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by Robert G Brown

Thursday 5/25/2017

…Scared, deprived, unaccepted, illegal, guilty, abused, tortured, misguided, misleaded, lied to, and I don’t know who to talk to about who I am anymore. God is abundant, then why I am seeing anything like this? Because God doesn’t want you guys to be afraid of anything ever again. God’s protection is limitless, when your faith is in God alone.

Come give your daddy a hug. Why doesn’t anyone know how to be a lady or gentleman around here? When did we start the trash company? God and His kids want to keep everything. Recycling is the only thing we need to be doing until we upgrade.

Loneliness is a temporary condition that can always be appreciated. When we wake up and realize nobody knows what the fuck is going on anymore, we have to ask how many people feel abandoned and rejected? One is too many, and need our help.

If you feel abandoned or rejected feel free to call Bobby Brown at 856 669 8229 or come by and sit quietly for as long as you need. Appointments are appreciated.

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