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Teamwork Suggestions

Teamwork Suggestions

by Robert G Brown

Saturday 12.02.2017

What is teamwork? According to a dictionary somewhere that should be in your room and you’re reading once every few minutes in you ever thought you could handle it. The Dragon aka smartphone or any wireless connection is a great to read a dictionary. Thank Google or your favorite search provider if it’s provided.

  1. the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

Jam it down your throat coaching makes kids believe in-charge is real. True leadership is your service to the team in equality, knowing we are all an important part of the relationship as it grows and develops, as we are God’s perfect creations. How do you honor a family this awesome?  Do you know your teams, and your imaginary adversary, that most bodies use to set limits, boundaries, walls, and liabilities against your self and others. Touch my bed.

  1. 1.
    one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute…don’t forget mind control programs, people that talk shit, deceptive imaginations, and actions that hurt everything when you think you are attacking only one person.  Attacking can be when you think you are above or better than, in-charge of, know better, a punch to killshot, think sharing is bad and charging is good, pretending it’s not happening, even ownership is an attack on God’s open door policy. (a mansion with many rooms)

A team is one as know I in team,

give it all away and see your gleam,

You are a rolling river, a gentle stream

Every living thing, not just a human being,

Role your part, happy good start,

Can’t find your way?

Pray for they day,

and the happy answer,

that leads the right way,

Together as one,

Always having fun,

Hide in the closet,

Never know anyone,

Who’s in-charge?

God said,”do your part,”

and we all are,

But the selfish independent says,

be a movie star,

ignore your world,

alone and unseen,

Together as one,

sets us all free,

The choice is yours,

Who do you want to be?

Simpl e?

Teamwork suggestions?

Three questions you have left unanswered.

Who is the father, son, and holy spirit?

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