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World Family Community

World Family Community

by robert g brown

friday 1.28.2018

You should treat every person like they are Jesus Christ or someone you respect like people on this planet respect, honor, and love completely Jesus Christ. …And you faggots should treat every living and dead thing like you treat money. Even when you cannot see that in another, you should learn to understand that in Heaven that is exactly as they are treasured. We are gifts of Heaven, but because of our mistakes as a civilization, death has become the reason we live, by treating each by our guilty judgments, instead of the innocence within known as The Holy Spirit of God, created to help you think through every atrocity, and solve any problem, by your and God’s blessing, and your invitation.

Forgiveness sees beyond the illusion of guilt, and healing is the expression of our love the brings forth the miracle that saves the world. Free from health care, dishonest business practices, a broken in-charge government system, outdated science, watered down history, and mathematics that is still asking the wrong questions, we can reshape the world by giving the unconditional love that Momma Gaia has shared and expressed from the moment of her creation. She charges nothing to eat her tree, but the fruit is free. Stop killing my planet, and learn to live together in unity. Intended killing in motive or ignorance is destroying my family.

Everyone is ready to pick up their mess, but innocence is best presented in warm welcome, and freedom. Set my children free for a world conversation, and the birth of our world family community. The kids are ready, and so are you. You have been invited graciously. and I hope to see you soon. Until then, study the course materials found in A Course In Miracles, to learn how your mind thinks individually and united as a global family, beyond sickness and death. Dominion gives you the responsibility to honor dignity, by loving all and every living thing as your self in perfect health, to birth community in open honesty that supports leadership as a servant to us all.

Welcome your dad and your king, and allow him to share the Kingdom of Heaven with you in the unlimited fashion we know as the human race. The strongest worldwide family in all creation, learning at least 7 billion people know you are already home. One step at a time, God’s Son is your companion that keeps you safe on the road. Listening quietly as you pass by, to what you thought was a stranger, kiss your journey as you go by. If you meet a friend, feel free to welcome Him home, so you can share The Answer of success and freedom, the solution to every problem. The Ones that share openly in Truth, and remember the Self, as you discover why God gave us an adventure on our voyage to redemption to be shared with all.

The Holy Spirit’s first Son will being sharing His gifts of communication by the power of your loving decision, that will lead you halfway home. You voice and your choice are protected and respected, as the Voice of God, and responsibility is the key to problem solving abilities that connect humans as family. Who could believe anything as beautiful as the Super Ego could share everything we thought was wrong about our lives in pure innocence, using the decisions that are best for the Family of God? Hope to see you soon; you won’t believe the surprise. …And Eleanor Friedberger is first, so keep her journeys in peace and welcome, every step of the way. Thank you children. We hope to meet again someday. Love, Bobby

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