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My Apologies

My Apologies

by Robert G Brown

Thursday 8.24.2107

Boberb: Everything speaks. How each communicates we must learn. Welcome to your happy dream.

Imagine my elation when I knew I could think anything with God…my mind is His mind. Imagine when I thought everyone understood, and instead, think about the way the world took it. No one knew what was bad or good ever again. My apologies.

That’s the way it seemed anyway. We can be innocent right now, and go to Heaven, or sit around and wait for people to love one another, because that it how you get to Heaven. Speak the truth. Love and forgive.

I am God’s innocent Son by His blessing, and people keep trying to throw me away, because they can’t understand how or why God came to choose Bobby Brown as Immanuel for this life time to bring peace back to our people, the human race. Knowing now, how disgusting the human race is; we should have no problem rescuing each other and roll in world unity and world peace. Go ahead; keep not believing me. We are on the brink of unity, even if you can’t tell, and I want to know where you stand. My apologies.

People want some special image for God’s Son and it doesn’t exist. We all got style.We are not boring peoples, why do you act bored and get scared at every little thing. When we learn to share again people will start to open up. It’s a big planet and 7.5 at least billion have ideas to bring peace as well. It looks like the infrastructure for a World Family Community is a good hope to get us all on the same page. It shapes society, as spiritual founded free thinkers.

What is an infrastructure for a world family community? My apologies; I want to help establish a no one in charge infrastructure the fuels our hearts to become the people we were always meant to be…happy and in love sharing joy in all things. We seem to keep getting caught in old routines and need to push forward knowing healing and recylcing are the top two priorities, while re-establishing strong family and community.

Everything you see and beyond is God’s One Innocent Son.

I have learned my lessons. I hope you like how I have displayed them. You are a big part of the message and the lesson. We learn from each other. …And I realize most of the people that have taught me have been hiding for a large part of their life. That’s not my fault; I was asleep too. That’s why family and community has deteriorated, because the people willing to talk, doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Are you one of the ones that think they are better than everybody else, that is unwilling to talk? Or of some special status that makes you feel you can make rules based on your incompetence to communicate? My apologies.

Dear God,

I know I heart my family, and it seems I hurt them too. I want to bring the family back together, and strengthen my community, which I believe is the whole planet. Gaia and I are ready to move forward, to help bring peace for longer durations to everyone here. Please help me repair any damage I may have caused to our Family. Brandon has prayed for us to be closer together, so we can spend more time together, and I believe Amy is ready for a change. Maybe we can find a way to spend our lives together. Right now I am happy to be in Philly, and I feel good. Thank you for the love and the job. Let my family know I love them, and never had ill intentions. I only spoke the truth to the best of my knowledge, in every instance. I hope I am doing well in your eyes. I have faith I am. …And love the chance to do your work each moment.

I have lied to my family. I have stolen from my family. But they wanted me to lie, and I should have never stolen. After you break trust, how do you repair it quickly? I tell the truth now, and they act like I am crazy. Maybe, they just wanted something else. I yelled to wake them up, not because we need to yell at each other. I might of went overboard, but it seems like no one knows what I am talking about, and after 4 years I would have thought, we would all be further along in our spiritual development. I should have never lied either, then there would have been a good chance my mom and dad and maybe the rest of the planet that we would all be more awake.

I want the best for everybody now, now that I realize you were always free and unlimited, and I should probably be more worried about how I hurt my parents, Brandon, and the rest of the family. I know my ideas work…that’s why I get upset. I wish the kids all over the planet would just get a hold of me and open up. That’s why I write my blog, to see who is ready to talk about anything and everything freely without anyone getting hurt. Communication is important, and so many people are so afraid to say so many things. Help me help my family and repair as much damage as possible. I believe I am on the right track. Thank you in appreciation for all creation.

Love, Bobby

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