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is Eleanor Dead? Part VII
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Wednesday 09.26.2018

FB conversation with Eleanor Friedberger:

The goodest kiiis…did you hear about it or experience it?
No one is resposnible for me anymore and I am not responsible for myself or anyone else because of what happened here on planet earth. I have become God’s sole responsibility because of my mistreatment.
Mon 5:20am
Thank you for being with me this morning in pillow.
Everyone here is at least 8 billion years old I believe in time and space. I am 44 years old in time and space.
Mon 9:25am
I am the most insane as a profiler, so I know how to heal all the insanities. Now I just need to get people here to do it.
So that’s the problem I am trying to solve, because I expect to be appreciated as Father Christ, by the peepers and the walls talkers or as a psychoherapist and Dr. Dangle if you don’t know I am Father Christ.
And Mr brown or Robert is fine for Kung Fu class.
Mon 2:44pm
Everybody in power knows I defeated satan if someone will talk to me, and I we can have the physical and spiritual worlds in perfect peace and love and God is naughtier than I thought.
and funny
I need to talk to everyone and so does everyone else proudly i said it i did it
god gave the full scoop as the -1 becasue i know how to teach everybody
Tue 9:02am

You are my whole world and the children are my Love’s Presence.
Please come over now.
I am a warm friend here and a friend at the dot, but i am here or there depending on the world’s prayers, but you are welcome here and you should be here before there so you no what is involved at the dot before you lose your head or get in to deep like over your head.
no is know*
Tue 3:42pm

Tue 10:57pm
Polite blunt 5 words or less
lila uses how i accept and business as usual to stop everyone from being here.
how can you use that to be here? 9/11 was the last time people really got together. People seem to need a disaster or picture.
It seems like nothing is going on and its ww3

people trust me but they are scared of why they are not here yet.
you forgive cheating on a husband or wife by divorce.
or ?
these people i am dealing with believe their lies to the point they think you said and did something that did or didn’t happen.
i can’t get people off my back but they won’t come here.
what are they afraid of?
they believe in their investment? why?
good morning.
we are having a baby

YouTube link below
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
so i looked into the pron industry as the only way to make money on a retarded hatred planet and learn how to heal sickness and death instead of becoming a pron stafr.
porn star*
now i am happy innocent little retard that owns the planet and no one will talk to me.
-idot savant
You don’t even have the right job, because there is shit in the river!


I never wanted sex from anyone especially through faggot walls. I wanted to meet people in my community and play. Please read http://truthliesdecision.com/balls-called-sack/
The people behind me in my neighborhood are better than you because they know what they want. They want to be insane. You let them continue and won’t clear your name or free the world.
Fri 11:36am
I gotta get everybody here or off the planet. I built a ship in another dimension that flies right in 3d.
Fri 2:18pm

God’s Blessing – ?que lachinga?
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations Beat Down Productions Sword Light, llc https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48 http://truthliesdecision.com/finding…
Sat 12:39am
Who eats the cake before the party?
Sun 8:24am
Lila asked me on a date through the walls so I went over and told her husband and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about and he called the cops. That’s why I don’t trust the walls.
0:03 (voice recordings…what do they say?)
Bobby got his own kingdom for the happy innocent person he is that no one wants because he loves being himself.
So when his body dies he will wake up surrounded by all new flowers he created where he can dance alone.
Happily ever after. Because no one could say hello to a person
Sun 11:13am
I am disabled because of what people share as friendship here on earth
Sun 2:22pm
I declared sovereignty.
murderer rapist child molester liar thief cheater is who you are until you come talk to me, because that’s what people do when you don’t come talk to me. every person should be here talking to like i actually said something. jesus hung in a croos because people din’t believ he was who he said or didn’t kike the way he talked and now we live on a planet that is run by pimp and whores so we are all pimps and whores that lie cheat steal murder rape and molest. please come over now 856 669 8229 20 providence ct delran nj 08075 pleae get a hold of mr before coming unless you know god completely and are not afraid of people only god. thank you asshole love bob
polite enough faggot? https://youtu.be/NeMWiiuQd04
?que lachinga? Hit em with the faggot slap
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations beat down productions sword light, llc
to me*
robert gordon brown

All Bobby will accept and accepted the whole time is you will be here for any reason in a body.
I am learning si my armor for my new song.

