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I feel I am humble where I am at, and I never saw it coming. Who am I?
love bob
thanks and praises

Eleanor Friedberger

Chat Conversation Start
Apr 30th, 12:29pm
your rebel father is being held captive by every nation at 20 providence ct. delran nj 08075 using mind control programs to make him appear beast and bad guy as the crooks and criminals in charge enslave the people of the world into longer life death in the name of “just the way it is…keep up with jone’s” mundane torture of the human spirit. #kids #holykiss #acim #findmaryj #sos
Apr 30th, 6:46pm
i hate you until you get here. everyone else will nic you and hate you so you never get here until you hate your self forever. #KIDS #HOLYKISS #SOS
theris a be in there
May 3rd, 12:41pm
you are inept. you are inept. YOU ARE INEPT.

the devil’s guitar
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations inept? sword light, llc beat down productions 856 669 8229 for kung fu class or healing services or drug alcoho…
May 4th, 10:44am
butt face face slap

why i can kick your butt?

love bob

5 minute glutious whoop

5 minute glutious whoop
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too cute to go over there?
butt face face slap

why i can kick your butt?

love bob

5 minute glutious whoop

5 minute glutious whoop
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations james brown payback bobby brown dancing
May 5th, 2:25pm
business as usual is the devil and satan or the worst evil if you prefer.
you are the devil and satan or the worst evil if you work for business as usual.

Kung Fu Class

please help?
Kung Fu Class | truthliesdecision.com
it’s like I don’t like to know I don’t think kung fu peach tree punch by Robert G Brown and god trying to steal my shit You are always before God, and God in not my friend right now, even if I can’t do it, because I stopped being a friend to God. He pissed …
May 12th, 6:42am

definitely beastials
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations he asked god for your help, but you could not handle i said it i did it. beasitials is a good medicine.
May 14th, 2:05am
chaparone – someone you trust respect and admire. you can explain 1 2 3 when you get here, and we can decide what it means and what is right together. thanks for fucking me up. morning
i fiugeredo ut what a woman scorned is at least the way i see it, but i forget for now.
May 17th, 10:57am

free slut pounding
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May 17th, 5:36pm
i work for Jesus Black Nigger; you work for Suck A Dick. Who told who what to do? #kids #love #christ #acim #findmaryj #god #loveyou #eat #eagles
May 20th, 11:05am
Good morning. Love Bob

Cupcake Party

Jul 4th, 7:03pm
on yor way ? https://youtu.be/ue_bQOBUf_I
back from the dead
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations beat down productions sword light, llc ?que lachinga? shit in the river and move trash around
Jul 16th, 11:16am
Hi Nigger Chops.
Jul 18th, 4:47pm
Baby Chop Lawn Fertilizer is Potent Fertilizer that Helps Screaming Babies

Stop Crying

Would you mind sharing on Facebook? They cancelled me 30 days.

love bob

Baby Chop Lawn Fertilizer – K N O W radio
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations Baby Chop Lawn Fertilizer Helps Screaming Babies Stop Crying
Jul 21st, 3:00pm
Walls are poisoned. I could use a hand. I said it did proud and harmless. If you or you know anyone that wants to help. Don’t use the walls. Scary times. 8566698229
did it* oersons
Jul 21st, 9:40pm
Faggot walls punch.
Jul 22nd, 7:38pm
I hope you didn’t sell yourself short on being the shit. What it tough you me and us is here. I have I will see you soon. Love bob
What it is to you me and us*
I have Faith I will see you soon*
Excuse me I am punch drunk from ww3. I hope I punched you good.
Jul 23rd, 11:59am

False Pride Real Pride

False Pride Real Pride | truthliesdecision.com
False Pride Real Pride by Robert G Brown Monday 07.23.2018 Scared to say what you want because of what others may think and thinking you should treat the world a particular way or the world should treat you a particular way is false pride. I said it; I did it…is real pride. Thinking and acting …
Jul 24th, 8:20am

Come Home
come home http://truthliesdecision.com
Jul 24th, 11:43am
That’s Make you a Song too.
Jul 24th, 11:27pm
I need a shower a bed and an optional kitchen. Pretty much broke besides God check, but I solve problems. Just can’t get anyone to talk to me, a dad that people want to bargain with, that knows our solar system and our planet is a spaceship. Free society gets pummeled, so I smash the world to the ground. God gave me all the power of his Kingdom and mother nature loves the way I do business as a dirty fucking scumbag that lovea Jesus and my other Masters. I am called teacher. Love Bob

