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Schizophrenia Nightmare Awake

Schizophrenia Nightmare Awake

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Friday 7/3/15 – Pasco County Jail, Florida

Inspired by the army for the atrocities they committed against the Family of God. See you soon fellas.

Boberb – Remember any person you see is a member of the Family of God, and not their ego that shrouds them in fear.

As you already should know I suffered from schizophrenia for a long time. It is governed by the ego of highly sensitive spirits that eat to much fear. Don’t worry this story gets worse, but let’s stick to this definition for now. Schizophrenia is a nightmarish disease of the mind that turns illusion into reality with relative ease because of the mind’s unlimited creative power.

What makes it possible? Fear…fear is the fuel that makes illusions, while the brain is the device, and the mind is the means that make illusions real. (Illusions real? That doesn’t make sense, but it will.) No matter how hard schizophrenics try to dissolve illusions, as long as fear is involved, the task seems nearly impossible. Let us look at the mind of one schizophrenic in his writing entitled, “The Judgments Were Severe.” This will give you an idea of what it is like to live in his shoes.

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