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Please Say Hello Now

Please Say Hello Now

by Robert g Brown with the FoG chillin’ with God’s Son

Sunday 12.03.2017

Dear You,

Avoid or even kill anyone, and know nothing. Say hello to everyone and know everything, but everyone has to do it. The could take some networking skills, and since it feels like everyone is hiding, stepping into the light with a helpful voice helps support the peace of mind we need to see what is good for all, by talking to everyone. People in-charge lock us in nightmares and slowly suck our souls until we are dead. Evil intends against freedom to hold control and you in chains, but our voice gently releases one another from the tyranny of evil humans, while giving you the strength and protection of a proud child that acts for God’s purpose, rather than self-interest, knowing your interests are always safe in Heaven and available once we are healed and back in God’s arms.

A proud life doesn’t hide, and doesn’t mind the world knowing its every move, knowing we have earned our peace, but will fight, until our planet our mom is healed. We stand for peace and fight for our family’s relationship with all living things, knowing our part and protecting God’s Love His Son (which is everything you see until we know better) from arrogance, and deception as the past slips away, and celebration replaces a world locked in chains.

arrogance – thinking God didn’t give everything to share freely, so you act like little wussie faggot shit that complains about everything, when you could roll right up.

deception – thinking you are special (better than someone else), you are in-charge, you know anything at all, you can change it, you can’t talk to anyone about anything, unity is weak, you can tell people what to do, we are not one mind, we can hide, your mom doesn’t suck dick, right cock and balls?

Love’s Presence is beyond good and evil. God’s changeless reality stands indestructible in perfect freedom, unlimited in Its extension of love always. To understand Love’s Presence beyond good and evil, loving everything more than your self unlocks a new dimension in thinking.  For example, if you want him to shoot in his pants then God must know you will never hurt anyone again, because it will happen when you won’t. It’s like a morgue with load dumps around here, according local rumors, and careless exchanges. If it’s all in your head, maybe it’s everyone else’s too, and you speak up if you think your a telepath, by filling in the hiders blanks. Family first thinking says if you love everything more than your self a new miracle is born. Maybe when you understand, you can touch my bed from your location, but I heard it only works if you touch it over here, so you don’t forget Love’s Presence. Invest your faith in the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t question your heart. Do you feel the same way? Do you see it?

The revelation of the truth says there is no past or future. no space and time, just a world to forgive, so we can rest for a while. Leave all you fears behind you. Regrets are filled with tears.  Smash your buddy in the face with truth, so he can leave the world of sin, beyond hatred and mistakes, acting like ladies and gentlemen. What beers are good in the winter? I need a break from reality, so I can see real world. It’s starts with hello, simple and clear, you don’t even have to say a word, and never project a fear, to give a gentle greeting that whispers in your ear. You are always safe in Heaven, and I wish that you were here, so I pray you strength and confidence, to guide you through your worst fears. Loneliness hides in the closet. Good luck finding me wussie faggot shit, my family needs to heal. Roll up, roll out, get your ass over here (and tell me what that means), sounds like a masterpiece singing in God’s ear.

Please say hello now is the constant call of God’s Son to His Children, hoping you all are safe, but your message that you are safe will help ease my worries. When people are lost in insanity, it’s scary to not know the facts, unless we share the burden together sharing our ideas that heal the world. We all love you, even if it looks like we are covering it up, or struggling as well. No one in their right mind wants to hurt anyone, but we were taught to our whole life without knowing it was wrong. We have a responsibility to all living things, and our choices are our own, but what is earned and achieved should be recognized and celebrated with all. I am here to celebrate you. How’s the game? I am still on the quest, “Waiting for a Rescue.” Love, Dad

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