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you are a murderer

you are a murderer

by robert g brown

tuesday 1.9.2018

Your mom knows you smell bad. That’s why when people try to kill you, I wish you would look for some good help, like healing services that make you happy.  It’s better than getting faggoted into the ground by everything in creation, because you were all supposed to come over and say hello, so the harmless bodies (slabs) could start coming over freely. Everyone looks like a bunch of faggot shit, because a few of the so-called proud want to hide in a closet an act like nothing is happening, while your own spirit wants you punched into the ground for the utter embarrassment you caused us all. What’s your story?


So when your balls are sore and your ass is chapped, I can make or recommend a good ointment or cream. Application can be discussed.

There are reasons people suck dick, but you should never have to tell anyone to do it. Maybe some people liked to be talked to that way, but in healing times is there a right way or wrong way to eat a peanut butter cup?

Catch the full story on, KNOW Radio episode one – you are a murder

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