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What Is?

What Is?
by Robert G Brown.

What is? Zero Won? Zero One? Father Son? Alpha Omega? What is? God is. What is? Existence. Existence exists. one zero? Where is Heaven? Teach and learn; learn and teach. Do you practice what you preach?

Where is God’s mind? How is is is? When did is begin? What is law? What is freedom? Freewill leads to freedom. Love is eternal. Unconditional love gives all regardless of return. Special love or imprisoned love leads to hatred and death. Do you have a healthcare plan and a marriage license? You could have just bought a shovel and a gravestone.

How many of the devil’s contracts do you uphold? What ones does your society hold above your head that you may not know about? How many bosses run your life? Whose lives are you responsible for each day? Where do you work? Do you have a family you support? Every bug was to be treated like an infant baby! How close are you to Heaven? They don’t kill in Heaven?

I heard you were smart once, until the killing started, or was it a lie? Maybe we forgot something, like who we are. If God sees us as one, how do we see ourselves as one? Does God see through our eyes? Is He with us always? If God doesn’t force us to do anything, but helps us see the rules quietly, how long would one killing take you to remember Heaven? How do you remove guilt from your life? If one is guilty are we all guilty? Can you preserve innocence for your Self, and does it hurt until everyone remembers Heaven? Sounds better than eternal punishment, and it seems if you were certain, we all heal through innocence, even if it hurts for a while.

If we are all family, it’s up to me, if I like you or not. If forgiveness is Jesus Christ’s only healing tool, to repair the illusion of loss, I can forgive the world and never talk to another person as long as I live, but I would like to have at least one friend some day like the Holy Spirit and His first Son The Super Ego in a human body to play with for a while. Either way, I wouldn’t hang out with anybody, but I serve you all, as God’s Son.

I heard in Heaven though, we are always together. Yeah, that’s why this is Heaven and hell walking as one. You can either give love, or you don’t have to…so what is your decision?

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