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The Great Pretenders

by Robert G Brown


This is the land of douchebag terd pickles. Where in-charge is the leadership.  Fear is the failure to love properly. What is douchebag terd pickles? People have been doing the same thing for so long they forget who they are. The road to death is seen too late and Heaven is forgotten once again.

Is in-charge worth it, when God loves us all the same? You should just let the kids buy a tombstone when they are old enough to know what one is. Then they may see death is not real. We made it up, because we were scared of Heaven. We live in a land that promotes separation, rather than unity, as our world crumbles. We need to trust our brothers and sisters to reveal the light behind the shadows of the physical world. God’s holiness fills everything, while we see only a description that doesn’t make sense. If Heaven is right here, we are not seeing right.

God gave us everything, why be scared? Love all things as God Himself. You take your pride and shove it up ass when you become an asshole. God does not punish or hurt people. He doesn’t even know what that is. We are unlimited and free in reality.

God gives you freewill, so you are free. Freewill leads to freedom. An agreement with old age is your freedom? Why buy a casket, when you are eternal life? How many times did you get old today, when you are free to choose anything? What is eternal life? What is reality? God doesn’t see death. Why did you make the agreement that death is real?

We are accountable for our brothers and sisters as well as every living thing. Life. God can only handle the retard version He is so innocent. What does God see? You follow the spirit of God, until you realize you are the spirit of God. God withholds nothing, but likes happy surprises walking home from your dream. If you don’t realize I am the Holy Spirit and Jesus will be home soon, remember who you have to look in the eye, knowing the truth.

Hope faith and love are the tools God gives you, so you don’t need help from above. That’s why God trusts us. …And when you find out how much God loves you, you realize this whole fucking world is a scam. You are always within God’s mind, that goes on forever and ever. Heaven has no opposite, and we are all God’s children. …But we make death more important than life?

True perception is experienced not imagined. Everything you learned is false and only love exists. When you hit a home run everybody should be happy. I think God is one little speck and everything is there. Forever in love. 

You attack when you think people are bad. Defense is when you think people think you’re bad? You think you’re  special and you can’t stand other people being special. Who is that? When you sell shit and people get hurt, we all get hurt, the Family of God aka every person on this planet. Attack is an investment in unreality. Being harmless is strength. If you are unafraid, there is no one to hurt. When you think someone is bad, you hurt that person, by helping them believe their nightmare is real. God never hated any one of us and does not punish. We made it all up. God loves us. End the nightmare. God never hated any one of us and does not punish. We made it all up. God loves us. End the nightmare.

Don’t pretend death is real and become one of the great pretenders. Put your vision to reality. Unity shares trust with all. Friends, family, and community gives us the potential to free all chains, and help us remember who we are in God’s Kingdom. When you are awesome in your own right by seeing all God’s creation as awesome, you begin to become what you always were…God’s perfect creation.

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