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The Spirit of Everything in Love

The Spirit of Everything in Love

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Tuesday 5/3/16

Heaven was never a place up above,

The dwelling place of the heart,

Could never keep us apart,

Leading a life with love,

Is a good place to start,

Sing with the trees,

Music floats with the breeze,

Ending polite begins with a please,

Now is the time…God only knows,

The past is gone,

The moment keeps us on our toes,

Swift like the wind,

Its will unchanging though bends,

Always looking around and making new friends,

Pretension on high,

Quick like a fly,

Punch in the gut,

Breathless oh my,

Holding on tight to release the surprise,

Life is the gift,

That catches my drift,

In love is the task,

That flies over the rift,

Freedom secure,

Reaching for more,

I love you my world,

It is you, I adore,

Future untold…present I see that always holds free.

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