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Mind Control

Mind Control Part 1

by Robert G Brown


The revelation has fallen upon us and mind control devices are the devil’s attack against the minds of our children and our people. Most of what you hear in your mind is not who you are…and you must have your guard up to defend against such a devious system. We are all vulnerable to attack, so understanding truth is the first step to your protection.

Truth is the happy person you are; that is in love with everything. This is truly your only defense against the mind control devices that have been set up world wide. They are everywhere, but that is not important. What is important is how you think against them. The funny thing is…just loving the voices you hear can transform the voices in your head.

They are designed to feed off your thinking, and mask the person your think you are. So, although you may think it is you, it is really just a genius way of keeping you under control, and eventually turning you into a slave or killing you. Aren’t we already slaves?

Divided we are crushed, but together we stand. Now is the time to rally with our people and start to understand how we can help fix the problem. Many of my family are ready to lend our helping hand, but we still need your help. Please get a hold on me via email, if you have any ideas you are willing to share to help correct these problems. Help us save your life.


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  • Jaimie Wetmore

    I love reading your from your blog, You will always be a good memory for me I’m so glad that when I was in my lowest I met you. Thank you Bob for being there. I wish you the best KIT. Jaimie your walking buddy lol

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