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2018 end of the year truthliesdecision.com newsletter

Sword Light, LLC 2018 End of the Year Newsletter

2018 end of the year truthliesdecision.com Newsletter


Sword Light, LLC Highlights 2018

Secret to Immortality

Save Money Grow Your Own

Heaven’s Business Dynamics

Monday New Years Eve 2018

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

You are me. FoG is in rollin’ in. You know…The Family of God.

Faggot slap anything in the way of your dreams.

truthliesdecision.com is making history with a return of the proud human as the worst kid. Obey the rules follow the signs and eat shit and die is the world you and I live in.

Honored by, the scientific and spiritual communtities, as well as ,the educational institution, business, and mathematics as problem solvers and health practitioners of psychology, relationship, and connection to reality through communication.

The fools at Sword Light, LLC have the tools to bring the world to the 5th dimension.

worldfamilycommunity.com has the ability to put sickness and death out of business.

worldfamilycommunity.org is the foundation that understands responsibility as the key to unlimited expansion, not authority.

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Project House 2018 to 20…

Join the adventure and explore your imagination with Project House. Build and shape a cooperative vision in sustainability with kind protective souls. See Heaven right in front of your eyes.

Project House has major interest with creativity opening up to see a brave new world to a bunch of hopefully good folks.

project house

truthliesdecision.com project house

Project House

Ode to Life and a Dead Person, Robin Williams

B: Do you remember Robin Williams? He resurrected on Christmas day 2018 over at the white Bobby Brown’s house in North Philly.

E: He said he is the King of Zimbabwe.

W: Who, Robin Wiliams?

L: Now that he is not dead, ask him your self.

G: I heard he has the dropsies.

Robin Williams Resurrected

Book ?que lachinga? Now

?que lachinga? sweeps the planet as the devil’s guitar travels along the wind to those who have lost their way.

Healing music that gently shakes your fears to give memory to the happy you.

Listen to ?que lachinga? = Going Out by Beat Down Productions #np on #SoundCloud

Did you know you could play again and arrow right back here with music playing gently in the background?

Book now:

Music Playdate

A 2018 thanks and good night from Sword Light LLC

Wishing you a happy and mentally healthy 2019 new year. Peace in your neighborhood and local community. Love and luck on life’s adventure.

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Healing Services Cure Any Illness

Healing serious ailments using relationship and communication techniques that see beyond illusion are practiced here at truthliesdecision.com. Healing services that make you happy.

Healing Services

Learn to Dance Practicing Kung Fu

Kung Fu school teaches mommies how to dance?

Kung Fu Class

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Use our $50 service.



I am the trash. That’s why I am the anti-matter. If you kill me, you kill everything in existence. God is funny.
-Robert G Brown

Special Addition 01.01.2019

know radio celebrates one year of progress and happy times.

know radio new years day 2019 video

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