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Moist Taint

Moist Taint

by Que Lachinga

Wednesday 5/24/2017

Moist taint knows crotch rot. What’s crotch rot? It’s kind of like swamp ass. Who is this How you get nowhere all day long. Miss 70 feet has all kinds of ideas about what a relationship isn’t, but we are friends. Bobby I asked you about crotch rot, now I need to know about swamp ass, because both those words need a definition. I always wanted to write a dictionary with the kids. She thinks it is too, because of her we all know what we can’t handle. Your always getting sidetracked, and when it’s because the world loves to hate you, you better get these people prepared for the worst.

Crotch rot happens when your sweaty thighs and taint rub together, and you get a rash. Do you know what a rash is? Water and love could cure a rash real quick. God’s knows what I’m talking about. Then I should talk to God, or are you going to apply the remedy? Because I’m a guitar, I could us a human body to help me apply the mixture. The people around here, don’t seem like they know what is going on, but we all need help over here.

What’s dying like? It’s when you know there is a better way and people would rather waste time then be happy. Balance or roller coaster? Does the roller coaster find balance? Longevity before immortality…I know the secret. Spiritual discipline decides how long it takes, and when it’s up to everyone to develop and evolve through the awareness of perception, this could be our final lifetime forever more. Physical reality is a playground not a dungeon.

I heard people were looking for you, because you wouldn’t shoot in your pants. Who Jehovah and Satan? Allotta people have been looking for me for different reasons. The risen Christ is here daily looking after things, so God’s surprise party doesn’t get ruined. Don’t tell anybody. Every moment has been a surprise party for everyone including God. We know He smiles on us all every instant of every day. We are just having a little trouble getting together at your place, so keep being patient your own way.

Today’s symptoms are brought to you in part by Delran, NJ and the whole Family of God. Instant stops –  instantly stop you from doing what God’s wants in this time of temporary crisis learning about celebration. Reasonal stops – are clever accuses to clear objectives that appear to be the wrong thing, when you know what is right for you. Households have to understand they are a unit, because of the way we live life, and every decision is everyone’s when you are in that house. Healing services are available at Bobby Brown’s house all day long if your interested. Call for an appointment. 856 669 8229.


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