Full buckle shake and tremble forever orgasm complete transcendence for man and woman puberty and beyond has been established and fully accepted.  Xxoxo
Intreve ous nourishment?
intravenous* drip
800 gallon orgasm shots for the buckle to tremble shake
-880 gal
that’s on the menu
I flip planets like you all flip houses. This is The Garden of Eden, right? That’s why I bought it for 57 trillion, but the people of planet earth have to tell me.
Good morning.
As a baby in God’s Kingdom, I have already been accepted into the Intergalactic Federation of Planets. That’s was like two or three years ago. I am just depressed because no one knows how to say hello to a person here on planet earth.
This is a homecoming project for 39 other planets. So that is our competition to help our momma Gaia to have the best dress.
For a celebration of the cosmos to be remembered forever!

Everyone’s input is as important as anyone elses.
3 years and no hello. So a simple hello is our first order of business.
3 years and no hello. So a simple hello is our first order of business.
I have biological immortatity over here perfect dna, and the full resurrection is over here.

I have been vulnerable for at least 3 years and this is what it looks like when the whole world kills you over 70 billion times.


-the point of singularity
Please come over now or send someone that can help. Thank you.
My sex is brand new. I am learning how to hold hands.
Why don’t let me show you around? I know many people you would like to meet. Love Bob
The little things that many people never get to meet is their names.
Heaven walking through hell is my name. The whole family of god is healing here. His body is innocent and why he can handle any spirit the comes to heal.
be is
I am helping us relinquish authority.
People tried to send me to hell for calling Jesus …Jesus Black Nigger instead of saying your Jesus Black Nigger.
Stick and stone will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
I needed you then and I need you now…I need every person.
you are*
I would appreciate people asking what they can do to help that everyone can handle.
You get me all to your self until I can handle anything more, but I would appreciate you be here immediately if not sooner like the wolf from pulp fiction, and that your tour is secondary to what I need and the planet needs to heal, which I need you here now is who I am.
that should be easy to communicate to your fans. If I do it all wrong at least you know who i am.
-good morning kiss

I don’t know why people let my neighbors scare them.
It’s a dungeon quest over here. Why doesn’t anyone want to play it?
Fri 11:34 AM

no balls no nuts no nuts – ?que lachinga?
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Fri 1:57 PM
You have to cross the line. What you would expect me to do is what you have to do to meet me.
I use the autistic side of my brain first to deal with our world. So I am like and information hub, but if you are dishonest with m, you eliminate your self from the equation naturally.
Sec has had no value in my except random
Brandon ^
Fri 5:27 PM
Fri 11:54 PM

no balls no nuts no nuts too – ?que lachinga?
Beat up by beat down productions http://truthliesdecision.com sword light llc The Devil by ?que lachinga?
6:03 AM

free sex any human? no balls no huts no nuts too
sword light llc beat up by beat down porductions ?que lachinga? – free sex any human? no balls no huts no nuts too3 who wants to record in my room? that’s pr…
7:56 AM
Hello tender gentle.

It’s almost like you have to be here to listen.

Too scared?

Too scared to come over here?

Try to come over here.

Too scared to come over here? Drum Space at Peace by ?que lachinga? with a lille blue and mr brown and the word ups
6:42 AM
The whole world is killing me by hiding from me. How else do you kill the light?
Too scared too come over here? I am surrounded by child molesters and rapists as the worst you could be to not say hello to me in a neighborhood like this and now even ,pother nature is pissed. Good morning. I love you.
8:18 AM
I watch my videos because He is easy on me on screen.

Too scared to come over here? Drum Space at Peace by ?que lachinga? with a lille blue and mr brown and the word ups
Is everyone way worse than the worst kid or something?
Try to come over here.
I don’t think you are supposed to be left or right handed. what a mystery?
Room Party for Lightning Bolts and Rock Dwellers plus garbage
Wednesday at 8:45 AM
The Brown Bar
You like truthliesdecision.com
the experiemnter forgets they are a part of the experiment
now the experimenters have become the experiment as bad observers and give to get mentall illness
now you have time to get ready because it already started
Room Party for Lightning Bolts and Rock Dwellers plus garbage
Wednesday at 8:45 AM
The Brown Bar
You like truthliesdecision.com
These people are’t hypocrites but straight fucking liars?
2:26 PM
do you know how to solve any problems?

backdoor party by ?que lachinga? Are you too stupid? with a little blue and mr brown and the word ups beat down productions


what is that thing in my fuckin head?

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