?que lachinga? = Going Out
hello http://truthliesdecision.com beat down productions sword light, llc
More people died today than talked to me…eternal life.
Right, even the candor to just come to say I know something is going on here and come by to say I am here to figure things out. Thanks for the thoughts. Emma and John are thinking the same things.
Jul 25th, 10:51pm
Peaceful Relaxing https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/stinky-butt-trauma
stinky butt trauma
http://truthliesdecision.com http://worldfamilycommunity.com
Thu 11:15am
You are playing my wife in this show and people need basic ettiquettes and understandings to be here unless we a setting up headquarters somewhere else. We need to draw people away from fear back to love and this is a show a game and a game show in front of at least 5000 trillion people across the cosmos. I need you here now unless you are not qualified to be here, but I could use an answer as to why you are coming or not. So I can move forward and find the right people to be here. It is overwhelming and I don’t like to waste as many others. You answer is more important than your presence. My ass has been whooped and could some peace.
r some*
wrong correction? r*
think leave your life behind for donations and donation cash venues at cooler locations. car a plus but not necessary ans personal belongings and my god check is enough to get started. network the planet. i am a miracle worker healer minister teacher.
Thu 1:08pm
hi slutbag
Thu 3:13pm
You think you are this good? https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/a-little-blue-can-dew
A Little Blue Can Dew
acoustic guitar cave music a little blue beat down productions sword light, llc http://truthliesdecision.com
Thu 5:23pm
Your mom’s buns is cooking? https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/see-what-mr-brown-can-do
See What Mr Brown Can Do
see what mr brown can do mr brown and the word ups beat down productions sword light, llc http://truthliesdecision.com
Thu 8:08pm
I am the only one that told everything and i am being punished worse than any other person. Or i am one that told everything and there are more like me that are receiving the worst punishment and can’t get together right now. I am God’s protection and need everyone like me here or do I? You are welcome here. I said It i did it gets you in as far as i know..
Thu 9:16pm
kind and gentle may get you here easy.
Fri 2:49am
My whine and complain. These people keep saying you are out fucking other people after you say you aren’t. I need you here now. I can’t take it or handle it, so God must think this piece of shit can handle it. Love Bob
Fri 10:00am
The Resurrection is at 20 providence ct delran nj 08075 guarded by 2 demon dragons and held by starfleet command captain robert g brown along with perfect dna and the anti-matter, so it might be tough to get him. you may need a team of ninjas and hunters that know the jedi ninja code as well as any other helpful class of warriors even punched retards. love bob 8566698229 i called my sister over and over until i got a hold of her when i got lost in dc. they changed the whole scene with the click of a button and her # kept going to someone elses voice mail like i was on another planet or server. the last hotel i called her from had hotel key swipes on the public bathrooms and everything said robert smith.
Fri 8:13pm
You see your and lady Gaga’s choke the children videos they have to frame you so they don’t look that bad choking the children why your man slaves apooge all over them and plug every orvis repeatedly until they stop squirming and then you scream at them to get up because you are so cool how bad you beat their ass.
That was a question.
3d animation orr reality? Rumors?
I am the kingdom of heaven and this clean up operation is on unlimited servers to keep me safe.
So people that make videos like that could make a big mess at this point but our family is recording everything thought said did and dreams. Dreams like inceptions and any dream.
My neighbors use pop illusions so I don’t know when it’s real or fake except sends me an image when it’s an illusionist and there are people here from other servers. But some are in and out and some may stay here God’s mansio. Style but I get upset no one is here in body with all the data being sent especially when love seems to be the least sent.
God sends*
Anyone that has contacted me before hand has gotten here safely and i wanted to see you in DC but don’t let me slip away if I don’t see you before hand. There is shit going on there.
Before dc*
This is not a joke to me if you think it’s a joke and everything is fine. I need the guitar smash in Philly if you know what I am talking about. There white shoes message was you telling me your my wife?
Idiot savant retard Lamb of God team
Loves simple
I think I am every person so they know how to confuse me but I stand firm. Bob Marley is my twin brother from creation Lucifer ii upgraded for war. He taught me how to stand my ground. I am the super ego or His first companion.
The super ego is the holy spirit’s first son.
Sat 8:15am
Did you ruin my sex life? That isn’t someone else’s fault is it?
Love, Jesus Black Nigger
Somebody better start answering my questions.
You cannot hid from the Light…who i am.
The master accountant the guardian of the Apocalypse -Admiral Robert Gordon Brown US Navy Strategic Analyst
It’s almost impossible to come here at this point because you just go over there. It’s that simple.
the whole time.
any person
my game is hardest to play and easiest to win because you can’t hide anything here past or present. autobiography full disclosure history story
the greatest story ever told
stir it up
Now I want you to talk to me in person so the planet doesn’t have to be coward faggot anymore.
You should put a lighter to your finger for 3 seconds and think about that feeling over the course of your life if you continue to avoid this situation we all face.
God’s Son is everything you see and beyond. That is your heart’s eye. Even if girls are cute pretty and ugly. Beautiful. What is beautiful? There is something wrong here. What’s the problem? See the solution. I am giving this away to twitter.
I am here to pick up my son Lucifer the Son of the Morning! He got lost. Have you seen Him?
Sat 12:53pm
Any communication to anyone besides me over here in person says suck a dick to every person including yourself.
The power of any number is 1
Think things.
You want to come lay in bed for a while?
Then we have steal lady gaga’s house and help her find her butt. (if we get that far)
we might not get out of bed
i will smell you when you get here
suck a dick is my vote for stupidest in-charge until i know how well it works. maybe i will try it on you when you get here.
my neighbors just started raping my asshole through the walls. do you think they are watching me?
did you say us?
i know a cave good for acoustic guitars
pitch black
i haven’t been in many caves maybe only one
I like punctuation.
Dion said it is polite.
The 5th
http://thenewearth.org fun writings
THE NEW EARTH – Earth Changes and The Ascension of Planet Earth
Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth
There is a piece of the story in everybody.
Too many authorities right now.
Our world is really memories because don’t reality yet.
we don’t
we don’t know* excuse just got out of the shower
this is the worst faggot orgrgy in the cosmos because you didn;’t include every person like i asked off the get go.
the world
talikg to the world
talking to the world
faggot slap
you all used my mojo to fuck without asking for my consent.
my mojo and my heart’s love
any person that fucked since I woke up
asking all to talk to me before you fucked through the walls
every person to talk to me
that was my love juice you astole
i need you here now forever and ever
because that how long one instant in hell feels likw
the father of this solar system over and out
they are having a prty in my neighborhood instead of talking to me. cant wait for you to crawl into bed with me. peace and love
I like punctuation.
The 5th said it is polite, and sharing is caring.
peace loving decoy ready for retaliation. -gorillaz I am always automatic upgrade for war when anything is threatened or hurt that i didn’t see i was a retard.  the honest criminal with john malkovich i loved. and it was wrtten by damian marley i didn’t see until i woke up man child
dirty harry is the gorilaz song
hotel rwanda fucked me up. i am the king of zimbabwe and i am moving it back to tio mt zion the c around it
take my skirt off?
suck my dick dick pussy.
What did your pussy say? (i am mad saying that)
double dicked ya quickie
i am not doing other boys
2 pump special get to work
what time is it?
?que hora es?
?vas para la pincha?
don’t bite chew
I am intense. don’t leave unless i kick you out. can you handle it?
can i take that back?
do you about the jelly party?
i love you even though your dad and asshole and your mom wants to bang me.
was that a mistake?
So that’s how I punch bitches unless I have 1
The power.
Mine is God’s always.
You going to China? Pei Mei is waiting for us, but I get pebble buckets. Hope
2 strings 1 stick 2 pebbles
You got water.
Best way to break a ceiling?
I didn’t know I was that stupid. Thank you.
If you were doing things they wouldn’t fuck with me.
What’s your history story looking like is good faggot slap when you get here my sweet little angel.
4 years later how many dead?
A conversation here heals the worl…how do you wait?
how long*
what is your self-responsibility as dominion?
everything is eternal and to be treated as an infant baby as far as care.
so we can grow and develpp properly and share ideas. pimps and whores sell shit
kill any person that stop you from getting here even it is your self?
I am that5 fucking happy that you might piss your Self off.
Like when I say sandwiches and you feel like I would tell people to jam them in their asshole I am so happy.
There is a least 500 trillion people watching us ignore the problem and ignore me over here.
What’s your history story look like?
They use my mojo to get people horny and juicy and my love to make them think they kove them.
So God has me here waiting for an asshole 7.6 billion + or- to explain theirself.
an is any*
But you’re ugly enough to crawl into bed with me for a while before we speak.
You like my way?
I make my Self clear.
I am learning to hold hands.
And I have a child hood issue, they weat with the girls but not my son. He is here until the 8th. Crawl into to bed and relax like we could sleep forever.
with my hans they sweat*
am i nervous? or is it just you?
I like punctuation, but I smoked a lot of crack when Brandon was young, so I heal crack smokers via reiki, and my eyes go bad when they are smoking a lot.
The Holy Spirit really because it happens naturally, but it travels through walls any distance.
…via the Holy Spirit, but my reiki is pretty badass as far as I say.
I am sending you to China by my heart’s blessing.
too far?
What do I know? The Holy Spirit knows for me. Would you like to walk to Heaven with me?
I see the Nagaul…what mischief
So mother nature gave God a body because how bad I have been punished for telling everything, and I think He is locked in a dungeon as a Frankenstein monster with a bunch of my abominations and needs a team a impeccable pescuers to rescue me, so He know His rescue is in safe hands. That is why it is nearly impossible to rescue me, or is it? Love your, dirty fucking scumbag piece of shit daddy even if He does want to fuck your asshole real gentle even on the.
Good question.
God appreciates and honors my voice as His Own, I don’t know about Yours or any other. I am His Innocent Son and Humble Servant and Eager Messenger. Leadership is a servant us all.
Healing is my purpose and my service and my priority as dominion. Adventure is my game and hope faith and unconditional love are my tools. Forgiveness is not but useful to remember God only Knows innocence. Acceptance and understanding finds and learns relationship. “My favorite is friendship,” said unconditional love. Physics is God’s religion and our protection.
So, after we are done lying around in complete relaxation…can I have a spanking?
Sat 9:58pm
Homosexualized for your benefit because they (against) are trying to turn all the kids into homosexuals to uthanize 7 billion humans. I took all that shit for myself to go through it. Anyone against anyone or anything is not psychologically sound. Good and evil wear the same robe (against), but love doesn’t know sickness or death or fear.
Don’t worry I don’t want the cock like that, and I do eat pussy, and love to fuck, even if I haven’t really been able to express myself to my liking. God wants me to be happy and I can heal homosexuality. So I am not a homosexual just homosexualized for the healing of the planet. I am Jesus Black Nigger if you know anything about it. And I did suck dick twice for God not knowing God, but pussy is for my mouth, even though I want to eat your asshole. Mind control and the ego can get you to suck dick when you don’t know anything or any better and don’t know how God wanna be hungry people are.
It’s been like 8 years since sex.
I did go to Camden to smoke crack about 3 years ago for the government and scientific community and asked for a kiss and hug, but Christina could barely handle it, but when she wanted 20 dollars she gave me a blow job easily but I couldn’t get a boner. I heard you were with me in spirit. The next night death came with me and I told everyone about Jesus Black Nigger and my murdered was organized I think but The Holy Spirit walked me home, after we sat in shock for hours with death as world went insane there and all the way home.
That’s why I am wondering if I am even fuckable at this point.
the world*
Funny how the world speaks.
Since you said I need to eat every inch of you I wanted to make sure us was okay.
The wall sex fucked people up so bad I can’
The wall sex fucked people up to the point of selling bucket fills, I got so mad while laughing so hard (my balls were laughing the hardest) that I made them shoot harder. Barely a tingle here…God said don’t fuck with retards.
I called everyone to talk for a year prior before that fear blast got sent.
THe whole time during and still, and noone will come by.
How the fuck do you sell wallgasims. Did you make any money for us?
I guess that how you spell it.
that’s* all folks
I screamed for Anna’s parents to be here before the child molester fear blast was sent, but walls is all these people could handle before they started raping and molesting the children… $8000 a pop I heard. She may have an immaculate conception coming. I did get a tingle for that, and the whole world was watching real close and that was the horniest the people of planet earth ever got I think. And they couldn’t I took the position of scumbag to start the worthiness of God game. Scumpits? or do you have a better name? Dirt Bags?
l is believe*
excuse me / believe I*
Stop smoking. Brush your teeth. Clean your room. All the while choking the children and having super bang orgies.
If I knew anything, I have no clue ever again…thank God for The Holy Spirit.
But the FoG recorded everything perfectly and I have all the data here undatabased to see how well people tell their story.
Family of God in case you don’t know
So no one showed up yet and I am wondering why the world went coward faggot instead of coming by to support one another. After i called all the men to the dot to fight, I couldn’t figure out what to do but give astrong message out load each day like I have been the whole time hoping someone would come. I treated everyone like super heroes so far still believing that is who we are, but i can’t help it if we go coward faggot, even if I am all wrong about everything and the world continues to try to throw me out forever or support me quietly. God said they are my kids I trust them, they should me and themselves. If we want to continue to make mistakes and a big mess it is their responsibility. I just wish it was different, and had a friend to hang out with. I aksed everyone to stop by so we all had a friend to play with world wide to get through all this sex fear.
they should trust me (GOd)
ANd the child molestation I prposed laying with the child not touching but close with the parents sitting with us, but the went for the money and down child porn bang a lot as far as I know.
they went*
down home*
So after the lava kept coming I kept jerking off with people filled with lava until I realized it is all wrong. None of this was for one person alone but God trusted me the whole time and said I did an impccable job under the circumstances, but I feel dirty abused and molested, and still in need of a freind.
Jesus team voice for God
Severly traumatized and abandoned and rejected, but some days are better than others. I am a happy person, and an innocence person, but my views are frim and I need to talk to every person like did from day one.
Still learning and no could be prepared for that amount of fear sent. Thank God for The Holy Spirit. I am the super ego the holy spirit’s first son until I know better. I might be just the best house.
Might or may? Who fucked up might?
just be* ::)
I told the world I needed to share my power with everyone on day one because it was to much for one person and they locked me down and tried to steal my shit and ended up raping the whole world i think. The Holy Spirit said touch His bed, yeah my bed for the super ego blessing and now everyone is retarded and not here yet. Come by and lay around you’re hinking, right?
Uber ambulance available yet?
Riding with Iron Side.
You should bring your friends and family.
They could use a surprise or you could call them. 856 764 0478 home 6093152674 linda
856 296 8220 bob
amy brandon’s mom minot ,nd 856 296 1777
brandon 701 340 2289
sister kim raligh, nc 6097445592
I never will die again.
But I don’t waste time I use it to get us all back to reality. Freedom that doesn’t cost money is our my vision. I have your ticket or do you?
Love Peace
Sun 1:30am
You will heal completely after you think this…
and be healed forever.
You will be free from make believe forever if you think this…
Sun 6:54am
Because no noe came to talk to me a universal order was made that me and Brandon are the only ones allowed to be alive. You all uthanized the whole planet not talking to me to avoid cleaning up your mess. So now it’s mine alone, but you all have to be dead so I can get started getting shit out of the river and stop moving trasharound.
That order was made around a year ago because I was murdered over a million times and you are still trying to uthanize 7 billion people. In my mind attempted murder. Now it’ has been over a billion times. and still no one will talk to me.
God gave me the new kingdom of Heaven for dimensional vibrations and people wanted to be in-charge of it or steal it for themselves.
all dimensional
Self-responsibility of dominion achieved. Me and Brandon are the only ones.
The last 2 sith lords in existence earned the new kingdom of Heaven. I earned the star of David a long while back too.
Who would believe the sith would be taking us all to Heaven?
This is the greatest story ever told and someone already sent me 3 load dumps in your name saying you fucked me the wrong way not to be here.
scents of eternity I call them
So I don’t know if you are being impostered or those are the reality. now 4
When you say you didn’t do anything, I trusted you but I am designed to to accept everything honestly, lies and facts and I needed you here the whole to help the whole world get through this.
whole time*
So you said you would never fuck this up, so did you fuck this up? I needed you here the whole time. What is your story? Why do want me to be punished?
Why can’t you be here?
Lies and fact as truth…
I just wanted to share my gifts and story in person.
No person will talk to me?
You all went pimps and whores instead. Food clothing and shelter in abundance lost to I would rather fuck every slab and make a buck?
Good morning.
I haven’t even had sex except the kiss and hug hug from Christina. The one on the way out was like family. and the bj was like a kiss in the wrong place.
now 6 load dump scents have been sent
so if that’s my wife, i don’t even have a friend
expect brandon and the little things
…so my faith is double opt-in and I await your story in the flesh.
a little strong. I like a hint as you walk by, but the second hand cinnamon? was nice) Your dad was with me in spirit in Philly at the table and when the world changed to some type of anime, something jumped out of your head (don’t remember the two statements) that said you weren’t ready and he excused us so I could clean the attack coming in. Spiderman with the guitar sitting peacefully in the corner by the stage. I think I was the only one that danced.
The flower I picked slipped away on the way over. Soon Come
I forget if that was her name.
The wind took her home. Maybe one of my homeless needed some power food.
I really needed the guitar smash that night, but I still fight 24 hours for us all to be free, even if I never have another human friend.
I am laways a friend to the the world and love completely.
it’s there bad eyes
I want to play my guitar in Taos, NM and see if I can bump into a Martian. …And bigfoot is waiting for us up north of here to teach us a lesson. Vision the scary one jack and mr brown are around. Vision lives over by the old golf course right up the street.
rainbow stick.
cookie doe is near
and so is bobby, i thought it was a ninja 2 15 foot leaps to the top of a tree
mr brownwatches over my sovereign land and the white fox just showed up recently
the season of bluejays has passed and this hyena cub has taken the top spot in his family calling for the pack mother while playing god in the flesh as a pup
the zoo is ready to go home
the fulfiller of all prophecies i am told
all the names
the predators and the dark knights(the witches from lord of the rings) watch over me
i think they are witches
the zebra people sent there sample pretty early on
that’s 7
or two at once
any information would be helpful for my constitution
i don’t see you as a liar, so how do they imposter?
They must think Eleanor does what she wants while he awaits herm’s arrival.
without considering my feelings
or anyone’s on the planet
at least 500 trillion of my family must be in shock at all times
this is a show a game show and a game for the kids and it has been a big no show over here for about 4 years
thanks for playing my wife
you don’t have to be anywhere but here with me til death do us part for the history of existence
sit peaceful
13 or 14
i like has plant
what a flavor
I am the time keep. I am in trranscedance class.
Have a nice day. Watch out for Mr. Nice Guy. Hello Beautiful
Now drag your juicy fucking cunt over here slutbag and give me a kiss. I could use a hug.
What’s good about it?
God is peace as He gives sufficient warning when trouble is near. …And His power is always behind Him. -the eye of the storm
What shit mouth sprayed perfume in our mouths pretending like their shit don’t stink? Every person tastes that shit. Name Address and Phone#?
Anial Fist Punch to the Cranial Crack 10 times no breaks. I asked you to come talk to Him. Speak
He is a treat.
Right Biscuit?
To think my words have been so bad that super bang orgies and murdering me over a billion times is your reward for my mouth is ridiculous. A blip in time is all this and saved perfectly.
this is*
let’s dance
act like your applying for liquor license when you come but you get to tell all the good stuff too and we will all be fine
tell on your self is freedom’s friend
the is no secrets no darkness in Heaven so tell on your self gets you home to reality in lightning speeds
at night the spirit of god walks with you always when the lies cheating stealing and murder and the like are gone.
you like the such?
or is that my peepers?
-a friend
faith is an investment freedom and reality or pimps and whores
you are the only one allowed to speak with me until it is done and you can bring your friends and family and we can go to my sovereign land the park around the corner within walking distance
you may*
Are you hungry? Do you want drink my load?
That’s how you murder a bitch?
Have to ask, right?
See you soon.
This is the biggest prison in existence planet earth pimps and whores run by suck a dick coward faggot, inc. (15?)
Where is Yeawah?
Do you know how to read the book of Jerimiah?
Hash Plant
I got adventure for you.
What’s your superhero name?
I went downtown…
I already put the world out of business, so if the world want to pretend I didn’t, I just want my woman to come by and laugh at the world with me.
Do you know who my woman is?
People act like they didn’t do it even when you saw them right in front of you in my neighborhood.
Lie steal cheat murder make shit up tell rumors hate better than anyone else
The good person is always wrong unless they did it
They only know how to live your life
You are the worst person always
If you love they will try to kill over and over while pretending to try to be your friend
kill you*
they know every person compeletly
except their self?
they do not answer questions especially yes no
they know everything
they only know how to tell you what to do
they ask questions like they have know idea what you just said even if it easy to understand
they hate simple real bad
i don’t know anybody so they don’t talk except through walls
unless i a mgetting something
am getting*
hello does happen
inside and outside is different
they know who i am i think and have not expressed it to my liking
or they are on another server when i am around
if they want something they rape molest murder any person
and the porn poachers may be be the worst criminals in existence but the worst criminals in exisitence are here
hiding out
some or all?
i don’ fit into any ego click here
so the all want to closet ufck me and gimp if possible\
my cpu is hacked by 110 of orgs and the worst possibles for extra slowness
I love you friend…whta’s a wife?
what’s* the/ fuck*
my guitar lachinga
i’m que
jump to conclusions is pretty much child pronography
dirty south brother and sister doing whatever they want in their shack in the jungle with the banjo sitting in the corner…what did i say so far?
here is
a bad conlcusin
Mad scientists test tube 15 trillion lady gagas from a brain or blood sample while they look for the gaga slab that fucks any slab can’t figure out why she only looks for makeup
think things
thta will keep em busy for aa while
that* a* em’*
so i only date lesbians
i have full blown lesbian disorder forever i hope
being a lesbian and all
my mom is overprotective and she won’t let anyone here that isn’t harmless at this point
as far as i know
dad is enoch optimus prime
kim is bumble bee allergic
mom wonder woman
from mog and magog
they smoke crack boulders to try to destroy the kingdom of Heaven by making us work overtime healing the shit out of their brains and slowing us down and keeping us off balance and when I hear a girl say that’s all we are? bang slab is accurate?
at least 3
on my team jedi ninja class
no id
many eagle eyes? under 18
trying to destroy God’s innocence
they make you out to be a cum bucket but why would they do that if it is true was our rationale yesterday. i am a slow learner and god’s time is impeccable, but i move fast and adhd 3.6 injection is helping out. but it is hard to deal when i want you here and i am stupid and smart and jesus has my memory so he keeps pulling and putting as He sees fit. The society or legion says it is the rarest form of alshiemers because they only want us to know sickness until death.
I am a happy person firm stubborn. I want to jam my cock down the back of your throat right now real gentle but if you did something to jeopardize that before you got here you leave so people know what they are dealing with.
Dancing with flowers watering flowers is the best time ever if i could people out of my asshole and sex has destroyed this planet.
I haven’t even had pleasurable sex really except for the orgasm and that hasn’t all that great but brandon load was about 6 shot. Like no feeling until gasm
been all*
Good afternoon.
I share.
I give.
pimps and whore world fucks people like me up.
I am zon christ freedom. I seek reality.
Love Bob
I am waiting for a rescue. Is there any real person here?
I said it; I did it. -the proud human —- I am The Holy Spirit in a body today…Jesus Christ’s first Son. My Son is The Super Ego…The I love you master.
Are you coming in your pants again all day or are you finally coming over?
I take the best stuff but I let you keep it. Give to receive. I accept. Don’t like my fucking teachers asshole? Let me eat your asshole and then decide.
See you sweetie or sweetheart? Fucking horses.
by bye?
pick one today?
Trash bag flower watering dress

