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by Robert G Brown and Damian Marley and inspired by the whole FoG


Juicy a word that expresses the juice,

The beav the life the lord’s greatest host

The opportunity to see

Genius licks set you free

The retard the comment

The life well lived,

To much to handle

Handle it anyway,

The skunk is in love,

You get sprayed as you pay,

The smell the scent,

The menu in my mouth,

Get your ass off,

that fucking couch,

You see as I know,

You look as you blow,

The cock on the farm,

Does it really grow?

Right in your mouth,

You swallow…bless your womb.

I know y’all want to know,

about the love in my room.

Is it the bed?

Is it the love?

Give and receive,

Disgusting a word that is in disbelief.

Now is the time,

Where are you?

Wish you were here,

I love that pussy,

How could ever think I was queer?

I am weird…look at me,

Born to be free,

I AM here to help you see,

Heaven right in front of you,

Juicy as the sea.

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