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Your House is a Closet

Your House is a Closet

by robert G Brown

Monday 6/5/2017

Overcoming all thinking boundaries, how do you do it? God’s house is my house, when every door is opened. Who can oppose God’s will? Overcoming thinking boundaries must entail overcoming everything that everyone is afraid of by understanding why we were ever afraid at all. And then you have to make up every possible future that ever exists at all to find out God lives in the moment. There is no past or future but happy. I don’t know my family, I got a long road ahead of me. If you are happy, you are doing God’s will.

So basically, we all fell in love and designed the raging homosexual magnitudacal proportionals. Does he have any idea how to calm this down? It seems like my houses all fell over and now you live in a closet. This is beyond hello. If this is how we are when we are afraid of shit, what’s it like when we are not afraid anymore? Happy. In love with your self is what you become as you realize everything is you.

Define disgusting. Hiding from your self. To be afraid is a mistake. And if you can’t figure it out, God must be like…if Bobby Brown is My favorite toy, I am just gonna do this. Right here right now. You cleaned all fear. You did it kids, it’s done. Congratulate yourselves by saying hello to each other. …And live happily ever after.

You think its over or has it just begun? Hello.

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