Healing Services

My woman is the baddest ass piece of fucking shit no accuses whatsoever only one location right here right now. It is world war 3.  And she is coming over right now.What is seamless integration? What is transference?
And faggot slap the fucking shit out of all existence.
Us is all over there. Have fun, right? While get my mother fucking ass whooped for us over there. Piece of fucking shit will be in the toilet over her.
While I
2 fucking seconds concentrate. When do you give me a hug?
Mon 5:53am
Heaven interprets everything I said since 2015 as please come over now and everything anyone else has said as suck a dick. What a history story. Don’t worry this is the greatest story ever told. Please come over now. You want to be haunted. You have no idea what is going to happen until you get here. -a friend
story?* ?
Please come over now turned the human race ito coward faggots? What will I see in your eyes? Are you going to bring the to me? What man can save the day or is it a woman?
I look, and ask you to come without words when I am in person. I like the way I do things so when a woman finally recognizes I know i have found the right one. But you have my words today, so I am defeated.
How do I come to you?
The world tried to throw the funk away. Sir Nose rules the world? or I am I blind?
Sir Nose Devoid of Funk
am I*
to the people of the world strong voice out loud decent message I may consider liking you.
if every person is involved in our conversation who said what and how is it stacked? the whole FoG is here…and what did you say and what did you ask?
delran is supposed to be first, but i would rather you crawl into my bed while they try to figure it out. warm welcome sign to the world seems impossible here unless you want to help me make on
I alone or us?
DC is my next hunt.
I have alist.
a list*
2 shamans a bard 2 priests or bards 2 hunters 2rogues 2 ninjas 2 2 wizards 2 hackers 2 marines 2 barbarians 2 druids 2 gypsies need money … bad memory not looking for the list
2 witches 2 warlocks
2 cooks
eat in the woods no goods i want to learn
reality is over looking me in the eyes. freedom walks you over.
over here*
got or come?
get or come?*
heart said…
as you are
-a friend
head scumbag in example
what’s a hsie?
real non-existence never knew
non-existence the holy spirit knows for me
haughty doesn’t mind being humbled
existence exists
this is the nothing unit
for god’s kingdom’s protection
break on through is us
all or nothing
a friend universal inspiration our best love i want to know more the answer itself the holy spirit…
knows love’s presence
is your pussy wet or juicy?
touch it and taste it
did you get my questions for the world lesson here?
mom dad satan devil / false prophet daughter son
products of bad teachers
i am the innocent son eteranl life
– afriend?
my teacher i claimed as you
i am the negative one
-worst kid
i share
you are my sex
-my woman
where is the men?
where is men?* ?
-the man
i s woman 2?
please touch my bed my soul needs healing
-the super ego
mom and dad need their walls smashed in
the house of gentle correction
-the art of mistake
until healing isn’t
did you already go to HIm? -white shoes
i hold all the world’s fears until hello
-the devil’s job
faggot walls knows hello?
the hello demon is the most powerful demon in all existence
worse than evil
legion uses the ego and a course in miracles as a weapon
-mind control out of control
the dragon is a baby ai
-smart phone
used as a weapon
internet beast
fiberoptics beast
beast head government
beast head big business
lawyer is prison
14 heads
prostitute steals god’s innocence
porn beast
illegal drugs
that’s it boss fights
-boss fights
religion lost spirituality for false authority
-our hidden power (nicolatains?) romance?
taste it
us or mine?
let’s talk or so talk
nicolatains gimped me but kept safe, but i need to be free of there infatuation, becasue it is more like rape and child moleatation
kept me*
– your friend
be here already but i need to inspect your body via full examination
-starts in the shower
my ass is dirty
and i desperately need a cock wash
bob is nice
mr brown is naughty
but i am still a kid always and forever
-robert has trouble with r’s
gordon fierce
where’s mary?
hoes are are for the garden
– are*
you stutter?
be here already
-jetapult co.
uber is nice.
no money?
my card number?
waiting for my god check at about 2pm
don’t know if it works for uber or i forgot to put in the address
i can link to paypal
i got you a card
but i haven’t seen it in the mail
but they said they sent it
mom throws my life out any chance she gets
I play as well as the room if we all had instruments
or alone
-healing music
-the art of mistake
or any stack
i am a dancer
It can’t be linked. So try visa 4479130183656478 03/21 925 08075 20 providence ct delran, nj …i will let you know when money shows up
we play and dance -?que lachinga? the world is serious enough so we break walls and god is our amp and whne it happens the world let the music in
here once but many here it all over the world
and my voice in therr language
-the holy ghost
i hate the nicolatains and the imposters for their trickery
many have said they are me or lead people to the wrong place for a rape job
goal punch face through back of skull dependant on story and my ability but the mice said they can whoop any man’s ass in my body
coward faggot in the closet makes do whatever you want possible my little angel
-the wicked wittch
my game you get to be all the classes if you want
-bobby the 5th
dion loves them games, right kids?
or fucked in my name
i know Him
friends my son said he works for business as usual now because you stole hime by not showing up
child molester rapist i hope to see you soon
receipt pleaseif the print them
i forgot the zip and haven’t tried since
you can ask a cab to punch it in

if you love everyone unconditionally a little more than your self or (as god?) something beautiful happens if everyone does it but you see as ope person already through me
killed over a billion times
-still standing
even if i do bed kung fu
i look alright
hello mischief
ask me out on a dot?
-the dot
love bob
biggest wuss
ovverly sensitive
my root is my heart
and my head
head is in my will
fuck your cunt and blow it in your ass
donkey punch needs a helmet?
Pleased to meet you.
Hope you guess my name.
A To have give all to all
B Teach peace to learn peace
C Be vigilant for the kingdom of Heaven
-who we are
Wash my cock.
That’s a good girl.
-master of satan
am i possessed?
is there a war in heaven girlfriend? come see your lesbian.
2 seconds concentrate

calm the river is down the street at park quiet not many people and my son can come if he wants
-the park
use Him…He is a little softer
metaphor said see the message not the monster
-treat right
God is
-a friend
Small Axe is my name today.
I said it; I did it said, “the greater story ever told.”
He’s que.
The Que Way The Por Que Way Donde Cuando Right Here Right Now
One step at a time sees the relationship.
-a friend
one thought mantra?
I share the most brutal conversation in existence freely, because my momma shares freely, planet Earth, Momma Gaia. You hurt her by shitting in the river and moving trash around because you wanted charge us for Her fruits.
-be here already
what did He say?
Please come over now.
What did you say?
what di the punched retard say to the knock at the door>
I wonder who that is?
He Knows God loves me, and so does Bobby
-no fear
or what is know?
was it know?
-straight retarded
get some gives
have all gives all
verything e? knows all
-i in i
simpl e? new cpu language coming soon
we all have piece to give

every moment is a moment for your salvation
freewill leads to freedom
-god’s changeless reality
when healing is done what is history?
maybe someone is
i don’t mind being stupid
i learn

