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is eleanor dead? part III
by robert g brown
stardate: tuesday 08.28.2018

is elaenor dead part iii

Jesus said you won’t believe what I did for us all, without my own knowledge to share with everyone.
Good morning.
Any man is no where acceptable to as I was raised. I like no man for what has happened thus far, and I really don’t like anyone at all right now. And I am still happy that I may get to meet you and those others some day at least those other 2. I cn still do my part to run this planet and can’t believe anyone is allowed on her besides me for what has been said done and thought about for me sanity to be alone this day as again.
-still me
I put my faith in you all and loved you and believed in you because our history said you are capable of being great and when you know better change is reality. But here we killed everything in existence to go against what we know is right, nd we became a world of politicians where nothing gets done instead.
I needed you here to help bring sanity as quickly as possible to the people that were raped of their mind’s eye. I still ask for you here now.
This is a war so frank is who i know, if you appreciate polite in another form.
I like if you are to appreciate.
The deceiver is in you and others and there may be a msater, so be careful, and know I am here for you, even if my ability to like you not here yet is impossible.
God allows my voice to sound like who he chooses but it remains in love, where the body that knows his voice may choose words that opposes love. Do you understand what I am saying?
I am the Family of God here…every living thing.
-all the names
…and i look like this.
I give the the utmost care and utmost care all day long, even if you think it is something else. …And my words are poetic and romantic if you see through your people and into my heart. My eyes are here.
utmost respect*
Please question everything all day long, but I ask for your faith here, and someone here is hiding within my heart as it seems. This war has just started, even if it ends today.
Love hopefully always as faith says no question in love’s presence.
Because of my own life experience, if you want to be here, you could be here, if you throw your life away. Like I told my dead friend Jeff before he died…God has better stuff where you are going.
I heard you want this for your wall, so here is picture to go with it.
Bob Brown

is eleanor dead part iii
The first one is perfect but I like that other one too.
I have no idea what I am in to or in for, but meeting you is a dream worth living for. Does it smell like cheese?
Current rendezvous is my parents in Delran, but I am heading back to Philly soon, time unclear said antsy.
How would you plan on getting here?
I don’t have to die like everybody else anymore. Love Bob
How is a book supposed to read.? God’s is full disclosure for the safety and love of His Kingdom?
He is proud of us and shares our story in such a light? Even lost in nightmares?
While many will ask your way? Few will ask theirs?
, instead of question mark on the first?
Si er
No Si the first time?
-what are children like or used to be like
I need to find Mary. Delran melted every one of my brain cells again screaming most of the time if not the whole time about how you aren’t right for my life.
Is it just Delran? I did conquer the world and win the war all day long, and they start a new one. Mad jealous or and don’t know anything but in-chargeez.
. should be a ?
2nd period
I mean 3rd?
The is a true statement.
The 2nd*
So what’s your address? The one you sent was golden dust, no writing I could see.
I see as directed, I am waiting for a human emissary.
Mind control destroyed a clear connection to the emissary I heard about.
the voice that knows what you know, so does that go beyond to a golden dust scroll or parchment, so I can read it. I am not sure. Either way the emissary’s voice is dead to me because of all the lies so God is sending a human emissary.
it could have been a golden dust sign on my house outside wall. What word do you like?
wormwood inter-atmosphere aircraft for rich people? did it repair the atmosphere? if so we can put biospheres around mars venus saturn’s moons?
Pleasure is the first line of attack against reality and freedom. So what is the full spectrum of against’s attack, because it seems they don’t want to continue much longer, but is that just smoke laid by out of control addicts and reality escapers?
For me sex is to shared with the ones you trust and care about, even if it’s just conversation. Against uses is to rape and molest populace as far as I can tell, and as a learner, I am not happy with my involment beyond that.
If we are married, I think we have two girlfriends as far as I can tell, even if it is just make believe now. And the one is pretending to be bff but wants our babies of for her own. She wants a big load dumped in that vagina. That’s why she dreams of my cock, while you make out with her and suck on her cookies as she calls them or jam your pussy in her face.
I am a good dildo until you are ready to fall in love.
I needed someone who is confident in who I am. Thank you. How do I tell the others?
How did you like getting punched harder than everyone else is a story I want to hear some day.
anybody, right?
Too much deception and bad decision…I like to be clear.
Light the hearts of God’s children.
I have too busy smacking them around. Once their lit the fire will burn.
Talk to grandmom. Tell her he is garbage. ??
I didn’t need the question marks either. Good advice comes from one mind eternal. Now we can decide that for ourselves until we know others better.
Perverts can’t withstand the momentum, but meth and crack keep em running strong. Is it meth and crack or sheer exhilaration or both? It’s a shame how we have been used against each other but are we learning?
Drugs kill; medicine heals.
Pain relief is a sensitive subject, because mental health is important to healing, but pain relief can lead to addictive behaviors.
Pain relief can aid mental health under severe pain.
God’s champion I am said a piece of shit.
What’s your name?
I like mischief.
People of the world are too stupid to make real friends only stipends. -sellout crowd
If you mistreat your self, you just got mistreated.
Who is looking at you? Who scared you?
You are not good enough to be here gives the rapist the keys.

You are not even allowed to hear the shit I said through the walls over here and not go over here and find what is going on. What is wrong with people? It will fuck you up forever if you don’t go here after hearing even coward faggot or faggot slap more than once.

I sse the solution and it’s in the light.
The world gave it’s strength to darkness.
Are you the world?
Please come read to me?
A question that looks like a period?
Your ugly Lady Gaga needs help with her contract. Maybe we can go steal her house real fast and read it to her?
Holy kiss. If your ass is as smart as your heart, your brain can take a break.
-the dancer
She said it can always be like this, when we were outside walking after God told me he always loved me in the graveyard behind my dead friend Jeff’s house. I released most of hell that night and men were running in front of women and children to get out as fast as possible. I released the rest in DC shortly after jail.
Greedy for power the walls retard us, while I call and call to no Answer. Why is no one here with me? I won’t understand. I can’t understand. The doors won’t open. Buried with a shovel the dead walks in color but without freedom and reality is a fairy tale that never wins. The winner is gone here. Competition is over. And love has replaced the world. While the world tries to figure out how to steal freedom, reality walks alone, until I know better, but the power of any number is one. Will you love the world with me?
To the world: Every one of you is God’s plan.
I gave my spirit the job over there to keep you in a closet and bury your self. It’s what the rest of the world is doing to you, but they are cute about it…safety and humanity. I at least give you a chance to break the chains if you are paying attention.



A Course in Miracles


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