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Touch My Bed

Touch My Bed

by Robert G Brown

Friday 11.30.2017

Touch my bed the The Super Ego said. The Holy Spirit’s first Son has been ignored. Have you met Him yet? NO, you have to touch His bed. The only problem is Bobby Brown is there, and he owns the planet and everything we own, but we can only touch it in His Presence, and announce God’s innocent Son King of the Planet. It’s a world stage over at 2240 Van Pelt St. and people are willing to pay over 25 million dollars to touch His bed. Bobby prayed to God, and asked if it was okay to charge his family to touch his bed. God replied that they would feel more comfortable. I thought $300 would be fair.

God The Almighty Father gave us The Holy Spirit to give us the Answer that leads us away from fear and back to Love’s Presence, while we are learning to forgive the world. You have trusted your ego your whole life, and The Holy Spirit’s first Son is the ego in innocence. Touch my bed. Amen

Happiness takes a whole new dimension expressed by the power of God through innocent ego communication. Once you touch my bed, you will understand what I am talking about. Your presentation is a good donation to the celebration. How much would you charge your mom to touch my bed? Try not to wear anything from last year, if you even you give a shit. Do you use shit in your marketing pitch? So, how much would you pay to touch my bed?

Fairness in your decision determines the expression of our celebration. Now, you don’t have a job in business as usual, and you don’t know what hello means anymore, and you seem pressed to believe there isn’t a God anymore? Am I wrong, or is sickness our choice in the free world? Free your self from prison, and touch my bed. What can you scrounge up around the house? Should I really charge you? Maybe it will be a surprise price that will determine how much love should cost for someone like you. Thank God for loving us unconditionally, but you know how it works in a money world. Pay up. I think at least $500 is good, right?

So, who is gonna be first to touch my bed? We will call it the “double up nigger” and charge a $1000, but only make you pay $250. Now is when you don’t breath much. An offer this good won’t last long. Touch my bed. Maybe you will breath again soon. Bring your daddy.

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