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Mentally Decrepit

Mentally Decrepit

by Robert G Brown, thinking of you Flagstaff, AZ

Wednesday 5/31/2017

Our search engines are mentally decrepit because people sell shit. Does that help buyers and sellers become mentally decrepit, or are we the reason our search engines are mentally decrepit? Mentally decrepit, yeah, I just gotta write it. That’s why these people are mentally decrepit, right here…because they think they are better than somebody else, and it is possibly the worst mental illness known to mankind…thinking you are better than somebody.

Moving in the wrong direction reveals how to correct every mistake, but it hurts right now the way we are doing it, and there are simple ways to do it. Collecting reliable information and using it to think correctly will lead us gently from our decrepidation. But united the planet as a team dedicated to relieving all pain, suffering, and stress instantly is a goal we can all embrace.

Pick up trash is a bold first step that makes us all feel like family instantly. Knowing is God’s family, and we recycle and use everything to the best of its ability. No more trash shows our respect to mom, Momma Gaia, our planet, and every mom in creation, and we love when mom bends over. I wonder what mom is wearing? Gaia looks like she needs a new dress. Come on mommy, pick up trash.

Now everyone can build a skyscraper, because everything is cheap. Cheap means free in the new world, “Who’s in Charge?” It’s better than that. Since everybody knows everything in calm peaceful confidence, while the burning love of God resides in the house. What a vision the collective of our imagination of our Family…what’s your story, am I seeing things clearly? Why do I get punched for that?

This family has no idea what a family is. There is no one doing what’s necessary to flip a planet on its head. Clean up of your head is instant when you believe in God’s purpose for you. But we are responsible for all living things and their head is our head, and if one is sick we all suffer. If everyone knew that we are one family of every living thing responsible for ever living thing suffering ends, sickness ends, death becomes our friend forever, because nothing ever dies, and never did. Why?

When we know our part in conjunction with the whole realizing as sickness ends we all become the whole. As bodies we have a great responsibility to each other as we develop beyond the way we used to think. As spirit we can transcend the physical world and take a rest. First we should all honor what every individual is here to do as we clean up our mess. I keep asking, what do you all think? If we all need a rest God needs us to honor what we said we would do and get it done. The acts of love you decided were necessary to feel right about this situation?

How does it feel abandoning or rejecting anyone or anything in this family? When we forget about the needs of everything for selfish desire we destroy the integrity of who we are, known as the human condition. What is the human condition? We fight to survive or we live as one.

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