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Slutballs on Crack

Slutballs on Crack

by Robert G Brown

Friday 6/26/2017

Slutballs on crack seems to appeal to the senses. There are many subcultures that many human beings would throw in the trash. If everything you see is you, how does hatred in any form still exist, other than the memories of a world gone mad? All living things need the utmost care as we heal our mind’s decision that fear is more precious than love. There is one Voice you should listen to…yours in love. Unconditional loves gives all and expects nothing and helps us see and understand God’s vision of unlimited and free.

If you walk into a store and everything is free, what do you desire, and would that store even be in business? When we realize sickness does not exist as well as punishment most of our companies just went out of business. We have technology for free energy, once we get to know each other. …But business as usual watches the world crumble.

No one is in charge infrastructure and leadership assumes self responsibility for all living creatures and kingdoms in perfect love. Giving is receiving and sharing is caring are simple principles that can be applied immediately to help us understand God’s promise that we were all created as Heaven. That is who we are once we know each other in open minded open hearted honesty that leads us to a place of vulnerability and innocence that gives us the opportunity and strength to express God’s love.

I’m the Holy Spirit’s best representative in Delran, NJ. It is hard to understand, when we have hated so many things for so long. People bark orders at each other, tell each other what to do, accept punishment as worthy for human development. We are a dying civilization, until we come together as a community that knows every living thing as themself.

The only Voice you should rely on is the Holy Spirit’s, and His best Voice is yours sharing love freely and unconditionally…rejecting business as usual completely.

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