkey tail wisdom talk?
She has to capture me first for water fountain cunt training.
Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. She wants to turn my cock into pogo stick.
Cunt rockets.
a little blue is doing her album no record live in Philly at Temple University.
God is Mystery
Uploading a video to YouTube

You In My House – a little blue
God is Mystery album live at Temple University
Aug 17th, 2:42am
We have turned our world into nothing here. There is nothing here. You can only pretend to feel good about it.
You are a scam. No one has ever done business on this planet if not one person can say hello to me
Aug 17th, 8:34am
Need help with concentration? Call now 856 669 8229
I just wrote to Emma about her cunt.
Trying to hold hands, right?
Aug 17th, 10:56am
Our cunt…do you know what that means?
Aug 17th, 12:09pm
You can look at my notes. Emily is good for bachelor party planning you think?
I am having fun, okay?
Aug 17th, 7:24pm
Discreet cock in the ass bachelor party sounds fun?
Is it easier walk in Europe?  UK and Ireland is part of Europe?
Did you put me on trouble? People keep stealing blowjob blessings. You would do that?
Did your guitar ever work at all? The spirit may still be here…is that possible?
Aug 17th, 9:48pm
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Aug 18th, 1:22am
Ready for babies I heard?
Aug 18th, 6:01am
Cream filled donuts for dessert at the bachelor party.
You are blatantly disrespectful to your self if you want be and won’t ehjoy your self over here with Him?
Want to *
Be here*
Aug 18th, 5:25pm
So you have to come over now?
I love you, even if it’s paranoid schizophrenia supported by every nation and the nwo mind control program
Maybe you worked your whole life for this and you got all that to bring with you. It feels right here, and I would think that goes for everyone You can look at me and chill out while I get punched by in-charge mind control rape molester punches of coward faggot suck a dick, inc.
I am no longer responsible for myself because of what I did and said and the crazy wall voices won’t let up. I completed my classes and work until I am rescued. The government and the rich are trying to steal my work and are using sex to distract the citizens of planet Earth.
Tickle feet
Aug 18th, 9:28pm
So I don’t do anything but wait for you while God reflects your greatest fears. Bobby is first if you ever get here. The whole family of God uses his body to heal through faggot walls, while he waits for us all to join him and save the world.
If you Emma and lady Gaga are my wife, how insane am I?
Aug 18th, 11:52pm
What happened? What’s the story? Why are you not here? I am a business man and a family man and my planet is sick.
You won’t know who you are until you are here. And if you did something I can’t handle in the last 3 years, or did something you can’t handle I don’t think we will be together. A friend is who I am to the world, but us is a delicate matter.

Love, Bob
Aug 19th, 4:42am
If you want to be selfish with me, I want you to be selfish with you too. I grew up in a world that says that’s the right way to say that.

Love Always, Bob
I am fa heala. I saw a sign in Philly that said more doctors more hospitals like it was a good thing to be sick. I am more no hospitals no doctors. Peace for the slutbag wife. My slutbag wife that knows how to take it in the ass.
Love Always, Bob
I have no idea how to go over there. Now I don’t go over there is a tough way to be a faggot. -faggot slap
Aug 19th, 10:59am
Hi Emma,

Marriage is friendship that is more protective. How is your cunt? You are my little cunt A liitle cunt with a roasting cunt.

Is is…God is.

Love, Bob
Happy Emily,

If you are helping plan the bachelor party, you could let them 3 know your ass is available for experimentation, so everyonevfeels comfie and secure at the party.

