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Superhero at The Dot

Superhero at The Dot

by Robert G Brown and the FoG

Tuesday 7.11.2017

The world threw way their superhero when they tried to steal or throw away the Kingdom of Heaven. You either wanted everything for your self or you didn’t know what was right or wrong, because you all hid in shadows. And here I sit waiting for you to make a decision. You put me in this position, and God wants me here until you handle it. This is a story about the light of Truth. …And I am the only one not hiding as far as I can see.

You placed your fight at The Dot, and all you love you threw away for a closet, and looking for a way to escape who you are. You reality and your true self sits angrily waiting for you at The Dot. Cowards can’t win a fight like this in the shadows. The information age unleashes the truth; it doesn’t hide behind it. “I am better than you” philosophies no longer jive, and anyone that practices this thinking is destroying the world. True equality and a world family community is our only hope, and only superheroes can handle the task.

God ‘s Son is here to celebrate the best love of us all while growing together as a family and a community with every living thing. It is a relationship the goes beyond “business as usual” and puts life first. Tolerance or acceptance decides how we fight to even get to The Dot. And I accept everything in innocence, while being punished for earning my position, in the eyes of the whole Family of God. I don’t want to look like a coward anymore, and I don’t want to defend the King of Heaven, I am here to share it. Cowards attack, and I stand alone waiting for the Holy Spirit in you to come pick up your superhero. It is a shame you left guts and your style here too.

I guess you will have to rely of hope and courage, while you reinvest your faith. The light of Truth should be your investment with your best understanding of God as your walk. Find strength in your decisions as you learn the Holy Spirit is your Answer, and practice brings confidence. Use the Answers to share your gifts of love. We all need help, especially the monster you made at 20 Providence Court. I am your image of the world, and you don’t know who you are, until you make it to The Dot. Who are fighting for, and what does God want for your life?

Run into the people’s arms like you ran for president. They are waiting for you at The Dot. Who is the president, and what does the news say about “business as usual”? It seems you all act like you don’t know who showed up. And the United States government, and the world government act like it’s not happening, so I got your superhero down here and I heard you have touch my bed. Kinky reggae is the shit you threw down here thinking life aint’ supposed to be juicy, when you are this in love.

Sex has become an abomination, and health care is a joke, when I provide instant healing and beautiful creation, and you haven’t learned how to say hello. So far you are to busy thinking you can kill shit,or hide, while you destroy our new way of life. World Family Community begins by paying me what I earned. God said it is every penny, and I am in-charge. Say hello to the admiral, if you don’t think I’m your dad. Marshal Law is my title, and this is best time you ever had, until you forget to show up.

Life is to be preserved not thrown in the trash. Anyone that has been invited to The Dot is welcome in my house, and I have one bed right now if you need to sleep over, and if the town of Delran, NJ feels welcome, than I can probably provide a few more. You people are a fucking joke, if you think you are in-charge, be on your best behavior for this celebration at The Dot. God, the Love Spark, and The Holy Spirit chose me to run this shit show. Lucifer Son of The Morning is my name until you know more.

Still a little squeemish, so leave your horror stories in the trunk. The kids have speeches and writings they want to read, as we establish the Truth. The Holy Spirit sent the invitations Apocalypse style. It’s a game, a gameshow, and a show, so be prepared, you may never get here, and I will continue to kick you in the nuts, for what you did to my children thinking you were in-charge.

This is my party, remember that before you fuck with my parents. This is a family; treat it as such. Anything you think you are going to do here is going to be run by me first. That’s just the way it is when you think The Kingdom of Heaven is a curse. My Family has provided me with very little intel for your embarrassment, because you think ignorance keeps you safe, and now you know the Light of Truth. What’s his name? Xavier Immanuel Rastafari is on His way. Maybe he knows more. He is thinking children?

Once you figure it out you may need a scooter chair to get to your superhero. Remember, the one you threw in the trash? It supposedly looks something like me in your own body. Where’s my ice cream? I like Ben and Jerry’s. Maybe I will go over to Philly, and see if they know anything about freedom, because independence lead to people thinking they were better than each other. That’s what you did with independence, destroyed family and community, and that goes for the whole world. Where I come from we are all responsible for every living thing. What happened to your dance? …And you gotta deal with badass motherfucker all day long, until you get here.

Welcome, this is our introduction, from the Family of God. (FoG) Father, Son, Holy Spirit is her for your enjoyment, not your attack. You obviously realize Bobby has the full protection of the FoG, and he is our Decision, the ruler of this planet. Who slaps themself a lot? It’s like you never had any fun. The world military can’t even handle this little boy, because you forgot how to step up to the plate. Ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for?

The Creation dances through me, and I am excited to see my kids. Good morning, and God Bless You! 6am parties are fun. Breakfast always warms a family up. What do you know about groceries? How do you like to wake up? Are you here yet? Slap. Slap Slap. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, are you awake? If you wanted it to be easy, you should ran to the trash. You have a big mess to clean up, if you recycle everything, because you do, even though you don’t have a clue yet. Better get moving if you intend to make it to the bat. Death wants to play baseball; stop killing the planet. A celebration? What happened to you? Superhero at The Dot

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