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Liars Lies and Ignorance Mounts

Liars Lies and Ignorance Mounts
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Tuesday 3/13/2018

No one on this planet can possibly know what reality is. Your world of ignorance hides reality with your lies. Your leadership tells you what to do and rarely asks questions. And the questions asked never want answers. They seek to uphold your routine life of sickness and death. Everyone is in-charge, and nobody has to think anymore. As long as the money is coming in, we did it right, even if we are never happy. Then we realize we are going to die, and then we die. What happened to life? It’s stuck in your problem to make money creating problems instead of solving them.

We create jobs, instead of learning each others passions, passions that solve problems and free the mind. Families are weak in numbers. Communities are broken. Few stand together, and our voice is told to shut up, or we will kill you, whoever the killers are…but since no one sees death until it’s too late, it’s all good. We are so afraid to lose or speak up, we rarely win, and when we do win, it is for selfish gain.

To know, we must never hide and be willing to share our ideas even in a land of thieves. If our ideas are for all and take everyone to accomplish them, no one can steal from us ever again. It may take time to complete our goals against such deceptive tyranny, but ideas that win for us all never die.

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