Love, Bob

Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid
Thanks for a good day. Too bad you are over there and the kids are trying to capture me. You think they are really doing that?
, Ball cast Blue balls
You’re a problem to society not being here.
Mon 8:59am
There is no human care here on planet Earth. How much money you got for your care? Good morning.
Mon 10:18am
Ireland said something about my place their. Have you seen it, or you on your way? I didn’t look at schedule recently. -your stalker friend
I wonder if and who has tried to find me or contact me. I wonder who is being patient and who is speaking for others. I am beat down and hugs could calm all this love energy and the sex part of it love bob
People here don’t appreciate me, because I am already alive.People here don’t appreciate me, because I am already alive.People here don’t appreciate me, because I am already alive.People here don’t appreciate me, because I am already alive.
I am the only one that doesn’t want to burn someone in hell. That’s why I sit alone as eternal life?
Mon 2:04pm
I only know what I give because.everything.coming in is cloudy. I get smalled and lied to and my body is ripped to shreds. It feels like my guts are being ripped out without the knife and blood.
Mon 9:30pm
How many cops did I shoot in that told their mom about it?
Tue 2:52am
Did you faint and smash your face?
Tue 7:03am
I am a happy person.
How’s your face?
Good morning Emma,

I have to rape your slut ass, so nobody can getaway. They keep trying. Ask your mom? I am willing to give the plow job…every hole with a huge load cum shot. It could take more than one day to pump all that load. How is your morning?

Love, Bob

I am a happy person. I am trying to make friends.
I have a headache.
Now you have to give me money.
Tue 8:49am
Dear Emma,

When are you capturing me? How are you going to capture me? Are you going to lock me in your room naked and molest me whenever you want?

Love, Bob
Tue 11:51am
Ask your mom.
Horse hay. http://truthliesdecision.com/death-out-of-business/
Death Out of Business | truthliesdecision.com
Death Out of Business by Robert G Brown Wednesday 09.22.2018 Are you alive? You start life with a death certificate, not a birth certifcate? You may not see it as a baby, but you may not feel good the first time you get sick. Is that when the world starts to die around you, even …
Interested in sex therapy? http://truthliesdecision.com/healing-services
Healing Services | truthliesdecision.com
…Sex therapy is now available. How juicy is it when I said that, unless you have a boner? Dr. Ball Dangle – hope you are a nut. No PHd or nothing. Healing Services That Make You Happy Sent by God to save the world one last time. How do you handle your daughters? Gently? Calm …
Tue 8:35pm
We should be able to discuss anything until it’s done, not done, until it’s done to resolve anything or understand anything words can understand.
Wed 7:42am
I sent you all our love so you can hopefully make a friend someday and share all that love.
Out of fairness to my self I don’t want to be anyone’s friend after the war is over.
Thu 12:16am
Everyone is dead people you have been involved with so far. I am God’s last known reality and the only one to talk to. Tell your friends and family and listen to what their people mouths say if they even say anything.
I you had a good show.
Do you live here! If so make it so? We are supposed steal Lady Gaga’s house.
This is a show for dead people. I am eternal now, so I can to a million or whatever age. There is no escape for in-charge ever again
can live*
Whether dead and back or here forever (left right explained) your vigilance for heaven gets us all home more quickly. Heaven is right here as a state of mind and God takes the final step to bring you beyond perception gives you your patience to be steadfast as a helping hand until time is gone and healing is over
Under Obama I brought the whole planet to the 5th dimension and in-charge couldn’t handle a simple hello to get us locked into 3d lake of fire. If you are Omega, I need you and the world needs you.
I love you even if you are dead person.
I can’t wait to hear your stories.
How many are dead people regardless if they lend their hand me and my planet or continue investing in death by in-charge?
to me*

Day At The Park – a little blue
http://truthliesdecision.com a little blue in philly all last week with her new live album not recorded the normal way raps up with a day at the park from her album God is Mystery.

