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by robert g brown
stardate: saturday 3.9.2018

If everyone loved tobacco, and you either smoke or don’t, we are all winners. If everyone believed there was no sickness, no death, would there be? What is a winning mind set that sees we hit every homerun ever hit? When you have a bag of fresh grapes and you pick the biggest grape and eat it and you win, who wins on the last grape? We all win every grape.

Fear destroys solutions to everyday problems. Eliminate fear, and the solution remains present until the problem is solved. You have to see beyond the illusions of fear to see the problem and the solution. You have to see everyone win by every decision you make. That’s a trillionaire mind set and an ever-living family, beyond cost to pure freedom. Real community. World peace.

You just changed my life when you read this. Thank you.

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