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NJ Mental Health Care Review

by Robert G Brown

Original Drafts Written Between 11/3/2015 and 12/7/2015

Introductory Notes: This is not meant to be a “punch in the face” to the employees that work in mental health facilities. This is a “kick in the nuts” to the whole world for allowing this type of torture to be considered therapy, treatment, medicine, and/or care.

Disgrace, Debacle, Dumbfounded are great words to begin this review as I try to describe how mental health care is handled in New Jersey. Some of Heaven’s greatest assets reside in mental institutions as patients. Angels sent to help deal with today’s issues are categorized, reduced, discarded, and labeled as insane. Then their brains are melted with harmful pharmaceutical drugs. It sounds like a horror story because it is…and it is true. Here are my stories about two of New Jersey’s Mental Health Institutions.

Hampton Mental Health Hospital of Westampton New Jersey

It began in early October of 2015 when an argument with my parents lead to the police being called by my mother. She told the local authorities of Delran, NJ I needed help, and wanted me to get checked out. I wasn’t the only one arguing, but that’s not important. The police asked if I would speak with someone, so I agreed for the sake of everyone’s peace of mind.

Two young girls were sent to assess the situation. I must of pissed them off, because they immaturely had me shipped to the Lourdes Hospital Psych Unit of Willingboro for evaluation. I was then shipped off to Hampton Hospital to begin my nightmare.

My $1000 a day stay at Hampton Mental Health Hospital is a story that seldom is told. The employees complete lack of love, compassion, and care for human life being beyond disgusting is an understatement. Their drug dealing mentalities for their weekly paycheck has turned them into zombie humanoids that disregard all patient concerns so they can make the “pharmaceutical crack” producers rich.

That is a metaphor I use for the drugs the pharmaceutical companies produce. Drugs that cause more problems with their absurd amount of side effects and risks, then the one symptom they feebly try to address. The faculty has no idea what medicine or therapy is…and their success rate is zero. But it doesn’t stop there; the facility continues to cause more problems then solve anything.

For $1000 a day you would think you would get a decent meal. Instead you get constipating crap with little to no nutritional value, and their group therapies make you stupid for attending. The staff is unknowledgeable, and has no idea why the rules are the rules. If you ask, they don’t have any solid answers that make you feel better for asking. On top of that…for quick release you must follow their treatment plan which consists of the mandatory taking of drugs, and going to group therapy.

Vital signs are taken all day. Drugs are given all day in obscene doses to help make their babysitting job easier. You get to go outside for approximately 80 minutes a day.  Everyone in the place walks around like the living dead including staff. The whole faculty is so retarded that they don’t think, or even ask questions as to why the facility exists or if it is helping anyone at all. The staff only cares about their paychecks nothing more.

Next Stop Ancora State Mental Hospital

The nightmare continued as I was shipped off to Ancora State Mental Health Hospital of New Jersey just before Thanksgiving for not taking pharmaceutical drugs at Hampton. The staff at Hampton said, “If you won’t let us melt your brain we have to send you to a long term mental health facility.” Those weren’t the exact words, but I think you are beginning to see the truth of my words.

I received no warning, no preparation, and was shipped off like a package in the mail…not like a human being that needed additional treatment. It felt like they just wanted to get rid of me, so they could repair the mental disruption I caused by speaking the honest truth during my stay.

Ancora was very scary upon arrival and reminded of the facility that held Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs.” The dim lightning, drab decor, and the lost inventions that couldn’t make it in the real world created a fear I never experienced before. Thankfully, the staff was much more relaxed…like they knew this was their death bed job, because someone threatened them as to say, “Work here or die!”

It seemed like they figured taking care of their family before the world ends was better than nothing. I guess they didn’t make the list of 500,000 zombies that the top 3% of the populus have elected to keep around to wait on their every want and need, while they murdered the other 7 billion people to help sustain the planet. That’s the feeling I got anyway.

The staff and the patients had the gait of a “Zombie Apocalypse.” Brain melt supreme had knocked the wind out of everyone, and the only thing left was a mass depression that permeates and resonates through everyone and everything there. If this is a worldwide phenomenon, and I heard from several patients that New Jersey has better facilities than many other places they had been to around the country…then we are in big trouble.

Who is really mentally ill? Is it the patients or is it the staff? Please start asking the right questions and find out how you can help before it is too late.

Final Concerns

Many patients at mental health institutions have the best gifts to handle the current mental health situation. The staff should help identify these gifts, so they can be put to use for the benefit of the world. The problems continue to grow because of our lack of awareness, our inability to ask the right questions, and our mispreception of the health care system.

We are all being negatively affected by our misunderstandings. Going through life without compassion for one another is destroying the balance of our society. We all need help, especially our planet. Mother Earth needs the most help because her heart is broken due to the way we treat each other and her kingdoms. The damage is done and we need to accept that, so we can repair her heart.

We are a spiritual family no matter what walk we are on, or which doctrines we follow. Accepting one another in the current situation is a huge step in the right direction. Give to receive is God’s way and my heart says put your family first. Loving one another is easy once you realize everything is your family. How can you help re-establish the love we all need?

Peace and Love to you today.

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