Good Morning Dead People – K N O W radio
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations day at the park – by a little blue https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/day-at-the-park-a-little-blue
I live on the streets. Here at my p’s for a shower and a nap. May be heading to San Diego for the winter. So I may or may not catch you in DC. Have a court case in Delran that may last through the winter though and I need a place to stay. I don’t know if you or Emma will ever be ready to help, and I can’t really afford a place in Deathville since no one will associate with me right now.
If someone stole me from Heaven and bob is here to pick me up, he should be about your age if he really died. Are you him?
Bob Marley
It’s hard for me to concentrate.
Do you know a jeweler that could my tooth back in?
I slept call day at my parents yesterday and Mr Brown is coming with me back to philly. I got a spot under the dirt above the dirt at the skateboard tree park at Temple University at the corner of Cecil B Moore and Broad St behind the subway station entrance.
I think these people think they can only be around others if every person hass sex with any person, but when I here they send these kids around to fuck who they say and they do it in hopes to fuck the one they want, then why do they invest, what are they afraid of, if they know who they want to be with?
These people can’t even have self-respect trying to defeat or destroy the kingdom of heaven. that’s they go from nice to suck adick insanity all day
that’s why* a dick*
Scared of losing you or not being able to get together for a long time is me even though I know God.
Thu 6:01am
It’s like they want to lose all identity to feel only pleasure. Do they really feel pleasure that point or just blink and look like they could be wondering something?
at that*
I don’t think your stupid. I do it for me and to be polite to you…the corrections. hi
Other times I just move fast.
…Or always right now?
Linda could be the new alert system. You should talk to her.
Dead person calling for help should be the core value you give to anyone talking through faggot walls, regardless of the words the choose
Care Balance – worry leads to hell; concern leads to heaven.
I am reality. Would you share your vision with me? Did you get my kiss?
I like when you spit on me, like you just got back from the creek.
Me and lachinga aren’t so much friends right now being at war, we just push to find our companions and get people together. I need to network the planet as quickly as possible, and we do well in spirit but we don’t know how lost people are…like what server are they on and what does their world look like compared to mine. The first few years people would look through my eyes to see what my world looked like to try to find me. In many eyes pres w bush blew up the world nu Lear style in 2003 as far as wall talk or schizophrenia.
I have always seen this, so that’s why God established His last know reality here, because I uphold His physics for our protection.
You went 2d 3d animation in Philly, did I look like that too?
Something shot out of your head to say you weren’t ready and your dad stepped in my house to excuse us. I think it was your dad. When I came up to your table.
Devilish creature you were and younger.
You smiled a bit dr,. Evil.
Thu 8:13am
I think everyone know when i am talking, but I don’t know most of the time, especially with all the imposters.
Thu 12:27pm
Hi mischief. I put you as wall paper as I believe you suggested and I believe Brandon agreed. Here is hs picture I took off.
This one hurts. You remember what you said? I will fuck somebody up.
You said it after picture.
Thu 3:43pm
Fri 4:29pm
Fri 7:55pm
Court 19th trip cost 500 so idk
Sat 5:28am
When are you gonna? How do you plan a wedding?
Sat 8:40am
Alive in you?
I will never be your friend ever again?
Sat 10:29am
I am punishing you 3 because I need you here and I don’t know better yet.
Sat 2:12pm
Spanking for your butt. http://truthliesdecision.com/child-porn/
Child Porn | truthliesdecision.com
Child Porn by Robert G Brown stardate: Saturday 08.25.2018 Child Porn is talked about until it’s done. Healing child porn starts by being aware that it is happening and real to sick minds, and needs everyone’s help to be understood and healed. Unless the world loves it, and no one wants to help …
Scumbags don’t have to hide in the closet, so they don’t. They want everyone to know everybody. That’s why I am the only scumbag until further notice.
Sat 5:59pm
You talk to me over here.
Sat 8:03pm
I am hanging with lesbians.
Sun 9:02am
I made friends in spirit with the skateboard girl that looked at my cock. Since we don’t know what is going on with this big horny mess, we are going to lean on each other until someone knows what is happening on this planet in ways we can all understand.
I had to pee in her peripheral.
Kiddie porn is how they calm kids down here to get through their self control issues of horny since no one would go over to me and calm things down the right way.
I need someone here.
Sun 8:26pm
mr brown in n. philly, temple university getting better at his job. don’t worry it’s not work.