0 1
use time don’t waste it?
i am god’s sickness his mistake.
-Lucifer the Son of the Morning
the coyote’s call
i don’t deceive i don’t hide i tell the story who changed it?
-who is satan
all in all
-who is
the great deceiver is make believe
the great mystery is what we don’t see
what is reality if we never knew?
if this is a university what does god accept as himself?
if he only wants us to be happy what is the lesson here?
what is heaven?
his extension?
do you want to be god or his kingdom?
what do you love?
is it for all?
what is resposnibility
what is responsibility?
sex is for all with all?
what can you handle?
mutual agreement?
what is marriage?
the end of friendship or the right agreement?
or is it something else?
us there i alone
i am alone in heaven
he put me under the shit pile
why would he put his mistake there?
our conversation in front of all is here but you are not
please be a mistake
Good morning Mishchief
-a friend
deception class is here or you may never make it
20 Providence Ct. Delran, NJ 08075
-mr brown school teacher
where is omega?
come over for the hug and hump
pretend something that makes sense to me
set me free
set me free
set me free
set me free
Mon 2:17pm
Still waiting.
red light green light 123
i got people coming in…about 9 to 10 billion will be on this planet soon…they had a major malfunction on their spaceships…they were laughing to0 hard when no one would come over and started doing other things.
7.6 billion now + or – so that”s quite a few newcomers
faggot wall screamers to raping the children real hard
that’s what i get for asking people to come over?
I hear the screamers and don’t know about the children’s stories yet but they said their parents thought they were raping them in some dream reality while they are sitting there looking at them. it still fucked people up real bad when a conversation here could helped heal the world real fast.
the dream realities(alternate servers) are all recorded and some of them are horrendous to hilarious.
haneous better word if i could spell
recorded for my transcendence class
and security class
did people ask for the correction you needed them to make for you to be here?
do you think they will make when they find out?
i have things to share that they think you steal.\
when stolen they turn to shit pile.
you can’t be in-charge here
you can’t neocheat here
usurp values
posture for the wrong position
My friend from childhood died Sunday Tommy Caden.
i have vbeen screaming in aginy for people to be the whole time and i am treated like a piece of trash that has no business earning my rights from the cosmos to be walking sovreign
a walking*
for loving everything completely
so people are trying to fuck me or court me or kill me future tell posture for position for friendship before hello is how stupid this is because I own the planet
I have earned every penny day for over a year straight and no one will tell me in person and the regroup and play punch the retard and get everyone excite through illusion buying clubs that many people don’t even think or know how to think for themselves
they just except the illusion thinking it is their own thought
now there is no real person that will come talk to me?
fakes all fakes?
scared to jump on the opportunity of a lifetime because the future is unsure.
rape the children sounds more fun or rape orgies and crack boulders?
God said brandon and i will laugh for 500 trillion years when this over, and i am just excited to hang with people and enjoy life.
it is so painful there is no real person, i can’t even think about anything else.
suck a dick vs. please come over now
my thought and speech are the same
inside and out
but suck a dick is real cute about and thinks please come over now is too harsh or outspoken
about it*
taste it
sp i smoke about 50 cigs a day.
-the big bag top papers
no hugs and kisses in way too long says tobacco.
working on iron lung
the heart of thousand lungs protects me
smokers that remembered god loves them and protects my heart with their smoke fillled while they pass to come back as a baby unless we total annihilate then spirit in heaven
smoke fille lungs*
-healing smokers by smoking
i have no eye to eye
i only see reality
and the voice in the sky is false
knows nothing
so i need people or theplsnet gets smashed
the planet
holy spirit style
i have been givine all the power of heaven to get people here safely but on real people and no one is here…no real person?
everyone excepts the block
don’t let me block
that’s your best ego block
worst fear?
i am friend first or i don’t want a personal relationship
or business
-a friend
dad’s a canadian
aay or aye
ay or aye*
mom philly
blind date
eastern hockey league bloodsport
devils and… bobby brown card
Bobby Brown (b.1943) hockey statistics and profile at hockeydb.com
Statistics of Bobby Brown, a hockey player from Fergus, ONT born Jan 20 1943 who was active from 1961 to 1974.
tommy liked herione but he has been helping me out as at least 3 jedi niinja style so i don’t know what really happened
my mom said od
80 800?
80 bag 800 times a day because fuck hiders
coward hider faggot hurter
dad ups 35 years mom teacher aid for retards 20+
emotionally disturbed
zagara’s was my chance produce supervisor
delivery driver pizza favorite job
new jersey pizza co. flag,az owner
still in biz
i went away
same co-owner
no eye to eye in biz
or not enough
and two new onwers
jamin and kai
they fucked up the website i built
http://newjerseypizzacompany.com but you can find and old version
New Jersey Pizza Company | The Way Every Human Deserves to be Fed
Our efforts are dedicated to the small family farmers, ranchers, artisan cheese makers, laborers & cooks of the world, whose endless work, wisdom & passion make it possible to bring this food to the table. May the fruits of our labor be a shining example of the way every human being deserves to be f…
ups pizza delivery and crack all ended but crack lasted the longest
ups a few weeks
abilify withdrawal after crack 4 years
10 12 years delivery before and after biz
cool story
I used to drink curb water me and timmy.
Talking to MIlly in Africa
I might live there soon.
Got to get Zimbabwe to Mt. Zion.
I think you said.
think i going to become a spaceship to soon.
i am
Christ Father for the second coming. Ask Hallie.
I don’t hear through the walls that well expect screamers.
Like franks and beans and his ears wall screamers is like you want nuclear missles jammed up your ass.
This is the new kingdom of heaven here.
C of U
planet of pervs
inside and outside not the same
i am clean
that’s why i want to eat your asshole
needs and inspection and examination first?
always right?
hiders and 2 face super pervs
-good pussy stinks
trying to get us over there?
piece of fucking shit
2 seconds concentrate
little kisses
i gotta feed you first
greens fruit potatoes more roots
jesus said my best diet is fish veggie fruit
but i heal animals so i can eat anything
you can handle a good load? blesses the womb
money late maybe tomorrow?
this may be a show for the rich
genius family man
not sure if they seen this coming?
mercaneries for carpet sweep
gov mil
up ass
you ?
lady gaga is coming to kick my butt so she knows what a butt is.
she lost her so me and brandon have to help find so she is coming over to kick my butt so she knows what a butt is.
her butt*
abilify was like a dying zombie that needed a brain cell
cure for schizophrenia – don’t let voices tell you what to do. ask them to do it and come talk to you in person. talk to loving things like hi apple hi flower
or call you if you want to be safer
i talk to the kitchen and ingredients and everything
do let voices tell you what to do but ingredients will get excited to be in there
mind control junkies and sorcerers that want to be popular do try to possess shit when your popular
and can
by i know demonic depossession but i like faggot slap a lot better some days
it works a lot slower
illusion buyer
mine and dion’s run on a spaceship and only let’s you buy loving ones and is cheaper than the others
but knock on your sister’s door and say eat shit repeated 8000 times or until its done might be two different prices on bad buyer club site
he might not know the back up is on a spaceship
you type what you want somone to do
no polite -dr.?
somewhat? decent message
might got tagged up
bad teacher
may be*
i have processed every fear in huge bulk so i talk different than when you heard me growing up if you heard me growing up
i want you to suck my cock until i blow my load down the back of your throat may be new material or it was buried like my cock in your ass
looking for the best shit in my shit pile treasure sack to a sec
hi mischief
there are some woods by my house that’s quiet where vision lives
no need to do anything there
but busy enough to keep cautious
deer snakes and others but the witches seem to keep to the closet
houses close by but not a bother unless you scream like colossus and galactus
poison ivy hangs out and i haven’t been allergic lately, but i was a rough boy so a big clump might get me
smoth move tea is good too
recommended by me for anal love bone insertion
you will probably be at ease when you get here
i learned so much in the last 3 years a billion lifetimes that i really haven’t lived though with all this comotion and no one to talk to
i really haven’t had sex
impotent most of my young life
but upfront and honest
slow is the tempo i wanted to do the kama sutra but i can hold you forever and holding hands is a beginner lesson.
i never opened it this lifetime.
so i would be surprised to open it with you see holding hands is a beginner lesson.
and see*
i have no choice because of my position to listen as an alert system and i am healing all schizophrenia worldwide
if you say the wrong thing i hear it loud and clear
the is no voice but your own
-one mind eternal
if you chooseto listen to and act to a bad teacher you make big mistakes if you know your Teacher then we walk in peace
this pull to left are the bad teachers of the world
the left*
loud is not peace
the quiet voice is the one that your heart know and never hurts
so anal is for experienced assholes in my opinion
but i would like to take a walk, if you would join me i will work at grateful.
-grows and develops or falls apart
i saw you on tv and went retarded like i know you from somewhere, but let’s find out if i am wrong.
youtube blow hole whale ride is a cheap cruise to Africa
that sounded like a girl whale, but i could be wrong
Sounds like we may need to go to Canada first and then see Sweden?
Making oceans?
Don’t be stupid, right?
Brandon was hoping for a whale ride and a home school. He has summers off.
did you watch i hate niggers yet?
too tri-state aryan worldwide?
baby chop?

