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Say the Word

Say the Word

by Robert G Brown and the Grey Aliens unless I am crazy or something, and thanks to the whole Family of God

Note* Please forgive me for not always knowing where proper credit belongs, but our Family has it all recorded, so if it seems we are having problems, there is nothing to worry about. These fearful times will work themselves out because of our strong faith and devotion to each other.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The conversation is the relationship we have with our world. It is in everything we see. It is not always the words we use when we vspeak, but the heart felt love that directly connects us with everything around us. It is the lost treasure of our souls and “failure to love properly” is our crime against humanity.

When did worrying about someone else’s life become our life? When did TV take control of our minds, so we could watch someone else live life? These are important questions to ask, because they get in the way of our true nature…the relationship between ourselves and our world.

The Family of God proposes a toast and a solution to all the world’s problems. Honest business, and healthy living within the laws of physics is how love expresses itself best. But everyone keeps asking, “Where is the love?” Unconditional love is the foundation of science and the reason we suffer, because it hasn’t been included in our understanding of our current curriculum.

What is the next step? What is the Atonement? What is the true Voice of God?

Now, that is up to you, but these are excellent questions to ask. The big question is, “Who is asking the questions and who are you asking the questions of? This is our identity individually and our One Mind Eternal better known as the Mind of God. Truth is God’s unchangeable reality and our loving voice brings solutions to problems, that would normally keep us trapped in illusions that hide in lies.

The Atonement is simple…one loving act for each bad investment, until you are fully in love again. Unconditional love is God’s love, and it asks for nothing in return. If we all give freely, we all live freely.

Everything around us speaks, and everything has beautiful answers to our questions. Have you tried talking to the nonhuman world around you, and see how much love there really is in this beautiful world around you, if you are just willing to give a little love. It is a silent voice that inspires your imagination. Giving is receiving in the Land of God, and physics will prove it, if you just give it a chance. Run some small experiments speaking with your world today, and see if you feel the love or not.

How do we answer these questions individually and as a Family? When are we all going to start pitching in? I need your voice to help with the conversation, so we can start solving our problems together instead of all alone. Realize who speaks to you and how you see them, because if you don’t take the time to look the world around, you won’t know what is really happening. True equality comes from understanding that everyting in my family has a voice down to the smallest grain of sand.

The last paragraph shows me, I take the best from our Family in Love, and that is one way to share love…by remembering the best parts of our lives and expressing them in the current situation. The last few lines were inspired by my brother Bob Marley’s interviews, and now I see how the whole article is inspired by words of wisdom from my whole Family.

We need your help. I can’t wait to hear your stories and ideas and see how the world heals.



2 Responses to Say the Word

  • Robert G Brown

    Here is an email I received 2/1/2016 from: tommyjc4@gmail.com

    I just completed my initial perusal of your website and I love the honesty and your utter willingness to genuinely feel the sense of freedom enough, not to give a second thought to whom may judge the content …I know from personal experience exactly how confusing and lonely that road can be…I love and respect every fucking syllable your website presents, because I believe with each cell in my body that the greatest gift god granted us is the ability, willingness, and freedom to communicate…I think it takes great courage and an unwavering sense of self respect to post your feelings with regard to your own personal views and experiences, in the face of a world wide web of judgment.

    Herein lies the issue, as i see it, with it your endeavor on a societal level… In our current world, if u were lucky sperm and born into money, the thoughts contained within your website would be looked upon differently. It seems to me that a lack of money, therefore status within our society, lends itself directly to a lack of credibility. Ive come to this conclusion from the personal experience ive gathered during my own waist high tread through the fucking societal sewer we call Burlington County. The vast majority of men and women ive had the displeasure of making the acquaintance of, are conditioned toward a predisposition to unconsciously judge with a veracity so engrained, ive been inept to find its equal.

    These people will misinterpret and possibly condemn or disregard the honest content that unmistakably stems directly from your soul …Bobby my advice is, many people will read your words differently than u intend, no matter how obvious it presents itself as an extention of your heart and soul….But…I say keep your chin up and continue uninfluenced doing whatever feels right to you…Maybe one day you efforts will help to affect a positive change in the life of another human being, currently suffering from an inability to think for themselves, possibly generating a spark, igniting a fire beneath them causing a new direction.

    A direction, to now live a life making choices and decisions unencumbered by the current human condition that is poisonous to the majority of Americans and acts as a catalyst in the unconscious mind spawning a mental default to negatively judge.

    Never forget…
    You are the maker of the music and you are the dreamer of the dream!!

    • Robert G Brown

      Hi there son. I have never felt this much appreciation in a long time, so my thanks to you. It is nice to finally have chance to reply to someone that actually understands me…that’s what it seems anyway. With so many people living behind lies these days, it is difficult to know who is really telling the truth. But if I were to guess you spilled your heart and soul into your statement.

      We need more minds like yours that lead with the heart, so we can better understand the world around us. We face many difficult challenges when we live in the darkness and deceit that lies create. The night was supposed to be fun…not a place to hide treacherous acts against one another. A revolution can be peaceful when we realize that fear starts wars not loving hearts. And loving hearts are the most powerful forces in all Creation, and they have the power to paralyze the fearful in their tracks. Joining forces with like minds will burn the gentle fire of love throughout the universe.

      So, thanks again for your kind words of inspiration, and know if you would like to be an author on my blog. The door is always open, and I await your reply. The contact page link is at the bottom right of the website.

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