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Social Experiments Schizophrenia and Mind Control

Social Experiments Schizophrenia and Mind Control

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – 5/18/2016

Lead with Love

Who lives in your neighborhood and what do you really know about your neighbors? In today’s closed and locked door society, many people think safety means keeping to yourself and hiding from the outside world. Unfortunately, this type of behavior leads to ignorance and causes paranoia.

Leading with love is an assertive solution to approaching your community, so you can identify problems before they arise. Knowing the individuals and families in your neighborhood, helps you feel confident in your surroundings. When you approach others with love it is easy to sense and recognize fear, and also see into the depths of its nature.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling uncertain about the people that live within your community or even your household. And leading with love will give you a realistic sense of your environment while lending protection for your loved ones. Love is not always gushy, especially when dealing with the safety of your household. It then becomes assertive, firm, and protective. You should want to know the people in your neighborhood and you should have the strength and know-how to get out and meet and build relationships with your neighbors for your family’s sake, as well as your own personal well being.

Rumors Unveil Truth

Before moving forward let me clarify that the last article, Troubled Waters Life Preserver, began as a seeming rumor that was broadcasted over mind control channels to establish fear with the community of Delran, NJ and various locations worldwide. There may be up to 40 frequencies that subliminal messages are sent through at any given time. (There could be more.) The U.S. and world government including military with the help of the top 3% of the population that seeks to control the population were allegedly using technology beyond their understanding to pacify the world population in hopes for world domination.

The mind control programs they were broadcasting subliminally through the technology got out of control. I was used as a guinea pig to sort through their errors in hopes to bring peace back to their position of authority. God only puts is where we can be of use and only gives us what we can handle. God knew my capabilities in this delicate matter and so did the people in question.

I felt Julian Assanged by these out-of-control madmen while I cleaned up their mess. I thank God for His protection. Unfortunately, I have been pushed aside following the clean up operation that temporarily pacified their destructive nature.

With family in disbelief, and unwilling to deal with the reality of the situation, not to mention being abandoned by the people that used me, it was easier to seek outside help. Since they just thought I was crazy, they turned to the failing NJ Mental Health Care program to solidify the destruction of family and community.

Schizophrenia and Mind Control

Having suffered from schizophrenia since 2001, which became extremely nightmarish around 2003, I have done everything in my power to live a normal healthy life. (Normal being my loving happy self.) The struggle has  been uncomparable to anything I experienced prior to this time period.

The challenges continue to surmount up until this day, and according to modern science the battle will last throughout my life. I have heard different information being broadcasted over various frequencies that is imperceptible to most, while others hear only a frequency hum. I have heard the hum and actual words being sent through the channels, and I believe many of them are used as mind control programs to control the masses. It sounds insane because it is insane, but is it true?

Whether it is true or not is still to be determined, since I don’t have a control group to compare my findings. Still, it makes you wonder how much of schizophrenia is unreal. Maybe some schizophrenics are spiritually evolved and their hallucinations are unseen phenomena. Most psychiatric professionals believe schizophrenia to be purely hallucination, but others are not so sure. Maybe schizophrenia is just the sufferer’s unreal twist on what is actually experienced. It is something to think about anyway.

It is not new information that mind control devices and methods have been used on human beings, but what is the extent of their use? The human populace is extremely lethargic, and we continue to push the envelope on how much human beings can be dumbed down to complete complacency. Why are we continually as a vast majority willing to except less as we give our more. And now our willingness to give at all is becoming less and less, at least from my perspective, especially in the workplace.

World’s Greatest Social Experiment

The world of business has become and over-saturated social experiment, not only to uncover consumer buying trends, but to also discover the world’s behavior trends. It may seem innocent at first and not much thought need be invested into its fundamental practices, but this is exactly the reaction the ones conducting such experiments would hope for. Overlooking the devastating effects of these experiments is what keeps the people of the world in check and unsure of what steps should be taken to stop this conduct. The goals of these experiments may be unclear, but still there are devious and destructive motives, and now is the time to find out the reasons these experiments are being conducted worldwide.

What are some of the destructive reasons these experiments are being conducted? Are the conductors using the data from these experiments to dumb us down, so world domination is easily manipulated? Is mass genocide on a large segment of the population one of the many reasons for the experiments? Is it already too late for our civilization? What steps can be taken to fight back?

We are all subject to social experiments, because they are happening all around us, and none of us are free from the detrimental effects of our peers pretending to be God. The light of truth is our final protection and our liberation from a world that hides in shadows. Where do you stand between lies and truth?

It is important to see how social experiments are effecting your life and the world around you. Take time to see how they slowly destroy family, community, and the very fabric of our society.

Money Talks

Money buys the pleasure we all seek in a broken world. Money directly reflects the amount of pleasure that can be bought, while the true treasures of our civilization lay dormant. Money steals the gifts of joy, happiness, and love from our people as we sit and wait for a brighter day to appear.

Our golden era begins when we put money aside and begin to care for each other like we were one big family, because in reality that is what we truly are…a world family community. Only then can each person be taken care of properly…free from big government and big business. We must give all and expect nothing, because when we all do it, all problems slip away. Unconditional love is God’s priceless offering, and our ticket to freedom. The freedom we all are told about has been covered up by a world of greed and deceit.

The lie reigns supreme and money runs through our veins like the devil’s blood. Ownership is the one of the devil’s greatest demons and fosters demonic possession. We are at the breaking point and we are the saviors of the world by the power of the love we give. Are you ready to do your part?

The Real World Beyond Fear

The real world beyond fear is a world that only exists to those who place their full faith in God’s unconditional love, by giving His love freely. It is a world beyond illusion that operates within reality to bring God’s Grace on an unlimited stream of joy and happiness. Death cannot exist here, and suffering and pain is unknown.

It may be hard to believe that Heaven is right in front of our faces, because even the thinnest shroud of irrational fear can block the reality of Heaven from our view and understanding. That is why the Atonement of God is an individual walk though the improper use of fear that brings you back to Heaven safe and sound.

This is done by sharing love unconditionally with the world around you to undo past wrongs, correct past errors, and repay all debts spiritual and monetary. By amending your life you return to the Heavenly state in which you were created. Simply by investing faith in God’s perfect love will reveal Heaven. Heaven is a state of mind and to hold it close to your heart , you only have to give unconditional love consistently. All love is birthed in the heart, but unconditional love is God’s gift you, and being unlimited is meant to be shared always.

Final Questions

Are you a part of the problem or the solution? Would you work at your current job if it did not pay money?

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