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Know anything

I am a nasty man, when kids need help and a loving father, which is dangerous in this world. …And right now, they all need help.

I am finally right in my own heart. Do you know what that means? When you do, you will Know your real or true Self.

It gets harder when you are right in your heart until we are healed. This world will tell you are wrong for trusting your heart. This world attacks and destroys innocence.

I am your innocent reflectipn you are beating and murdering, while you lie, steal, cheat, and hide. I am your monster that you made until look me in the eyes and see God and His kindgom. I am alwaya innocent for what i have learned and God’s messenger and host. I am a teacher, not a punching bag. Come correct or get faggot slapped.

If you don’t want anything, you don’t need to know anything. That’s real knowledge. It may be God’s peace and His extension.

How do you get people happy? You want to try it?

Smoking cigarettes right now is a real good time. Do you think it will last?

People are way to serious. Then it’s like they are not being serious right now and do bad things. Wishy washy?

I think I am the opposite. Everything is serious or rediculous, everything. Care and love and honesty are important when words have many meanings.

All I have done is made a scientific observation and I am being murdered for it, so you can continue to be in-charge of someone else’s life. Suck-a-dick says it all. Who says that to be in-charge of you? I say it now to beat those people back until they are done behaving like that. It took me 3 years to invest, but I do it the right way, for protection and education. Get away from me already and my walls, coward faggot.

It is weird my wife wants to hurt so bad right now, knowing what she is doing.

Kids need more ways to develop with less restrictions free from death and sickness. With unlimited resources, we could free our minds completely. …And condsidering the projects we work on now, we have unlimited resources,

The people that run our system have already murdered you by your agreement, and you can’t tell because they make money off you until your dead, through the schools, mental instutions, jails and prisons, and your job. …And you get special priviledges depending on your location and work, while you are dying. They die too, so it is slavery for all.

Now you can see the problem…worldwide insanity, where they hide information and plot your murder in business as usual. Maybe it is a game the rich play. Place your bets.

Divide and conquer is the real weapon. Beware of those that small you or single you out.

I am a sovereign nation. So, find out how you treat a peaceful sovereign nation for a step closer to being here.

Maybe everybody has a robot body that looks like their regular body for protection. How many people?

Escape to a decent party?

800 trillion robot slab worlds in the way of murderers, liars, cheats, thieves, and rapist molesters before they get to this body (Robert G Brown), with a new one built after you get through one. Protection? Are you protected the same?

800 trillion is a small number, if it has to be. That’s God’s love.

Fly swatters just went out of business.

Do you need to know anything?

Dealing with Nicolaitans is like stepping in dog shit all day every step of the way, while they tell you it is not dog shit. They try to tell you it is something beautiful instead, and if you are insane enough, you may believe them, but it is dog shit. They will also try to tell you the people you love are dog shit. They are that insane for a tingle.

Escape all reality is their philosophy, for promiscuous sex, through creative Mr. Nice Guy, it is all good rape tactics, and mental torture mental breakdown ape tactics, still acting cute sbout it like it is fine to treat people like that.

That is the information I have gathered. What do you know about Nicolaitans? It is a nice name for rapist molester.

Society is the same way in the name of safety and humanity, while we work torturously until we are dead.

What is wrong with embracing reality?

I am family man and the insane don’t know what family is?

My mom and dad are still together, even if they are dead, but that part of their life is God’s. The rest is the devil’s and Satan’s, if you believe those two are the ones that lead you to death.

I treat myself like a child with no parents, knowing what I appreciate about parents, to protect life from danger, for the kids sake and for my own well being too.

An illusionist trick is believing old age is real. A scorcerer can use that investment from many as a weapon of mass murder and mass destruction. Do you see how?

Hurting people is not a game. It is serious and wrong. If you have fun or get off on hurting people, you are a problem.

A law system in place is supposed to put itself out of business as quickly as possible, because nothing about it is right. That is the reality of a law system.

Do you know anything, yet?

Ask how many children you are hurting, when you try to hurt me?

You can’t change people, but you can show them why they are all wrong.

Our relationship is we live on the same planet together. And people want to rape and murder me all day is wrong. You haven’t even said hello yet, so why are you trying to rape and murder me?

Smiling at flowers all day long for 3 years heals the world and is way better than anything you have to done to come at me. You are the wrath of hell the way you have to try to hurt, murder, and discredit me, an excellent teacher that kids love. Ask them.

Society is a bunch of coward faggots screaming through faggot walls thinking they know something. In-charge saying suck-a-dick to someone through faggot walls is extreme coward faggot.

Ladies and gentleman discuss every problem with everyone and apply solutions. …And they do it gently in the light with no reservations.

My wife is good for any man, but why she is right for me is why we do this all day for you. That’s us.

Share the love.

Note*** – this alert system shuts off, if no one talks to me through walls or sends any thought energy here or tries to come over without asking in body, not faggot walls.

How I killed in-charge with your help

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worldwide attack imminent

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