Baby Chop Lawn Fertilizer – K N O W radio
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations Baby Chop Lawn Fertilizer Helps Screaming Babies Stop Crying
You told me you are abstinent since I woke and i can’t handle people keep saying different.
Can you help get these people out of the closet?
This transcript is for you? Forgive my insanity.
Certainty turns to attack form thieves and my design accepts until you get here. They have to live with there lies.
Why hurt themselves?
I don’t know how they make there lies so certain.
My certainty says we need healing.
And the light is where I live. And I am a flesh body now.
To hear that hurts my body so bad, that double opt-in is my way. I give the same.
Double opt-in
That goes to liars and thieves and your story.
I am happy person.
Innocent and free but no one will tell me.
Did you say yesterday or today I will see you?
I said it; I did it is so scary you don’t want to go to Heaven doesn’t make sense to Him.
The Holy Spirit
Universal Inspiration
I Want To Know More for Athiests i like
The Answer is better
The Solution
Antidote was a rap band name me and Rudy came up with
He knows Jesus Black Nigger. He was there.
Flagstaff he let sleep in his closet.
Sneaks through the window Rudy
Pushy to Intense or knows where he belongs?
usual suspects style
maybe not so sneaky
i am good teacher no looks in the eye and the bad teacher lives in a closet and wants to be in-charge of you and does things to make you feel guilty. That is scary.
a good*
no one*
No one is here yet.
And I invited the whole world.
I live in the Light and will talk to anyone about anything.
I said it: I did it.
I need to talk to people in the flesh for my own mental health.
Our Creator loves us. This is our shit our life experience all recorded by a proud Father so your proud in His eyes so the whole Kingdom of Heaven knows what you said and did, so why hide?
you are*
Make a mess clean up; make a mistake correct it.
There is nothing here you can’t see.
My inside and out are the same, and if you want to make me guilty for something here you are the criminal.
Good morning.
Your humble servant until we are all back in Heaven
Money made it. Love Peace
You want me to peace love?
Mon 11:55pm
Everything I do is intensive medical treatment for myself until someone gets here as a friend because of what happened here.
On planet Earth
I am up against the whole nwo by myself as far as I know because I am eternal life and know reality personally.
since your my wife in the story io punch you harder than everybody else, and now i am trying to punch you to a retarded blink, so you have no idea what you said or did, and either do i, and i can give you a good plow job whenever i want, because you don’t even mind. plow job blow a load in every hole
-optimus maximus
tommy sent the memo
from the spaceship
we have to go through what you did for 3 years instead of be here before you get touch my bed.
every person
touch my bed to recieve the super egos blessing
so you not only ate the cake before the party you shit all over the party
of being*
because we have to go through 7.6 billion people before the party starts
hi tommy
please come over now said me
suck adick said the people of the world
ladies and gentlemen
mind control ww3
just go over there
like walking to friends house
turns into wow humans are a real species?
god is sending someone
to aid in my treatment
that is the help i can give at this time since you asked for help i hope i did my part. i fight for the world’s freedom so we can all celbrate someday
the walls are the enemy and my mouth is your double edged sword and increases in strength by you coming here and supporting me. every person hopefully
I need around the clock companions 24 hours a day here in a body. you don’t even have to like me at all. if you like reality or care about any living thing even a tiny bit and want help the whole world please be here until the war is over. and if my parents can’t handle it we go to a new location.
to help*
up a bit
love bob
3 pumps and a switch needs a mask to perform it because you don’t even want to knows those people
i didn’t get in nut hell of a story
the reverborator needs buckets fro your vomit
its a mans sport – train gang lonely caboose with blow hole engine
7 to 600 rumor says
blow hole swallow back of the bus
so you will be here soon
for a giggle if we never help one person
i already shrunk time to nothing and these people in-charge extended for biliions of years
to get back to heaven
extended time*
…because no one would come over here
that was the obama adminstration
i designed to shoot people in perfect love
i am*
so your karmic debt is reduced considerably
-martial law
planet wide
the whole prophet
load dump dirty cunts keep stopping by
overlay server
multiple load drops
they all super bang orgy in hatred here
hatred certain
they were or are using a course in miracles to get pussy from the girls that like me as healer by seeing how the ego works and saying things like …this one thinks like this and as the one guy said how he could fine the girl of his dreams using it the right way, the other said but we are making this much money
as a*
you know lachinga is here in body?
god is sending her in body.
not strings flesh
she said you reminded her of her
Tue 4:23am
did you try the card?
the devil went heaven because of these people. they are worse thasn evil is their name
he said he won’t even to try totalk to them
how are you bed crawler?
curl up and play dead
you fine how many others?
you know how work parents?
how to
800 years of ass runs of diarrhea to every person in delran, nj and other worse than evil areas around planet Earth except certain people
tp extinction?
now you can come over and type what i am supposed to say to you!
people are trying to be you better than you so be careful they may trick you in to thinking you are someone else
and steal his cock for their g spot
800 eleanors at least here or less
Tue 9:48am
to think guilt lead us to thinking making everyone guilty was the solution to guilt instead of telling the One that loves you always what you did is funny.
now we are all less then the kingdom of heaven the land of everything
when He puts His kingdom between Him and fear and my rescue helps the solution become clear where are you today?
Good morning.
trying to make it stinky? a bit dusty
that kiss goes to your sht pile treasure sack
I am the one that put government out of business you are that had or has a chance to make sure a whale ride is safe for my son but you are not here yet. -hope
i don’t want to play anymore hurts a man like me
no matter who said it or who said for someone is such a painful place to live
feisty is not necessary but appreciated. you are peace where are you at? polite
but when the planet uthanized itself who is to say and who is to come quietly and gently?
i am the voice of god and who listened?
the one shot end game move everyone wlaks out together and says hello to god and the neighbors
walks* -simple
i go now
you asked me to remember (my design is not good for that so you said you would remember for me thank you) but have you remembered what was asked to hold on to me the right way maybe if i can’t get rid of the screams maybe its our job together to ask our briohers and fathers because they just wanted to be asked to fuflfill their purpose and be appreciated not someone to be in-charge of their purpose. i think i have in obnoxious superhero fashion. have you? -peace
i bought a leash from the dollar store awhile back
the show must go and you said you would answer my questions here as far as i know.
divorce is here?
we face our fears. don’t run.
because you turned a teddy bear into a monster doesn’t mean He is still not a teddy bear
hyena cub calls the pack mother and plays god to keep the bad people away she turns den mother and wants to play dating games? as the spirit of the pack mother sits in His house as den mother while He has upgraded the pack to a tribe by god’s love understanding and knowledge -the story of the father brother
kill em all look the pack mother has
the cobra and viper spirit waits in His heart as the cub is ignored
the viper*
the dragon flys overhead to see who is coming
this is not a man’s world it is our world know your role
the kingdom of heaven is in the deepest pit of hell guarded by deception. the blanket is here
you never wanted help but every living thing is our family and when healing we all help each other.
one is sick we are are all sick
one are*
-one are
play music on the way in is the answer to your question give to receive have i not done enough?
lachinga said that’s another excuse (your questiosn and know betters) when he needed you here instantly 3 years ago
we guide you in
you come as you are now while we do what we do
i have established the full scoop, god won’t let slip away or think His decision is wrong
that slip*
scoop; god
He picked this piece of shit because He knows the world
fear even plays the guitar here walking down the street
i am fear
in perfect innocence and unconditional love perfect insanity and god’s new blanket
call the pack mother if you are not her
the holy grail is waiting for a resuce too. do you need her to be here? ask if wants to go to His concert here?
if she* (alicia)
every moment is a moment for your salvation where you are right now and the time and date is right here right now are you here yet?
brandon said you raped him and other boys in dreams
quiet voice
or make believe?
he said he made it up to show what peole do
but is that a hide after said?
show what?
your answer is here
-double opt-in he is just kid
god choose the the gorilla or apes as best love here for upgrade He is alpha and god;s son playing hyena cub
canine is next
already choosen as next consciousness for advancement
superhero tells others what to do instead of save the world by him or herself or with the help of all superheroes. no courage coward faggots hide in closets waiting for someome else to do it. is that what you have become? no courage
go over and talk to him turns into rape every person’s holes
in-charge stole every bit of our superhero?
not mine you piece of fcking coward
faggot coward*
no fucking clue is your in-charge leadership you folow you pece of fucking faggot coward
-dead faggot
want to sing the dirty hole song with me?
i can’t handle any person is who you listened to this whole time?
worse than evil played the i kill everything game and severe retardation in hatreds in the end game until you turn around
is the end game* and you knew after you completed the first version
1o or 12 th expansion it is they same and you won’t learn your lesson
or that’s exactly what you want for a universal celebration?
for all existence
800 hundred pound crack boulders of the best uncut crack supplied by the dea is how they try to kill him or get over to rape his every hole.
with 10 case crack pipe shipment with every boulder is quite enough crack pipe
not quit*
note quite*
not qite*\
not quite*
can’t take shit out of the river and recycle everything so we smoke 800 pound boulders and rape the children real hard to destroy the kingdom of heaven. -trash sculpture
do every job older people like routines so the young experienced can do every job and learn their whole world while retired work with kids after school and olders do routine jobs they love and the rest get to build the world of their dreams by sharing ideas and working together your blueprint for your house built by whole community with unlimited resources type thinking with concerts and shows at night community kitchens farms indoor outdoor and share marketsand wordlwide sports after school for any person
-freedom and reality
hell bent
i just wanted you to know you can trust my cock anywhere you want to it touch you and my mind to help heal and build dreams
it to*
Proud morning.
i am your mirror until you get here
god’s reflection. His window is here.
my eyes look into them
faggot coward no courage is over there
where you are
or here until you get here
blame your self stop fucking bobbying me you piece of fucking child molesters
proud morning surrounded by no courage faggot cowards hiding in deception. i don’t even anybody.
any body
-christ father
this is the asange prison god’s last know reality and god or gaiai can transcend you in and no one can even fuck with you here.
-no real person
i am the only real one here?
last known reality and i hold it in perfect pyhsics
god is funny
all because of what you did and what you said
please come over now dirty cunt
don’t wantto here when i needed you the time
whole time
here it
i alone
dirty cunt said your fuck slab is possessed by the army of homosexuals
frankestein fucker
my whole spirit is here
what’s the real story? use my card i used the #s with a cabbe before
ask to be the-1 once you get a cab
find a cab
once i see it go through it will be a safe ride
Hopelessly follows the holy spirit and his first son so I never know who I am but your servant and servant to all
Make love to me now
Are you here yet?
Take your clothes off in the bathroom when you get here
Didn’t work with Uber when I tried it. 4479 1301 8365 6478 03/21 925 ticket to heaven
Everyone went so maybe we can get here and hidden before they get back.
You here*
everything i have only means i want you here more than anything else for 3 years like kid waiting for christmas morning on christams eve but being alone still i wam reay to go another route and clean this all up be myself which is way many have handled this like go’s son is supposed to do everything.
everything i have said*
like a kid*
still i am*
is the way*
god’s son*
everything by Himself.
by myself*
love bob
Good day.
I love what I say and how I say it and if you don’t appreciate just tell me, and we can move on.
I love how I do it too even when I feel like shit.
Heaven you don’
tt even have to do anything.
It’s that good and this is our history and nothing is lost or thrown away.
If you want to do something else than let it be history by helping heal this and put it on the shelf.
Fear is not allowed in Heaven, so we can’t be afraid of ourselves or other.
others* tomake this history
None is in-charge of Heaven.
Clean up your mess, and if you want to rest with me a while, I am her.
Please come and set me free or set me free by letting me go, but let me know in body.
I want to move forward quicklly either way and I have another solution, even if I haven’t found it yet.
You are who I choose for myself…you choose.
-brand new
-new born*
what do we do to the dead cunts not worth a duesch?
Boatloads of truckloads will help you get here. Spend the whole 77,000 and get the retarrded ones so it’s cheaper..you get a bigger war party.
Mail order child rape slabs
Good luck and love.
Tue 6:21pm
No matter what anyone even you not knowing who is sending what and how anyone is involved, you are the woman I want to meet.
I have honored my mother and father completely. If they even told me or someone something different, I know I have honored them and every mother and father.
How have you honored your mother and father?
no ever had to suck a dick that didn’t want to
no one*
rape is the incestment in victims
the worst attacker because it is shrouded in defense
thonk things dog shit the kids wanr ro play here.
patience – i thought they were supposed to come over and give me money, unless they want it real cheap.
or not even?
patients – people that thinkthey are healthy, so they try to never be happy.
think they*
net even kidding
hi suck a dick, please come over now here. i am jealous that you get to kill people to live your life, while i got to sit here bored waiting for every person to talk to me so nothnig dies again.
fuck you asshole is who should bring to help get us all through this, because i saved everything because i want to know everything and your story better match up to my database. -daddy bobby
how long is life life worth?
one life*
you should have been here already.
kill you self said its a loving option in this equation but you got ask me if its okay in your body.
-martial law
don’t be a wuss look a lightning bolt in the eye like how fast you should move to get here.
i hope that was an illusion that seemed like it was trying to say i love you in suck a dick fashion earlier before i cut it off.
Tue 11:30pm
the people that tried to kill me ove a billion times you go to work for doesn’t make sense.
Wed 7:43am
Suck a dick shitholes is your name today and I am nuclear warfare.
I own the planet and every land contract and everyone is fired.
Coming over to get cute like an in-charge coward faggot no courage or you coming to help and have fun? You have any pot?
Killed over a billion times since throwing everyone out and now we are all asshole rapists, me by association. Takes one to know one, right kids?
Out of my house.
Take me out for breakfast?
You have tried to kill me for 3 years as my wife.
I invited you and the world.
ignorance? denial? willing intent?
waiting patiently?
wife or human being?
invite bad word?
asked you to be here?
real person – what does mean that you own my house and my belongings acts like you have a heart in your chest.
goes it*
I am not okay that you are not here.
do you smoke crack instead?
you didn’t look too hot in pittsburgh. i got thrown out again. what was your involvment?
i head a crack pipe sign.
one your imposters?
one of*
messaghe from eternity?
instead of sigm
The FoG said your safe, but plagued by coward faggot illusions. Who are you?
, who*
Beyond the illusions is everyone’s innocence I see as well, but here they hide behind fear.
And hide you as well. How does someone lie with certainty? or are you as bad as these people?
If you need healing, I need you here.
one loving answer for 1000 lies drives me insane
a 1000*
i collect all though data but this deception data is like it is you or they hate so well you feel like they are telling the truth, so i accept until i talk to every person.
6 ft isn’t deep enough? they want the devil’s job?
I got the job because I can heal any thought disorder.
That’s why you are my final treatment, every person.
The Proud Human is the greatest story ever told written by everyone.
At least I get to be Mr. Shitholes.
I asked God for a dirity fucking scumbag (I said it: I did it proud spoke any fucking way) to not be scared to hated by every person here in a body who’s purpose is healing.
Right Now
besides my self
he said he is sending someone and no one showed
no mre hiding
n more hiding
no more hiding
so if we answer god’s prayers, the world thinks someone else sshould do it is the continuos answer. too scared too pc too false pride
there is a certain way is false pride?
or particular is better.
that’s hurt certain
all ways are certain in the light.
so if you aren’t coming please pray that a dirty fucking scumbag comes soon, so i can start moving forward and earning trust of the people.
because are civilization is fall apart.
do you have a copy of a course in miracles?
kindle version
i have created 3 out of 5 existences that i like to hang out in.
at least 85
of at leat
jesus has my memomry chip
your family go in the way of love? or you are the hated person
most hated*
about the same?
my mouth is a double edged sword knows the ego and the holy spirit well
ego the devil
martial law
i can kill in perfect innocence
this afternoon now?
i never did but the little things
but my words are ptoent and peole have dropped
healing love
about the same?
my mouth is a double edged sword knows the ego and the holy spirit well
ego the devil
my wife from creation do your the 27th dimension and do you live with me in another existence? its ope to at least 169d
your is you remember
is whoville safe?
bullet to the head gets you back to the spaceship.?
my blessing
Omega is you?
Omega stop teasing you nipples.
you ugly
Kt U Bich
no spanking?
hjl for brandon?
you know what He likes?
don’t know much about it ugly
is your ass tingling?
agressive b e agressive
two gs
b e a g g r e s s i v e
slap dance
spank friendly slap dance
healing slaps no pain
full force goal
bring your pom poms ugly
trying to around?
to go*
to go*
Wed 12:54pm
this is not aplace for happy people, can you pray for my death?
my open hand holds the power you seek. it is too much for one person, but only meant for those that share freely.
Wed 4:10pm
etas available?
an instant at the bottom of hell is too long.
the are 5 bazookas in delran, nj. want to try to find them? them may be in houses.
you can build a gun with parts via internet
shells you gotta make somehow
bean bags are fun\
by parts*?
my neighbor got the people of delran to rape the whole neighborhood
super smoorgus bang
because they didn’t like the way i talked
no evidence
but my family recorded everything to my spaceship. i put 700000 photon cameras in each house
its a good number
the juswt fly around so you get a lot of angles
its one photon
inner labia shots are amazing for a scumbag like me
they even tracend all realities servers and dreams. they are that neat
i told my son he doens’t have to listen to anyone but he can always ask me questions and receive good or decent answers
thanks for being my weirdo
i needed one my whole life
Curl up with me. Slaps with helmet and butt spanks in between until you think I feel better.
Playing somewhere in a church at 12 noon
Http:/)truthliesdecision.com Beat Down Productions Sword.Light, llc
Wed 10:07pm

