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Robin Williams Resurrected

Merry Christmas

In-charge tell you what to do leadersip is skeevy…ask your Self. Or don’t? Skeevy.

Let’s find out if we want to be dead or not.

Desk of:
Robert G Brown Christmas Day

Happy Birthday Jesus? Should it be questioned?

How do you resurrect a man’s spirit? Is it through the spirit in a life beyond, or here and unseen? Can a dead man resurrect the body through the love of Jesus Christ and the power of God?

Do you think there is a time limit? Do you want to give me all your money?

Most people don’t want to fight and they don’t want to be locked down. …And the most people don’t know how to communicate that, right? Freedom and reality is unlimited or headed there by definition but time holds us in check whle we heal. Sickness and death are a mistake and unreal, correct?

Robin Williams has been a life coach through his films and the dirt of his grave pit. He said in his ghost delight, that I am poor enough to go to the depths of non-existence with him, without killing myself, and you helped by not donating to your freedom yet. So, since I am living successfully through unimaginable pain and torture, you can donate 4% of your life’s savings, and if you don’t have savings you can donate every penny you have because you aint saving anything.

Rob your mom like you smack crack, right? Do you think she got anything? $20? How much you got? You know you want to put it all-in to my paypal account. Hurry up; donate now, everything.

Note* – There is a right way to sell crack or heroin. You sell it for the shortest amount of time putting crack and herion out of business and getting eveyone involved the professional rehabilitation they need. Even intense anger management, and medical marijuana can help. You’re the judge anyway, right? Ask about legal restrictions by contacting your local municipal house.

Did you donate yet?

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Watch this donation reward bonus video, after you donate.

…digi. doc 5.0? Where is 6?

Secret to Immortality

Robin Williams Resurrected

Global Infrastructure Spreads via Worldwide Network Communication Family

Long Distance Parents

Healthcare Leads To Death



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