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NJ Mental Health Care Revisited

NJ Mental Health Care Revisited

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Monday June 13, 2016

Mental Health Care in New Jersey has become a money making monster for the pharmaceutical companies. Mental Health Care facilities offer subpar care for costs around $1000 a day. It’s a place where you are treated like a criminal rather than someone who is sick. That’s why state and entry level facilities are more like jails with softer beds and better views. Not to mention, you would receive better healing at a luxury resort for $1000 dollars a day. I rotted for 4 months recently in 2 New Jersey facilities that cost the American tax payer over $120,000.

I was just released from Ancora State Mental Health Hospital of New Jersey for a second time. It is a place where drooling patients slept on the floor in the hallway because their rooms were locked during the day, because that was the rules and regulations for treating sick people from 6 am to 5 pm. There were many rules like this that had to be followed in order for the faculty to keep their jobs, which was torturous to the human psyche.

All the while, even the truly caring employees couldn’t see the damage being done by their so-called health care that costs our citizens $1000 a day. The worst part is it felt like the facility was discarding human life, and preparing them for the graveyard. What a nightmare for many that aren’t even halfway through their life span, and feeling like a piece of garbage being hauled to the trash compactor, and this being deemed as humane.

These Mental Health Care facilities are allowed to force drugs on you, if for any reason a doctor or nurse deems you a threat to yourself or others, by a doctor’s order. There can even be pre-written order…if you refuse to take your medication, the staff is allowed to hold you down by force and inject you with drugs, as they see fit.For this day in age the system is barbaric at best, especially when most patients were just hoping for a little love and good guidance. What’s even more ashame is that many of these patients are coming from a worse environment than the health care facility they just walked into, especially when there is enough wealth in this country and worldwide that not one individual should be poor or suffering.

The mental health care institution is an institution, that, if we are human, should anger everyone’s heart. We should be asking ourselves how our society could ever allow such atrocities against sick human beings. We should be wondering how the mental health situation can be resolved immediately, or at least be put at ease. Think about what you would expect from mental health care that cost you $1000 a day.

Help for the Mentally Ill

Here’s the thing…when I prayed for help, I ended up in a mental health facility, a place where I would rather die before I ever go again. There must be a good reason then that God sent me there by the power of His Grace. It was there I realized some of the world’s greatest gifts reside temporarily and long term in our mental institutions. People from all walks of life with specialized talents for healing the current situation. Individuals that have been hurt by or given up on our current way of life, and/or have turned to drugs or other forms of self-medication.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, they are just insane retards that need a looney bin. These institutions dispense prescription drugs that crush their spirits and dull their minds until the people we once knew are empty shells of the their true self. Some of these drugs do help temporarily, but the amounts and doses seem obnoxious to achieve a desired behavior that results in less than human at best. I saw one girl take about 12 pills twice a day.

Help for the mentally ill is absolutely necessary, but how we contribute to patients needs and heal mental illness needs our attention as to the current methods of care. The whole system needs to be revamped to give the mentally ill a better chance of success when re-entering society to live a healthy life. Stress should be placed on educating patients on how diet, work, free time, and sleep should be used to nurture happiness and increase overall well being. At $1000 a day, there are better ways to address this sensitive situation beyond the barbarism and torture that is applied by the pharmaceutical companies.

Life on planet earth is short, but how long will we continue to live as self-inflicted retards that seek to control others rather than help set them free?

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