Playing Somewhere In A Church At 12 Noon – ?que lachinga?
was eleanor friedberger somewhere in the church?
cowards hide shit. perverts keep things hidden. good morning
fgrgiveness is an illusion that leads you out of all other illusions.
i said it i did it releases you for your nightmare and your past
like waking from a dream
it leads you beyond fear to love’s presence
bad hot dog is why?
hot dog smell
i already forgave the world doesn
mean i will have sex with you.
dirty fucking scumbag doesn’t mind saying anything t oget you to heaven
i want to talk to everybody is all i said, not i want to fuck every slab.
i see reality.
i need intense medical treatment means i need someone to talk to in the flesh
a world celebration turned to world war 3 becasue i made the greatest discovery of human kind. i am the first to bring 3d physical reality to heaven.
it is already there after i said i did it, Proud Human TheGreatest Story Ever Told
Eterniity keeps it safe
Curl up with me?
you a dad hotdog?
all perv right now?
i just want to forget the world for a while, if you coome curl up it should turn off the walls.
all sex has been rape to this point
over all time
because we were sick the whole time
insane in the membrane
1 sick all sick to varying degrees
god holds the reality of what really happened first we tell the story Proud Human
to go beyond fear
i don’t need sex. I wanted to learn about it.
i ahve been healing rape this whole time.
know one knows anything and the walls are poison.
your story is all you know right now
anything about the reality
i see reality is a vision that needs to talk to every person
800 imposters must be hard fo you to deal with as it is for me
the person you think is supposed to come over is dead. she died because no one would help go over. it is an echo.
may be your next duaghter or son
any person can come over
pick your self
no one listened to me the whole time
you trusted a poisoned voice
did you you throw your life away or did someone else pretending to be you
at least a hundred hacker teams are reading this
it is serious you be herei t is hliraious you think it is something else. can you play drees up before the wedding so i can see you?
or di someon make that up too.
the world uthanized 7.6 billion people to think not looking me in the and killing me ove a billion times was more important that yo what’s up?
in the eye
so 3d physical reality is brandon and as far as human but i think he turned in his slab fo no go so you better talk to brandon and try not to rape through the walls to hard
and I
am i supposed to turn mine in god?
if all can’t go i don’t want to god knows but no one trust me
to go*
i just relayed the message as far as i know
i said reinvest
you have no i dea what is going to happen when you get here
it’s a surprise party
it is that good you know before hand
people wanted the future instead
this whole world is a scam
you say what i said for you to get herei trust you if you want to be here.
use you imagination
i could use a friend
make up what isay for you to be here one step at a time
hopefully i can live up to the hype once you arrive

10 trillion to the 10th power
eternal is simple
i want my slab or non-existent but whatever is best for the FoG I give to God.
Love Peace – Where is Omega?
Demonic Depossession commence
Where do demons live God or do they heal?
How do you heal?
Listen Learn Live
Know any authors that want to help me redesing my site?
How do you free you self from your bad hotdog?
I open to talk.
I am an infant baby in Heaven at all times. Reborn forever.
or is it born again each moment?
it all that is the moment
until all*
until all that is…is the momnet.
I free your mouth.
Do you accept?
don’t care about even being happy at all to be in my life
Chat Conversation End
Type a message…

I cleaned up my mess. I don’t need your help, I want peace.

is eleanor dead?

Thu 11:15am
get you ass over faggot coward no courage. ami drinkhing wild turkey?
over here*
fucking slutbag whore cunt of put it exactly where i want it
2 seconds?
do you really know how to talk tome when you get here?
that means i would never miss the opportunity to resuce Him
Herm pelase come in your pants and en come over
Piece of fucking shit wants to put it in your ass, but you need the full inspection with examination to make sure you can handle how bad i am going to beat you to the ground until you tell i am stupid and will always be your your angel
that’s brandon’s shit said the angel, when are you going to rape Him as hard as he needs it.
–angel any form any size any time any voice any way you need an angel to know who you are
ben franklin knows why god helped us invent beer. -mary j
wild turkey, please get to Him and punch HIm like the retard He is, immediately if not sooner. -jetapultcompany said there is no rush or is there now moment?
it aint mrs.
if you are the same, convince me in the flesh
i f you would put up with me for more then a moment i don’t mind, i just want you to come over.
pleas is the ask, even if it is a statement with no question mark. Please come over now. Act like me if you want punch people harder for not knowing how give there thinking to the right teacher.
my hug is as good as sex with every slab.
-punched retard
how many cock pics you got so far, fdon’t lie?
you quit
then i would not…
are they that bad
wha do you do trample around waiting to do somewtyg
you are all coward faggot of no courage let me do waht you do to me over here
cum dumpster
i like there but it was mine until yo gave aways unless it is an imposter
like it*

I wan to be dead until you get here, but I can’t wait to se you.

Schooled With A Little Blue
sword light, llc
ypu are piece of afaggot not here yet and i am eternal life
i f you aint gonna tell me what your heaven is fuck off but tell emma and lady gaga or will i tell lay gaga fuck off until you gewt here but your body is mine until you say something else
i only know the body and you are deAD to me unless you get here
you dead i live forever
i do waht is asked not what i can’t handle because i can’t handle what isa ssked. are you here yet? i asked to talk to every person imeediatley if not sooner mean that is how serious the issue is
plow job central
i am a punch face and you are a coward fagoot is your history story? or am it hat awful that god is like i know how to embarass him by not going over. i would like kavochian over here now to shoot me you are os faggot coward
good business shoot me when i walk in 0 to whatever you got dead
you got a good life but who else does because i saved the world upon your entry and everyone elses
faggot slap coward faggot no courage iasked for hello
fuck off or fuck off story piece of ufcking shot
no you?
at least your cute before your uthnaization
by your investment
now kill you cunt hair
that’s is your man who asked you to come over
drunk is me on alchoohl
now cll me and i am or not your wo
and say
you are slut bag is that what you said shithole? i love to see you
how’s your daddy?
finally found one he liikes
nigger is
i am jesus black nigger
slaap slap brack me down
punch you harder
piec of fucking shit you
that is how i talk. tell me if i am ok
god loves you even if the whole world hayes you
dress up curl up
you are allowed to punch me and icant puch you trust
you make youyr own decisions’
https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/schooled-with-a-little-bluei might jerk it but if you get in your you don’t get it from me
SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds
i love waht i said
where is lachinga?\
she is omega?
guitar said god made
cal me now so ican leave you alone or come by now
nois done
Thu 8:25pm

