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True Forgiveness: Finding Heaven’s Gate

True Forgiveness: Finding Heaven’s Gate

by Robert G Brown

Thursday 3/9/2017

We live in a world where it is easy to judge right or wrong, but it is very difficult to withhold judgment. Withholding judgment or overlooking error in the world around us, especially in our peers seems to be beyond our control. Judgment has become an automatic part of our thinking, but only the guilty can see guilt in others, and what you accept as good for yourself isn’t always good for someone else. There are of course actions that we wish would never happen to anyone, but the perpetrator is usually misguided and needs help to better understand why the action was unnecessary to begin with. The victim also called for the attack through their defensiveness and this doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but in Heaven there is no attack, so there is no defense, so to believe you are an attacker or victim means you believe in a false reality.

Making someone out to be guilty that needs help doesn’t not solve the problem, and just perpetuates the root cause of the action. The guilt snowballs and the crimes against humanity that certain individuals commit continue until the core problem is addressed and healed. The same goes for victims, those who are always defending against attacks are in error, because God’s protection has been forfeited. Faith in God is the only protection you need. Defenselessness is a concept that is hard to understand unless it is practiced, but its the only way to stop attacking or defending against a world gone mad. Healing comes from forgiveness and forgiving the people in the world for not knowing any better. Whatever leads someone to attack or defend against this crazy world they live in is the source of mental illness, and anyone that is not happy, and not at peace regardless of what is happening in the world…is mentally ill.

There is no loss in God’s reality, and the world does not mirror God’s Kingdom. People get upset for fear of loss, but God does not lose anything He loves. God’s reality is changeless, and the illusion of loss like when someone appears to die should not make you upset, fully knowing their spirit lives on in the peace of God. The real cause of our pain comes from not knowing the perfection of God and His inability to lose that which He loves. We are all God’s children and God loves us all unconditionally regardless of the path we are on, or the mistakes we have made. Unconditional love doesn’t judge right or wrong, but decides how to help a child on their chosen path, while leading them back to Heaven.

You only have two real choices in this crazy mixed up world. You can extend your love and heal your brothers and sisters of planet earth (over 7.5 billion people need your help) through the miracle of forgiveness. The other choice is to project your fears onto the world, and judge the world as right or wrong. This makes the world guilty or innocent by your decision and eliminates the Source of your creation from the equation. The world needs healing not judgment. Healing begins when you realize God’s Will asks you to love one another and leave judgment to God. God’s plan saves us all, and your part is to defenselessly extend love to all living things every step of the way.

True forgiveness overlooks what we would normally judge as errors or mistakes, knowing God’s plan is flawless and the Holy Spirit will lead every single one of us back to Heaven when we are ready to fully accept our part in God’s plan. To repeat, God asks us to love one another unconditionally regardless of anything else, and leave judgment to God. We may not know why God sees us all as innocent is our misguided interpretation of the world, but our faith should suffice, and allows us to do our part on our walk back to Heaven.

Forget everything you have learned knowing God’s plan is beyond our understanding, but our part is easy to understand. Withhold judgment and love all living things unconditionally while having faith that God’s plan can’t fail. Forgive the world knowing God figured it all out the moment His children got lost. Now it’s only a matter of time before we are all back in Heaven. Fulfill your part and set the world free. Practice extending love through defenselessness knowing God’s love and protection is yours always and forever. True forgiveness sees beyond all fears and doubts, beyond all conceived errors and mistakes and loves all living things unconditionally. Are you willing to fulfill your part?

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