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mr brown school teacher

mr brown school teacher
by Robert G Brown

love bob

You threw away your pride, so you could be a coward. Pride – I said it; I did it.

Shake my hand and say hello to Mr Brown if you want it to work right. Rules and regulations…talks about any topic without harm. Leads you in the right direction if it can’t answer your questions. Teaches you how to communicate and live to solve any problem.

What is your passion and path to world healing and peace.

My first priority and first purpose is healing.

Science Philosophy Spirituality Free Thinking Family Community for Peace with foundations in mathematics and unconditional love as languages of peace freedom growth and development.

Mr Brown school teacher plays the worthiness of god game, and your interest is necessary in order to catch him for a lesson. …And donations are 10% of what you can afford. So if you can afford to give $100 then $10 is the donation. Food clothing and shelter are accepted.

Get a hold of him today. Solve your world’s problems, so the kids can play. The road to the negative one opened today for skilled and experienced worthiness of god game players.

Only the proud make it here. I said it; I did it. That’s the attitude here…proud.
peace and god bless, even if you don’t know what heaven is yet.

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