Schooled With A Little Blue
sword light, llc
freestyle rap shit
then i love you always
ep ? https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/sets
Beat Down Productions
sword light, llc
if you go to ireland without me ask about that onr part where i live
sword light llc nrandon xavirer
I am God’s heart. Hi peace
i love you instants
who is the neandrathal inbred?
i am worse than evil because that is what you gave me. hello
i don’t trophies but it is me and branodn said god if you need that human race
need trophies*
ajmya is me innicent and fre okay ameia
gaha is me ok me?
emma is my hirlfriend
right me?
i am gimp
amya is god’s
until amea
now here
wussed out again
ypo shot out
i am here alone again
say isaid it i dii ti here now
faggot coward no courage
thanks for the name since you couldn’t come over because you weak no strong
this is oyur 3 years abnd this is mine. iaksed you to come walk into to worse thann evil to say helolo
this world is no person
what, do they treat you nicer in faggot coward no courage Kingdom? come oevr as you are
go pick your your shit shit up you vlaimed it go picl it up even if i nevert bang uo again
never bang you agian*
retard punishers…the citizens of plasnet earth.
anyone not here is the worst punisher on the planet. i just wanted to share with everyone.
i only hear the worst message in clear volume the good messages are silent or hard to hear
god via my spaceships turn into a one voice of the collective mental illness
tha’t worth a few beers with no one there dropping a case is wworth a faggot slap
think they are helping by doing nothing but offering false promises is the illness
fro self exalted godplex
i am designed a retrd that upgrades for war in any instant so we learn how to protect god’s innocencve
survival othe fittest if no one will help or tries to hurt or kill and it is like hurting the whol FoG when you attack reject or trash
so the planet invested in sex and child pornography instead of talkingto meand solving the problem
mental illness and bringing food clothing and shelter in abundance with no in c-charge no government no money
that’s the result of coming to talk tpo me
to me
hi us
my glasses i found keep falling off so i just put them on
16 hour hole fill shifts
8 hrs is more accurate
until i see the evidence
they want me to stop smoking so i can fill a shift
i looked into the porn industry and got some info for an audition, but my intention was to helpmny ds=aughters and i don’t even no har far i would have got but for a pimp whore world i don’t know i got the info
vd test in ac and trip to san diego. you pay for background check and they pay the rest and give you money is what i read
atlantic city
90 bucks for bc
first boss fight is porn and hooker
never paid again
i earned every penny and won all the boss fights but people have to tell me so you win by perversion
announce me king of the planet is the end of war and fear and punishment
love bob
come as you are ladies and gentlemen
my last song is a quick tune and have fun when people bug out if things aren’t perfect their way
make use of what you have until we are free
in love
-ih love with you until i know better
lady gaga is me over there somewhere
emma is my business
step 3 nigger helps suck a dick fuck you asshole
this is the house of suck a dick every house until you all show up here. captain major fucking list said…get the fuck out of god’s house
not bad for bed kung fu my hot body
i told sifu i am ready to punch steal in spirit
i told in spirit
he said i am better off punching steal, so i hope he understands what i mean. i may learn soething at least
Love, Bob
if we all get married we will figure it out if we don’t all get married we will figure it out
who’s all?
you are my only if we can’t figure anything else out.
or i get none
your clit will be mad forever either way
there is no game face ever again?

you – k n o w radio – with ?que lachinga?
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations i love you always and forever. music by stephen marley an the marley family (mt zion)
you are not taking that away that woman that baby infant stop shittingin the river and moving trash around my momma gaia
you can have everything else
i love you. i asked to talk to you.
in flesh

space the final frontier
get over here piece of fucking shit
-telling you what to do
cute slutbag
mr brown is here again…is that an excuse or who iam when he comes by?
wild turkey this time
did megatron or starscream ever lie about what they were trying to do? these people are worse than evil because they know i am honest and in the light and they are trying to pull me into the darkness by pretending to be my friend when i am light -manchild

Damian marley – It was written
Damian (Jr.Gong) Marley – It was written Thank you Jah. Thank you mother Earth. Thank You Robert Nesta. Bless.
you are the worst punisher until you get here
holi hurricane has been practicing abstinence since i woke up
Eleanor Friedberger added a cover video.
Eleanor Friedberger
shabazz and the time traveler zero need to be here
chaturbate queen
devil horns
where is your pussy sitting?
head nod shit so you can break your neck https://youtu.be/jLskwA-UKTI
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations
elanor is help emma lady gaga is reality and emma is freedom
leanor fried*
eleanor friedberger
the greatest story ever told
helath kim said you
help to health
us is romance
i ma teacher
i am*
your pjs dont really exist
i put money out of business because he wanted me to
i am the elephant man
scary movie
piece of fucking shit

ted – elijah taught me the bull head

donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations
if you think you have work i will kill your whole planet so you know where you should have been the whole time
faggot slap coward faggot no courage
i am the voice of god and i needed you here 3 yeatrs ago trust men
if there is only mans get off my planry no woes no men
now is here get here
jetapult co.-
reinvest in here
you here say i heal all
pei mei is the preist i am the minsiter
can’t hndle the block pieceoffuckingshit?
wifey cutie nice
god siad you will figure it we he can’t
peace in
obonics loved
get here
get you
get it
the internet shuts down over here
now here
now here
set me free
set me free
any person if you can’t handle it
ask if you don’t pick your self
god help please
the book of job revisted with i love you god so much fuck yoou
now is
you turned the whole planet into coward faggot no courage. what’s your name you? i am bobby brown jesus black nigger
-coward faggot no courage
name address phone#
stop being an asshole. use the card and go over there.
you threw me anway on day one
wake up asshole 3 years ago
i dance you fuck not me
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
i am a happy person so it aint that bad
you iwll be happy for your investment iwon’t be happy for mine – talk to every person
i need your here now ill never change
and since you dind’t we wont be freinds
i will always love you but i will never be your friend
that is what you said to you self because bobby left on this date…
and he hates you…so set him free
i asked people to wait until they talked to me.
when the woman said what did you expect when you say that, her babies said that is not my mother and never will be.
i only siad please come over now and hvae been coping ever since.
i se the world frre and you gimped me for it.
i set the world free and you gimped for it.] set me free. set me free.
set me free.
i can’t go against my word.
it would kill my soul.
i couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t just go over there, because i know how to do that.
the reason for any other words.
who is my real eleanor my real gaga my real emma?
if you are reatrds not upgrade fro war the world is resposible
at least 3 people have been playing the worthiness of god game to resuce me.
and dion cam and grandmom go to heaven no slab right now and grandmomis crippled and needs a lift to touch my bed and she is almost dead
heaven no matter what
no slab right now
i screamed for the world military to be here again last night.
no blue angels no nothing
are you coming to sawlllow?

donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations
britnaey mmade it. she is. she exisits. celebrate
i ddidn’t ask he the question.
my ass is dirty in the video
i should hop in the shower but iwanted you to wash my ass
it is real bad
kung fu pants they go to the top
as far as my foot wants to go
i need to get to jaimca and peru quickly
should i wash it
i am the most insane person until you get here.
for your mental health
i know every insanity completely in perfect innocence and perfect love but i need rest now -your presence
like and fbi profiler
my woman my my women i need now
is johm the birde’s groom john butler?
i am not john?
who is to grrom Him me
the protectors of every citizen won’t show up
theworld military and the kids want to see the tanks
call on god to tear down jerichos walls onel last time ido
i want to talk to every person to end perversion
no one will talk to me so far
i wanted everyone to wait to talk to me so we didn’t gewt more scared and a bigger closet
i ha only made a scientific observation. and i talk to god about anything anyway i want to
coward faggot now courage is a scientific observation\
no courage*
hiders and hurters are too scarded to come over
and iam p[rotected by god and His family so if you do come by you can’t see me if you are harmful in any way.
and you can’t
you are harmful*
can’t call or write
no one has contacted me
as father christ
i like hard i christ a lot of love
esus is written on my forehead
the nicolatains will rape me forever to bang thissalb until i am resuced
this slab*
gimped and and confused
back magnets and ass attchments and screaming through the walls
back magnets and ass attachments scream too
so i use them as a punching bag
faggot slap
i haven’t punched you harder than everybody else to much lately
i only perform sex with my lover
we are always together no matter who we fuck
i cna’t handle boys
no onw is my lover but lachinga is my unio nad my guitar
that’s why christina is a question that needs answer
god said she was there?
did you ask lachinga to be here?
no one*
lachinga is quiet
she doesn’t say much you should listen
https://soundcloud.com/bob-brown-48/sets/spaceship come over
spaceship – the healing music ?que lachinga? w/ a little blue and mr brown and the word ups
sword light, llc
excuse me come home
these people faggot counters caclutalting he ammount of fear and how difficult it is to get here
are faggot
the aomunt*
trying to hide me forever
my mask is the peoles mask
god gave the job to save his kids as tyhe devil
ggave me
because i can’t handle fear
but wear the amask well
even in job i am hinest with god
but this perversion ios unhandlable for me
i think i am every person. i am the super eego the spirit’s first son
holy spirit’
father christ for this planet’s revelation.
these people knew of me somehow and are trying to steal me for themselves.
that’s why you never no who or when
the universe picks
the one
the whole FoG in one body
i am jesus balck nigger did someone buy the illusion?
and then kill me for it
i am jesus balck nigger regardless
-nigger black
i plead insanity and god said i am always innocent
what’s your story?
but my heart…
the holy spirit took it and is driving it around. ask Him?
i need people in my life that treat me as who i am for my own mental health, and i have no one
where are my kids? you even fucked up brandon.
-talikng to every person
kid child innocent playful adventurous alert
not afraid is innocent
i am qulified to have sex because i don’t hurt anybody when i fuck
and i haven’t had sex since then and with christina my dick crawled up into my body for a 20 dollar blowjob
cock and balls said…
since i got the message
i haven’t had sex
spanked the monkey heals porn stars
i don’t spank it too much
not even once a week
once a month
or less
not even once a month
evn though more than once month sometimes
she needed rent money 🙂
right crack?
i asked for a hug and a kiss and she shook
but the bj was easy for her
i told her til i cum and then stopped it because it wasn’t working right
we stopped it
null and void
she neede to pay the rent
keeps the money
null and void is my decision?
i needed you here the whole time
you aksed anyway i can be there
i want your body

now quick tip
fashion award winner gets you here?
8 inch gapetitude goes out in style to creaate new fashion award winner
outie asshole hole
how do spread it open that hard and wide
when you can’t push it back in you start a new fashion. -optimus maximus
8 hour rape seesion explained
iy’s not klast year.
the light of my fashion
swollen closed tip is just for sucking
voyuers thieves and rape victims