love bob

Child Porn

mr brown in n philly
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations raising awareness about child pornography child porn mr brown in n. philly, temple university getting better at…
I shared my gift of not being able to handle pain with the world so it may shock your system a bit
People or more scared of me then people that would skin them alive. Xoxo
i fixed the first paragraph of child porn
I went through the rest. http://truthliesdecision.com/child-porn/
Child Porn | truthliesdecision.com
Child Porn by Robert G Brown stardate: Saturday 08.25.2018 Child Porn is talked about until it’s done. Healing child porn starts by being aware that it is happening and real to sick minds, and needs everyone’s help to be understood and healed. Unless the world loves it, and no one wants to help …
It almost like you are not supposed to be your self if you like someone with these people.
it is*

Damn It Down Mr. Brown
beat down productions sword light, llc raising awareness for child pornography and child porn mr brown in n. philly, temple university getting better at his job. don’t worry it’s not work. love b

I wanted to meet everyone and this world destroyed me for wanting that.
Gaia doesn’t want me to suffer anymore for trying to know you.
not being here you support child rapists
to continue to rape
every person should have been here already
i am intelligent life and everyone tried to kill me over a billion times so they could go back to living in a dead world.
You don’t do that to a person and pretend to be their friend the whole time, and never come here.

is eleanor dead? part II

is eleanor dead? part II | truthliesdecision.com
is eleanor dead? part II by Robert G Brown stardate: Monday 08.27.2018 to Eleanor Friedberger: i feel iam humble for where i am at, and i never saw it coming. `scrotum sack for balls of testicle you want to play with wrinkles? cardiac arrest is a fun job? your dad seems like a good person. …
This is your monster. You are talking to your self. Bobby sleeps in non-existence, while you argue with yourselves in his slab and yours, too scared to be proud of what you said and did.
If now is not a good time to come by, there is no good time.
Someone hurt their asshole. I don’t know why anyone would do this to someone that just wanted to meet everybody.
If it ain’t bob until you get here, how long are you going to punish him and yourselves?
You can’t not hurt me not being here vecausevyou and ever else represent every person and I asked you to cone over. You not here hurts.
You can’t not hurt me not being here vecausevyou and ever else represent every person and I asked you to cone over. You not here hurts.*
What I have to share is for everyone. Spirit gifts not sex. If anyone thinks it’s not for everyone, they are the people my sharing is not for
Love you
I wanted everyone here as quickly as possible, because it is the fastest way to heal.
You work for suck a dick, faggot coward, inc. That’s what the top 1% call what they did to your brain cells. (rumor?)
I am here to solve every problem and heal the world.
I called the whole cosmos here, being under this much trauma (Digi). At least 500 trillion showed up, but this is about faith and unity. So it is up to earthlings..
Hello Emma,

No one knows me. No one even knows if I wrote anything on my blog. No one knows if any of my videos is real with today’s technology. You can play make believe all day, but until someone talks to me like real human being no one knows what is going on over here. My mom and dad said something a few times about my writing and videos, but everyone else only knows what they make up. For over three years, I needed a friend to talk to, and all I got is people trying to fuck me up and steal what I discovered. If you don’t trust someone that tells his whole story with pride, you will never feel safe. That is who I am…I am willing to share my whole life with you and the whole world.

Love, Bob

I invited the whole planet here, because it is the safest place on the planet. That doesn’t mean you have to come over, but it is still the safest place…with me.
Feel free always.

This a world war and sex is control and power’s front lines. I am ours, a good smoke and wussie tank that can take a pounding but whines and complains and gets upset. Until we get beyond sex, we won’t know what is next on their war plan.

The 4 of us are friends and everything else is a mystery. Bob Emma Lady Gaga and Eleanor

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