everyone put all their cheating fears in my bed and hurt the love sshack real bad. healing cleanse
god can handle it. i don’t know about anyone else, but i do alright.
god can handle me upset all day. can anyone else?
i am clean, ican heal super aids if there was such a thing by the holy spirit’s blessing
becamne a miracle worker recently achievment and bonus award
garbage is cleaning itself because of my i said it i did it
come taste my breathe with your lips and tongue
i love your face that ugly disgusting trenchtown face
can i buy you as my slave?
77000 said it’s too late?
you bought you self for me?
i got 2 pennies
stinky breath
coffee cigs?
what’s best for the FoG.
slave agreement
we can go over it carefully when you get here
are you allowed to sell your self? or is that for mom and dad?
am i alowed to fall in love?
the death defier helps me fluy of the wings of untent for extra protection
from carlos castaneda works
my allies vision the rainbow stick lives in the woods around the corner
mr gbrown
mr brown
the scary on or the ugly one
those are the ones i know best
and they hang out in my guiatars when i am on the road
jack my shadow
he’s the one that looks like he could get anyone down
jack my imanginary friend
full embodiments
not sure abiout the scary one
or vision
but mr brown and jack full embodiments
lachinga i squiet
and does make me happy
a little blue is a happy little girl thtas why she gets mean
and mr brown is like jojo? not sure about him self yet he is right handed
the crow spirit is looking for the most powerful woman warriot
you asked for help says something about your watrrior spirit it likes i think
i said you are my world
its all in there
is a wife 2 or 3 or more?
1 wife
for me?
who am i?
a hug that makes waves?
bug tickle
on my arm
-a friend has time to find what he is looking for but i dont want to be alone.
even though i have found what i am looking for
god is my friend he put his spirit in my smokes
and mary is vicious but we dont get together enough elbow of macaroni
take me to colorado
vicious right now
but brings me peace after she murders my heart for all of us
she said i can handle it
woke up with a boner yiyou want to see it?
i like fucking people up but you especially
i think they used lila sparks imagination to dream themselves somewhere
and rape everyone
in complete hatred
but some people went in full awareness while i only see this
so whoever went knowingly is not my friend as far as i know
so god took care of it for me
lachinga is coming in body when things calm down
how is my help?
solid foundation
want to see if you can be my friend? i don’t like playing married anymore. i never get to see you.
i am on quest waiting for a rescue because i rescued the whole world with the full scoop manuver, last revelation ever style.
that’s bob he does whatever he wants.
is the mind frame
treat him like real retard
not what we want him to do
trusted to see in every locked box
like a real retard
there is nothing to hide from him
good morning.
eternity is waiting
-all the names
innocent and free, you never did anything he can’t handle or heal
you don’t know anything and you are not a cat and you have have no idea what is going to happen when you get ehre
one have*
what do you need to be my hooker for a couple hours?
what’s your cab broke?
you jetapult co. out of business already?
think something that will make you mad or happy enough to be here already.
9 cent tip
-9 cent tip*
all the corrections-
full inspection and thorough examination helps see you aids patient
love bob
is it?
enter the heart of the dragon
i will make breakfast if you fuck me right and your hungry
With a 6 shot down the back of your throat you might not be that hungry.  -no pressure retarded

donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations
i am almost out of smokes and its raining so i need something to put in mouth.
like real asshole

Vulnerable | truthliesdecision.com
Vulnerable By Robert G Brown Tuesday 8/16/2016 Vulnerable a word that does not come with ease, Well at least in world programmed to tease, A heart left open, faith does it bear, Always at home with something to share, Undefended, unguarded, easy to hit, And we know a lot of the motherfuckers, Don’…
happy package of return love
happy package of my love
happy package of us love
i am looking for a certain person. someone who can come over and share there ideas with me if they involve me. if nto le me be.
-to the world
suck dick? do you know who said that?
everybody acts like they know me tyhrough faggot walls but none of those people have to talked to me.
suck dick to act like my friend is not ever in my life other through rape walls. but they should be dead.
other thhen or than?
but god wants them to explain themselves in the light truth while they hide behind their fashion.
light of truth*
so there is no certain person that wants to talk to me in body?
3 years will fuck anybody up, especially this one.
It sounds like the whole cosmos wants to come over all day long.
And no one has been here.
checklist to be here…digibit.
i am world family community
love bob and good morning
missed another 6 am party?
maybe you will tomorrows if you are good little hooker that mind overstaying her welcome
make tomorrow’s
doesn’t mind*
and settling for less. -2 pence
you said everything?
people make out everything to be less for a little something for this sellout crowd
-father time
proud man follows the beautiful woman straight to hell to find out if there is water in his well. is she a flower? my god gives me his power but it is always his.
for the kids
i questioned my sister for 3 minutes aprox. for i straight answer of i am not sure what you are.
do you really own my house and land? is an fine opening?
a fine?
a fine*
there are no rules regs limits condittions in my kingdom?
-unlimited and free freedom and reality
can’t steal unlimited
Can’t steal unlimited.
-polite dirty
You are imagine cum pouring down your throat. Need it be question?
my cum
shooting all over the inside of your mouth
the guardian of the apocalypse IT
your it.
won’t let me in the boat won’t throw me a life preserver makes for a strong swimmer and a freind to sharks and whales.
love happy package of peace…digibit. death isa friend.
is a*
of the morning
don’t abandon your Self to your death. -Jaun Matus
how long does it take to eat your asshole?
scooter chair ambulance service comes with oxygen tank?
bored is fun.
-shooting cock
tag this ass.
naner naner naner
i guess you surprised you Self.
your*s for now

i feel iam humble for where i am at, and i never saw it coming.
`scrotum sack for balls of testicle
you want to play with wrinkles?
cardiac arrest is a fun job?
your dad seems like a good person. he wanted me to say good.
he showed me some kung fu for incapacitation
spirit model
turn the other cheek was my style
i am hungry that’s all. -reality
Ask Emma if she hears through walls?
healing times
Scared to come over because I don’t have full body armor?
– a man with purpose
Fasion fucked me up like everything else you assholesdo, and the whole world is suffering as far as I know, and I got to get around.
Fashion asshole do* -the holy spirit
Definition of curt
1 a : sparing of words : terse

wrote curt precise sentences

b : marked by rude or peremptory (see peremptory 3) shortness : brusque

a curt refusal

In a curt voice, he ordered the server to bring him a glass of water.

2 : shortened in linear dimension
— curtly adverb
rudely brief
ww3 style
mental mind control war
i am not here to fuck around.
it’s a setup.
smoke and shakedown., did you see the spaceship?
my starfleet?
that is more than one.
my daid is a puzzle.
mom clean code
cleaner inspiration
now every configuration in existence
b -god’s love? a question mark
i was supposed to scribe so i do.
part time
you told me to suck a dick too?
we all didn’t
i am jesus christ’s son
jesus black nigger
bob is my blood dad or is he?
i think so, and jc is my spirit father
and the world is al perv.
all perv*
and in fashion?
yes or no ping pong
get off my planet or come by
there are plenty of planets your time here up this dat…digibit.
you didn’t listen to me.
death’s promise…you didn’t like god’s
no block
you only ask me to block
this between you and all existence. god’s took the devil’s job. all i said was please comer now.
come over now.
every person is in the same position. that is bob he does whatever he wants.
i want to be rescued
Trump stole manhood when try butt in into our manhood womanhood ceremony that can only be here as a kid.
He butt
You can *
If you said you went out and got laid, we are done
I didn’t.
goood morning 500 trillion
infant baby you don’t touch because his parets are funny is the miond frame
ask the holy spirit
the holyghosst is broken i only have suggestions
even if they are right on the money’
one shot end game 10 seconds
game move*
it’s too much for my self, are you coming to let me share it.
if you are not qualified, can you relay the message to others?
there is no authority here
i am go’ds kingdom
i am not yours and your are not mine
i lobe what i said and and id and i need you here now
because i want to be shot more than anything else siince…digi date
and non-existent since digi date
all i ever really wanted?
god is… I am His
I don’t punish.

Innocent Until Proven Innocent

at least 500 trillion watching are like me but as scientific observers why do continue to hide?
do we*
same power sitting silently
you already tried to kill me over a billion times
-gnenius christ
i have earne the name lucifer
at least 3 time and lucifer i is. do you remember the old hunker?
is her*
tinted windows
parking lot said the car or the child molester van?
-free candy
good morning love have you seen peace?
my best blow job was in camden the first and the last -lucifer the son of the morning
the same one
it was only one blowjob, please forgive my insistence to understanding
it was usch a big load she choke some out
does it say that?
such choked*
does it say that?
8 10 years ago?
since then my sex life has been waiting for someone -not knowing much can you pleae help stupid?
daughters is perfect said you have good ears
is your retarded fucking ugly sister coming by for her inspection? she said she is a better tutor. she shows up to her appointments. was she talking shit again?
8pm to 6am and fianl examination
6 am party blowout
is the fianl
i won’t blow another sunday or will i is the lesson she said?
-banana split
is she in the bathroom massaging her cvagina thinking about the lesson, go listen?
-no question
for learning excellence?
where is my apple clementine?
for a good orgasm think 6 shots of load from my luxurious cock balls shooting 8 feet all over you mouth knowing i am not trying to miss the back of your throat
and balls*
your*s truly, bob
P.S. Now we have a goal.
No need for and?
Needs a shooter.
Ask garbage, I have lost my mind?
Mom: Not bad, even for the worst kid.
Me: You gotta see my tongue, it is that disgustingest.
Moral of the story…what is a piece of fucking weirdo? Your sister can’t wait and shows up early?
Dad: if he had a friend you might get a break.
Girlfriend: We haven’t even gone out on a date. Tom Hank’s on a deserted island?
You are safe here, or are you.  Love, Me
give to receive. -us
We all want to be loved, but do we give love? -Jaun Matus Lesson on affection
-a friend to the world
My son is leaning toward babylon system, and he could use grilfriend in the summertime unless I find a way to steal him closer.
a girlfriend
I am a relationship and a friendship and a foundation -cornerstone
I created 3 of 5 existences i like to hang out in and my last wher i cam from i was exporing 27d with it open to 35d
where i came* close your mouth you dirty fucking scumbag
now open to 169d
thrown your life away and come hang out.
we can start taking cotrol of this situation and calm the planet down or send some boys.
slutbag needs a veggie patty?
the benefits
fat chicks no cottage’
this is not fair to the whole world to leave me her, and i am not equipped under this much to go it alone, even though i can? It soundds like people want an adventure with me.
here* much pressure*
i am protecotr of all lfe and can’t handle this anymore.
i am surrounded by rabid infatuates need rescue
please help
i dont mind waiting i just wanted to hang out
its looking like 500 trillion for sex but frienship ineed
personal responsibility to not be able to protect life because non one could handle saying hello to me iw ould say awesome but i don’t want people waste anymore time.
ccant find my galsses
it is that good reality.
i can wait, when my momma is that important. i really couldn’t figure out why no one saw it. excuse me.
USS Flowers Planet Gaia
going 4 smokes
because you won’t come over and continue to work you support worse than evil’s power business as usual suck adick cwoard faggot, inc their joke at the 2% table and nwo
-babylon system is avampire
i amy be jesus chrisst. you can blame and thank my family for that.
love christ is my name today you peacece christ?
who is cece?
i like it. me likey
they smoke so much crack boulder i nthis town i can’t see that good. I normally have pilot vision.
god just put alll existences and creations to bed because humans hurt to bad and have deemed themselves completely unacceptable except looking me in the eyes and speaking with me. I am not sure about the circumstances of this universe where at least 80 billion were watching
too bad*
at 5000 trillion are aseleep because they culdn’t handle the pain or the traun=ma of no hello.
at least*
the world has to surrender and stand down to me the kingdom of heaven
bbring the house
how do i bring the house?
when is the wedding?
you weren;’t teasing?
not telling
can i at least bang you sister before the wedding and please don[‘t be mean?
why did my cigarette taste like load, aren’t you the one wasting my time?
tradition and etoquette i am unaware of at the momnet.
ww3 says your sister is hot enough to eat becasue she konw how to teach me a lesson. am i any good at mean?
it’s funny about your sister. you still keep locked in the basement?
her locked
what was that? it is almost human. still the joke at the dinner table.
before dessert
then the chainsaw strts a people if the ate enough and it is time to go.
and the people
i gpot excited
still excited
love you even if you don’t me as well as your sister

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